The Mid East Firestorm Primed To Explode…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Instead of visualizing Israel’s generally beautiful weather patterns and bright blue skies during spring time – a personal favorite season in Israel – one would have to be in a coma not to discern the firestorm on the horizon. In fact, one doesn’t have to be a hard core digger and sifter, duly up to speed on geo-political maelstroms, to understand what lies in wait.

But no one should be foolish enough to believe that it had to be this way. Not at all. In fact, the Islamic monsters could have been placed into a box – pincer-like – if not for Obama Inc’s machinations via the “Arab Spring”, which in turn (purposefully) led to Benghazigate – resulting in Al- Qaeda bellying up to Israel’s borders –

Not to be lost in the upcoming explosions, although thousands of miles away, Boston’s jihad is deeply in the mix, as indicated within – The upcoming firefight is part and parcel of the identical jihadi threat to America, and the west in general. The thing is, it has always been the same threat, but many in the west refuse to see it for what it is. Grave error in judgment, or lack thereof.

Which brings us all to Saturday’s “buzzing” of Assad’s palace and the IAF’s continual forays over Lebanese airspace…what it means and why it matters…as Israel’s forces “rule the skies” and intend to keep it that way.

DEBKAfile Intelligence –

‘Tehran presses Assad to send Hizballah sophisticated anti-air interceptors’

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 28, 2013, 11:22 PM
Self-propelled SA-17 anti-air interceptor

Self-propelled SA-17 anti-air interceptor

Israeli Air Force jets were reported flying over Damascus in the last few hours by foreign sources. According to debkafile’s Iranian and intelligence sources, Iran has been pushing Bashar Assad hard to let Hizballah have sophisticated weapons, including self-propelled SA-17 interceptor missile systems. Tehran is reminding the Syrian ruler of the debt he owes Hizballah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah who was ready to deploy 5,000 out of Hizballah’s 8,000 combat-ready fighters to Syrian battlefields to fight rebel forces and keep the Assad regime in power.
Assad is therefore in no position to spurn Tehran’s demand.
And so, preparations for sending those weapons systems across to Lebanon have been sighted in the last few days at Syrian military bases. Israeli Air Force are said to be overhead monitoring these movements after Israel repeatedly warned Damascus any attempts to make such transfers would draw a reaction.
On Jan. 30, Israel bombed a convoy passing through Jamraya near Damascus on its way to Lebanon with a consignment of sophisticated weapons systems for Hizballah.
The drone launched on April 25 from Lebanon, which Israeli fighter planes shot down opposite Haifa, is seen now as a counter-warning from Tehran that if Israel strikes another arms convoy on its way from Syria to Lebanon, the next drones flying over Israel would be armed and come in numbers.

The Israeli security cabinet held a long session on the Syrian question Sunday, April 28, headed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon. They reached a number of decisions on how to handle the latest developments on the Syrian front, including evidence of the use of chemical weapons.
Earlier Sunday, Debkafile ran the following exclusive report:

Israel and Turkey agreed last week to start pooling their incoming intelligence on the Syrian civil war, debkafile’s intelligence sources report exclusively. Exchanges will take place at the highest level between Mossad Director Tamir Pardo and Hakan Fidan, head of Turkey’s MIT.

The United States will also provide additional security for Syria’s southern neighbor by the relocation of US Patriot missile interceptors from West Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to northern Jordan opposite the Syrian border.

US Patriots were deployed on the Turkish-Syrian border last year.

The new Patriot deployment indicates that the Obama administration is now treating the peril to its allies from Syria as greater than the Iranian menace.
Things are also on the move in the Turkish-Israeli arena.
Advantage was taken of the Israeli delegation’s visit to Istanbul Monday, April 22, for negotiations on the amount of compensation to be paid out to the families of the nine Turks who died in a clash of arms with Israeli naval commandoes in May 2010, when their ship, the Mavi Marmara, was stopped from completing its mission to break Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.
As first reported by the last DEBKA-Net-Weekly, the negotiating session was brief. Criteria for determining the amounts of the payouts were settled in less than an hour. A joint Israeli-Turkish group is to calculate the sums and refer their estimates back to the delegations for approval.

