Is an Israeli academic institution allowed to permit incitement against the state?

Bezalel School of Art located in Jerusalem

By Adina Kutnicki

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

 “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose “

WHEN it comes to the entrenched anti-Zionist cesspool within Israeli academia (and throughout all power centers and spheres of influence), look no further than to the radical leftists running amok across America’s campuses, as well as the west at large. If anything, Israel’s radical left is a mirror image of their American counterparts, ape-like.

ALAS, the above is nothing new under the sun, in a manner of speaking. In fact, its cascading effects were fully exhibited over a decade ago via the following analysis (August 21, 2012) by this American-Israeli writer. And since there is no inclination to repeat the same,

IN this regard, while the below recent report is a horrific stain on Israel’s buffoonish leaders, the academic cesspool is a direct result of many deleterious factors, chiefly, the abject failure to uproot the cancer within, as duly laid out in 2012.

MOST significantly, Israel’s so-called democracy is not meant to be a suicide pact!

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ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS | By Yotam Eyal | June 12, 2022

Academic Freedom in the State of Israel? It’s not what you think. May an Israeli academic institution ban Israeli flags on its property?

In recent weeks, the Israeli academy has been abuzz. Demonstrations were held at Israeli universities where PLO flags were raised accompanied by anti-Israel chants, while, on the other hand, university administrators forbade students from bringing Israeli flags onto campus. The subject of academic freedom, and whether there should be any limits, became a hot topic.

The Knesset’s education committee held several sessions on this matter and debated a number of questions.

-Is an Israeli academic institution, which receives its budget from the state, allowed to permit incitement against the state on its property?

-Are Israeli university administrators allowed to ban the bringing of Israeli flags onto university property, which actually contradicts the spirit of the Flag and Emblem Law stipulating that every Israeli institution must fly the Israeli flag?

These issues were not supposed to be in dispute at all. Unfortunately, however, we are repeatedly faced with the reality that there are people in the State of Israel who apparently see the State’s very existence as a bad thing and are therefore ashamed of its symbols, even calling the flying of its flag, incitement.

Yotam Eyal, a lawyer, is CEO of the Legal Forum for Israel.

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