U.S. Gov’t Pays Media For “Selective” Reporting: Foreign (Dictatorial) Regimes & Propaganda On The Payroll! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

THE directional markers have always pointed towards America’s media outlets being in bed, completely in lock-step, with several big corps. It is this corp/media relationship which is, to one degree or another, bought and paid for by powerful interests within Capitol Hill. Effectively, the so-called free media is not exactly free. And since there are less than six degrees separated between Demsters and faux Repubs, well, let’s not waste precious time splitting hairs as to “what difference does it make” kinda nonsense, depending upon which party is in power. Garbage in, garbage out.

THAT being established, whatever took place prior to HUSSEIN Obama pales in comparison to the past 7 years. In other words, even the veneer of impartial journalism is no longer in place because Obama’s America is shaped by Obama’s Media. Period.

IN this regard, let’s line up the most relevant markers to date and finally unmask what has long been apparent. Proofs in the pudding.

IN years gone by, would anyone have believed that U.S. media giants were (still are) actually paid ! to plant stories, ones which were (still are) in line with the administration’s narratives, as well as bought and paid for by foreign governments alike?? Believe it.

According to Amber Lyon, a three-time Emmy award winning journalist, CNN is routinely paid by the US government and foreign governments to selectively report on certain events. Furthermore, the Obama administration pay CNN for editorial control over some of their content.

Back in March 2011, CNN sent a four person team to Bahrain to cover the Arab Spring. Once there, the crew was the subject of extreme intimidation amongst other things, but they were able to record some fantastic footage. As Glenn Greenwald of the UK’s Guardian writes in his blockbuster article from September 4th 2012:

“In the segment, Lyon interviewed activists as they explicitly described their torture at the hands of government forces, while family members recounted their relatives’ abrupt disappearances. She spoke with government officials justifying the imprisonment of activists. And the segment featured harrowing video footage of regime forces shooting unarmed demonstrators, along with the mass arrests of peaceful protesters. In sum, the early 2011 CNN segment on Bahrain presented one of the starkest reports to date of the brutal repression embraced by the US-backed regime.

Despite these accolades, and despite the dangers their own journalists and their sources endured to produce it, CNN International (CNNi) never broadcast the documentary. Even in the face of numerous inquiries and complaints from their own employees inside CNN, it continued to refuse to broadcast the program or even provide any explanation for the decision. To date, this documentary has never aired on CNNi.
Having just returned from Bahrain, Lyon says she “saw first-hand that these regime claims were lies, and I couldn’t believe CNN was making me put what I knew to be government lies into my reporting.”

Here is a segment of the Bahrain report that Amber Lyon and her team put together. CNNi refused to allow it to air because the Bahrain Government had paid them not to show it.


When Amber Lyon recognized the extent of the reasoning, she challenged CNN. CNN told her to be quiet, and began to view her as a risk. She knew, and found out, too much.
Amber is now trying to tell the story, the real story, of what is going on behind the closed doors of US Media entities. Amber has created her own website, and additionally as noted in the Guardian Article she is trying to share the truth of the deceptions.

What Amber Lyon describes is exactly the reason why CNN never aired the Nick Robertson interview with Muhammed Al Zawahiri in Egypt.

Amber recently did a web interview with Alex Jones on InfoWars. Generally the TreeHouse does not appreciate Alex Jones. He is wound up tighter than piano wire, and unfortunately much of his truth is diminished because of the hype he places upon it.

Alex Jones is easy to disregard as a “conspiracy theorist”, not because of what he says, but because of how he says it. Everything is desperate and dangerous with him.

That said, the words and explanations of Ms. Lyon in the discussion/interview are poignant and vastly informative. So I share the video with you so you can hear from Amber herself exactly what is being described and articulated.


It is critical to listen to what she says, not just about Bahrain but also about what the Obama administration is specifically doing.

WHOA….now, as additional ammunition, ask yourselves: how much media play (other than from alternative sites) has been given to the likes of race-baiting, Jew-hating Farrakhan inciting to a “final solution” via a race war, and his latest cry of “Allahu Akbar?” Rhetorical.


AT the other side of the spectrum, what about DHS’s tarring of patriotic citizens/groups as domestic terrorists? Indeed, it is through this lying and slanted filter that the media colludes with Obama Inc.’s basic narrative, one which is meant to stick to the likes of heroic efforts by Oath Keepers, while they flood the streets of Ferguson (and elsewhere) to keep security in check. Yes, depicting them as “armed thugs” bent on clinging to their Constitutional Second Amendment right to bear arms, you know, the “bitter clingers”, is core and key.


SO it behooves digging even further, and the following are merely samplings: what are Obama’s (bought and paid for) Media afraid of, in so far as grave national security issues are fueling the necessity for these militia patrols? Could it be that this disinfectant would, under its own weight, open up a true discourse as to where the 5 (heretofore) standards in journalism have gone: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How? 

EXTRAPOLATING further, would such findings reverberate and elicit cascading and knock-on effects towards a new awakening, one which results in even more patriots stepping up? Moreover, wouldn’t said “journalists” have to explain why Oath Keepers (and the like) are necessary in the first place, thus, exposing the free hand given to black thugs and terror aligned rioters? Indeed, inquiring minds have an absolute right to know these things in a free society, and the media has a ethical duty to report on all issues without a biased agenda. As if.

AND if the above isn’t scary enough, what about outright media brainwashing? 


Did you know that only a handful of corporations, 6 to be exact, control over 90 percent of the media? That means nearly everything we hear on the radio, read in the news, and see on television (including ‘news’). I’m talking about General Electric (GE), News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.

Ever since Operation Mockingbird, a CIA-based initiative to control mainstream media, more and more people are expressing their concern that what we see in the media is nothing short of brainwashing. This is also evident by blatant lies that continue to spam the TV screen, especially when it comes to topics such as health, food, war (“terrorism“), poverty  and more. Corporate interests always seem to get in the way.

Multiple celebrities have even spoken out about this. Roseanne Barr, for example, said that MK Ultra rules in Hollywood. MK Ultra was (and I believe still is) a program run by the CIA to practice methods of mind control and experiment on human beings. (source)(source)

Filled with clever marketing tactics designed to tell us what to think and what to buy, mainstream media manufactures public opinion and popular trends. It’s time to really take a look at what’s going on here and consider the type of information we’re being bombarded with.

In the below eyeopening talk, veteran investigative journalist (and Former CBS NEWS investigative reporter) Sharyl Attkisson shows how “astroturf,” or fake grassroots movements, funded by political, corporate, or other special interests very effectively manipulate and distort media messages.



ALAS, it should go without saying that the government controlled media veil was pierced during the run-up to the 2008 election, when an omerta was placed upon the bonafides of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  Atop it all, independent types who attempted to dig for the truth – re scandal after scandal attached to his administration – were (still are) threatened with this and that retribution, some of whom are (literally) buried six feet under! Hmmm.

YES, one can revert back to many previous administrations where the narrative put forth by the media appeared at odds with the facts at hand – but in line with any given U.S. leadership’s agenda –  yet, the charade of a free media was kept intact. It is no longer necessary.

AS is said, the jig is up. Thus, the truth of the absolute collusion (and indoctrination) between the above interests can now come out of the shadows – PRAVDA-like!

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