The two delegations then got down to the brass tacks of the most pressing issues of interest to them both.

A day earlier, US Secretary of State John Kerry had urged Turkey to hurry up and restore its relations with Israel because of the urgent security interests they shared with one another and the United States in the Middle East:

The turbulence in Syria and Iran’s drive for a nuclear bomb posed extreme perils to all three nations.
The delegations responded by launching into an intense discussion of ways to further their military and intelligence cooperation for the common benefit.

One immediate decision was for Turkey and Israel to set up a joint mechanism for sharing intelligence on the Syrian conflict.

Turkey and Israel are reputed to have the best Syrian intelligence in the business, but their methods of gathering information, its content and their sources vary.

The Turks use Syrian rebels and Lebanese informants operating in Syria. They don’t command the electronic resources which Israel possesses. The two agencies also maintain contact with different rebel militias.
It was quickly recognized that both agencies have much to gain from a arrangement for sharing their input without further delay.

FULL STOP: No one should mistake PM Netanyahu’s groveling “apology” to Islamist Erdogan as a quid pro quo for this current cooperation. In fact, the Turks are at Israel’s mercy for its non-paralleled techno wizardry to keep their borders from Syrian/Iranian attack (the struggle between the warring jihadists is a fight to the death for hegemonic regional rule leading to the head of the Caliphate – Sunni Islamist rule by Erdogan, or Shia Islamist rule by Iran’s mullahs…wrap your mind around their distinction in killings; for the race to the Caliphate, as opposed to the murder of western “infidels”). But PM Netanyahu did what  the Islamist-in-Chief demanded: he exacted Islamic “jizya” –…tribute/coinage from Jerusalem to Ankara for American “oversight”, just as long as Israel’s PM understood his “place”. Symbolism in Islamic/Arab culture trumps all, therefore, Jerusalem had to prostrate itself AND the Jewish people –

To the PM’s everlasting shame he took the coward’s way out by “apologizing”, instead of asserting a Jewish spine. Once again, he caved to neighborhood & Washington bullies – of standing behind those who guard the Jewish patrimony –!

“Solving” Benghazigate Via Its Underlying Calculus Will Illuminate Boston’s Jihad…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

While one of America’s iconic cities exploded due to the Satan-like handiwork of Islamic jihad – as Islamic terror placed a “welcome” mat out for urban America – one can be forgiven for having placed Benghazigate (Fast & Furious too) and the general hell fire emanating from the Mid East on the (mental) back burner. There is only so much horrific news most can process. Nevertheless, while alternative media is diligently executing the digging, it is incumbent upon others to follow the linkage of events, as closely as humanly possible, even if it frays your nerves.

Most significantly, if not for Obama Inc’s tailwind to Islamic jihad – through an omerta imposed on America’s governing agencies and civil society elitists which prohibits the utterance of Islam + terror, thereby vitiating its linkage – the requisite agencies would be waging war against Islamic jihad, as opposed to whitewashing it, and outrageously placing “bitter clingers” on the DHS’s radar. Similarly, if not for the regime’s outreach to bloody jihadists – via the Brotherhood Mafia – the Mid East (though always a basket case) would not be facing chemical and WMD warfare.

So while the left went off their rockers when Bush dared to suggest that Iraq housed WMD’s, the revolutionaries currently occupying the People’s House are none too concerned about the chemical/WMD fires they set alight…”R2P-like” – But this is not to suggest that both parties are not in bed with the ultimate agenda, yet its effects are reaching warp speed under the reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama. 

Now if one views the global chaos through a rational prism, it becomes wholly clear what led from point A to point B, with point B being the resultant jihad in Boston, with the worst yet to come. Therefore, the trail leading to Benghazigate must be exposed, and then the lies supporting Benghazigate will topple under its criminal/illegal weight. To assist, once again, here are some relevant linkages:

Linkage # 1 – start with the Islamist-in-Chief’s Wahabbi roots and it becomes clear why he is the “man for the job” – .

Linkage # 2 – then internalize the (wayward) Commander-in-Chief’s much ballyhooed “outreach” tour to Cairo in 2009, and pay special heed to all the massive upheaval initiated by the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia as a result. They are the INTENDED recipients of the leader of the free world’s largesse…talk about the Muslim “green alliance” being gifted the “green light” –

Linkage # 3 – and then try and wrap your head around all the outrageous, mendacious and downright ridiculous lies concocted to cover up Benghazigate; the largest illegal, criminal-bent weapons/gun running operation initiated by any leader of the free world – Contra, in comparison, the work of amateurs…Watergate…nursery school antics.

In conjunction with all the above take the time to read the following FULL report because it will blow your socks off. Its findings fully supports the main thesis and linkages offered by this blog. However, being proven correct is the least important factor. Too much is at stake.

‘Benghazi report: Trinkets of treason’

By Douglas J. Hagmann – Northeast Intelligence Network

25 April 2013: We are witnessing one of the biggest government cover-ups since Watergate. A cover-up that involves murder, arms trafficking, and lies by high ranking officials under oath. It involves the murderous attacks in Benghazi, and congressional investigators just released a 46-page interim progress report that at least exposes Hillary Rodham Clinton and the White House lying under oath. Where’s the accountability? Where’s the outrage? Where’s the media?

A 46-page interim progress report of an ongoing investigation across five House Committees by the U.S. House of Representatives was released on Tuesday, April 23, 2013. The executive summary states that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton signed off on a reduction of diplomatic security forces suggesting that this reduction of security was, in large part, to blame for the attack in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.  The report emphasizes that this is “inconsistent” with her sworn testimony of January 23, 2013. Simply stated, Hillary Rodham Clinton lied under oath to congressional investigators.

Additionally, the interim report states thatofficial press talking points issued by the U.S. intelligence community were altered by the White House and Senior State Department officials on Saturday, September 15, 2012 for the sole purpose of protecting the State Department. It was emphasized that these alterations were not for protecting any classified information whatsoever.

For those of us heavily involved in investigating and reporting the events in Benghazi, the interim report merely confirms what we’ve long known. But what isn’t being addressed by this report or elsewhere? Here is what you are not being told.

The security issue is a diversion

Much like blaming some obscure internet video for the motivation behind the attacks, everyone, including government investigators, is citing insufficient pre-attack diplomatic security for the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. While such security for the American embassy in Tripoli was indeed a concern, it is not the key issue, but a diversion from the real issue. The real issue will open up a Pandora’s box of criminal activity the likes of which that would rock our nation to its very core.

As I have written in past investigative reports, there was never an embassy or consulate in Benghazi. Now innocuously referenced in this report as the “Benghazi mission,” the facilities in Benghazi served as a logistics center for arms and weapons transfers from Libya ultimately destined for the anti-Assad terrorists in Syria. It was used by the “State Department’s CIA,” which is quite different than the actual CIA known by Americans. It is here that I am providing a little known fact, albeit one that creates angst among those seventh floor occupants of the official CIA headquarters and in the uppermost echelons of the U.S. State Department.

In actuality, there are two Central Intelligence Agencies – unofficially, of course. The most “unofficial” agency works under the diplomatic cover of the U.S. State Department. It is in this venue where we will find the trinkets of treason inside Pandora’s box. It is here that the components of treason exist, covered by a cache of weapons and the bodies of the dead. It is from this covert intelligence operation directed by the highest levels of our government where we will find the truth about Benghazi and the expose the lies about Libya and the globalist plans that has ignited the fuse for World War III.

The survivors of Benghazi

We know that not everyone involved in the attack at Benghazi was killed. According to all official reports and verified by this author, there were at least 31 survivors of the Benghazi attack evacuated from the Benghazi “mission” about 90 minutes after the attack began. The 31 survivors and the bodies of Ambassador Stevens, Mr. Smith, Mr. Woods, and Mr. Doherty ultimately transported from Tripoli to Ramstein, Germany, on a U.S. C-17, touching down at Ramstein at 10:19 PM on September 12, 2012.

So, who are they, where are they, and why haven’t we seen or heard any testimony from them?

On Wednesday, April 17, 2013, newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee regarding his knowledge of Benghazi. In one specific 90 second exchange between Congressman Dana Rorhabacher and Kerry as shown in this video, Kerry perpetuated the lie that there is nothing being withheld from congress of the American people about Benghazi, including any information that could be offered by the survivors.

What is evident from that exchange, however, is that Kerry is following the lead from former Secretary of State Clinton. His reticence to answer specific questions became quite clear by this one particular statement: “We’ve got a lot more important things to move on to and get done.” If one listens closely, the bluster from Hillary Rodham Clinton and her shrill cries of “what difference does it make” is still faintly audible in chambers.

What appears to be eluding most is the real reason the survivors have yet to speak to investigators. The Obama regime cannot allow the witnesses to be interviewed, as they are witnesses or operatives to illegal international arms trafficking coordinated by the U.S. Department of State.

Weapons warehouses

Testimony from the witnesses might disclose the existence of five warehouses located in Benghazi, Misratah and Derna having direct connections to… Saudi Arabia. Their testimony might reveal that the U.S. State Department’s CIA was using the American taxpayer’s money, budgeted through congress, to collect arms under the auspices of taking them from the terrorists to make post-Qaddafi’s Libya a safer place.

In reality, however, the operational weapons were being collected and transported to these five warehouses in preparation of their transport to points north, to Jordan and Turkey for their ultimate use in Syria to destabilize the Assad government. For the inquiring minds, it is important to note that this process continues, although now the weapons are originating from Croatia, which happens to be where American personnel were busy training the anti-Assad terrorists on that fateful September day last year.

The witnesses cannot be allowed to talk freely for they might reveal that the U.S. is working directly with Saudi Arabia, through the Muslim Brotherhood out of Egypt, to provide our servicemen and women and our military assets to expand their pan-Islamic kingdom to the backdoor of Iran and the front door of Russia, a situation that is unacceptable to Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

The biggest lie

The report as well as the feigned cooperation of officials from the Obama regime does not address the biggest lies of all. The U.S., by direct orders of Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, are working closely with the Saudis to destroy and remake nations for a larger plan drafted by larger global interests.

It’s about vying for position at the table of the globalists. It’s about oil and energy, wealth and power, but the lie is so big that few can comprehend the larger picture. This larger picture, by the way, is disturbing on many levels, and involves decades of history rich in deception by both political parties. Its roots can be traced back to the creation of ARAMCO in the 1930′s, followed through the years of the twentieth century as the incestuous relationship between the Saudi Royals and the U.S., its leaders and elected officials, forged clandestine deals that existed on September 11, 2001, the infamous meeting on the Truman balcony, and the election of a Saudi “cutout” in the person of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008. It’s about the voluminous influx of campaign contributions to Obama in 2008, in amounts small enough to avoid reporting their origins. It’s about a takeover of America.

Whether it’s hand holding or a slobbering kiss on the lips between U.S. presidents and the Royal family, or a bow so deep that all Americans can see is the backside of leader, the view is the same. Whether sealed with a kiss or a bow, the lies continue. Regarding the latter, the attack in Benghazi and even the bombings in Boston occurred under a full moon, at least for all Americans. And I’m not talking about the celestial body.

How does Boston fit into this beyond what I’ve already written? Stay tuned, as there is much more to come. The lie is bigger than you can imagine, and there are more trinkets of treason to be exposed.

Walid Shoebat thrills with this “hopeful” possibility –

Holding those responsible for Benghazigate is, on its own, an American imperative and obligation. However, its urgency takes on  explosive meaning – literally – under current circumstances. Unfortunately, and with no claim to being a soothsayer, this blog predicted that Islamic jihad would blow up American cities. The only caveat was that it was “predicted” to happen sooner than it did. 

As such, Obama & gang gotta go  –…and not just from their positions of power, but into the slammer! Once they receive their just punishments it is time to take care of the Islamists at the west’s throat, particularly those burrowed within –

UPDATE: Kerry blocks lawyers from representing survivors –

UPDATE: Whistle blower witnesses revealed! – “For me the Taliban is on the inside of the [State Department] building,” Nordstrom testified, angry over inadequate staffing at a time when the threat environment in Benghazi was deteriorating…”