ISIS ENTERS ISRAEL PROPER:As Reported By Adina Kutnicki In A “Tag Team” Inquisitr Interview With Dave Gaubatz, Premier Counter-Terrorism Expert

The Israeli TV just announced in Tel Aviv “ISIS terrorists” take to the streets in public view!

AS is said, there is more than one way to skin a cat. But in this particular instance, let’s just transpose the feline analogy to man’s best friend, the canine.

YES, there are various methods to unleash the dog(s) of war. Literally. This is the case whether in Tel Aviv, America (etc), or even Australia, where “Down Under” makes an appearance at the end of the linked snippet! No one in the free world is safe from Islamic clutches, and this is true even in the not so free corners of the globe. Hence, the “unclean” dogs are a very good (alternative) choice for counter attack, at least in order to get rabid Islamic dogs under control! Woof…woof…

IN light of the above (visual aid) “news” involving Tel Aviv proper – and its attendant report –  how coincidental is it that the following was highlighted at this week’s featured interview, re ISIS, Islam and Obama? Indeed, their thrust into Israel was part of the interview, and it was noted that it took place right under PM Netanyahu’s nose!

In respect to the strategic implications for Israel – as a result of PM Netanyahu’s utter refusal to bury Hamas – he opened the door for ISIS and in more ways than one. Few are aware that the lengthy battle between Israel and Hamas (with Hamas’s stature growing, commensurate with the amount of time that they were able to hold out against the vaunted IDF) allowed ISIS to slip right into Israel proper! Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy arm, is more than taking note. Other jihadi terror outfits too.

“As the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) continues its bloody conquest of Iraq and Syria and begins invading Lebanon, all in the name of establishing a global Sunni Muslim caliphate system, signs of support for the extremist are being seen among Israel’s Arab citizens.

Channel 10 exposed on Sunday that in recent months black ISIS flags have been commonly seen in Arab-Israeli towns in northern and coastal Israel, notably in the cities of Nazareth and Akko.

The flags have been seen flying among both Muslim and Christian Arab citizens of Israel, an ironic move given that ISIS in Iraq has emptied cities of their Christian populations by issuing them an ultimatum either to convert to Islam, pay non-Muslim jhizya taxes – or die.

NOW that the truth is laid bare, one must also internalize the “double/triple” geo-political chess game playing out, duly orchestrated by the Islamist-in-Chief!

SIGNIFICANTLY, without Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s helping hands, ISIS would not be swathing through country after country , also poised to strike America. Literally, they have accumulated countless heads as trophies!

AS such, let it be stipulated: the Islamist-in-Chief (generally) has their (Sunni) backs, but he is also not averse to eliminating a few of their leaders (even top ones…he knows, better than most, that others are waiting in the wings to take their places) to move other chess pieces into pre-designed place. Patience, dear readers.

CONCOMITANTLY, on the other geo-political hand, this site reported – on multiple occasions – that assisting Iran’s (Shiite) mullahs to reach their nuclear goals is critical for the Jihadi-in-Chief to rearrange the geo-political decks. Just take a look back…

Recall One:

FRONT and center, one finds Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s consigliere. Simply put, she is his Shiite (and communist) forward arm. Like it or not, this “be true”.

Recall Two:

AND up and down the Islamist line, Barack HUSSEIN Obama protects both Sunni and Shia terrorists, be they Hamas (ISIS et al.) or Iran’s mullahs. It just depends which way the geo-political winds are blowing. No kidding.

Recall Three:

WITH nary a doubt, he acts as a shield for Islamist regimes, and Iran’s 2009 freedom fighters exposed his treacherous hand. Yes, they did. But to what end?

Recall Four:

AS a result it bears repeating: Iran, for all intents and purposes, has joined the “nuclear club”. Indeed, the jig is up!

STILL, unfathomably, many will scratch their heads (getting whiplash in the process…who can keep up) over his seemingly schizoid loyalties; assisting the Sunni Brotherhood Mafia – out of which ISIS spawned – while operating hand-in-glove with Shiite mullahs, who are battling ISIS, as this is written! However, both assists do not cancel out the other. Let’s just keep it all in perspective. 

IN other words, think of it this way: Islamic hegemony is the ultimate goal, therefore, lending cover to one or the other (at any given time) also depends upon changing geo-political factors. 

IN light of the above analysis, the following reportage of the targeting of top ISIS leaders, by in sync actions of the U.S. AND Iran, makes much more sense. Yup, they got their own “tag team” going on! Guaranteed, American domestic opinion is breathing down Obama’s neck to strike back, especially as payback for the two recent beheadings of U.S. citizens. Ditto…Iran/Hezbollah are fighting to the death to remove ISIS as a threat to their own hegemonic goals. At the same time, the Jihadi-in-Chief has been assisting (on the QT) Iran’s mullahs in heading to the nuclear finish line. 

At least 18 foreign ISIS fighters including Americans and Europeans were killed Thursday, Sept. 4, in a Syrian air raid of the Al Qaeda-ISIS’ northern Syrian headquarters in the Gharbiya district of Raqqa. The raid caught a number of high Al Qaeda commanders and a large group of foreign adherents assembled at the facilty.

A second group of high ISIS officers were killed or injured in another Syrian air raid over their base in Abu Kamal near the Iraqi border.
DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report that top men of the Islamist terrorist group were holding meetings at both places Thursday to coordinate IS strike plans in Syria and Iraq.  For Syria, these plans center on the Deir a-Zor and Al Qaim areas, while in Iraq, they focus on targets in the east and center of the country.

The twin Syrian air offensive coincided with the opening of the two-day NATO Summit outside the Welsh town of Newport .

The information about the two Al Qaeda meetings at Raqqa and Abu Kamal could have come from only two sources: US surveillance satellites and aircraft or Iranian agents embedded at strategic points across Syria.  

Syria does not have the necessary intelligence capabilities for digging out this kind of information. Nor does its air force normally exhibit the surgical precision displayed in the two strikes on Al Qaeda bases.

It is therefore more than likely that they owed their success to the widening military and intelligence cooperation between the United State and Iran in Iraq and Syria.

President Barack Obama will have taken his seat at the NATO summit to discuss ways of fighting ISIS after word of the successful Syrian strikes was already in his pocket. While they must be credited to top-quality US aerial surveillance over Syria and Iraq, they were undoubtedly made possible by the Obama administration’s deepening military and intelligence ties with Iran.

Many of the allies present at Newport will not welcome these tidings – Britain, Germany and Australia, in particular. They deeply resent being displaced as America’s senior strategic partners by the Revolutionary Republic of Iran, after their long partnership with the US in fighting terror in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But they will find it hard to argue with success.

On Aug. 31, our military sources reveal, US and Iranian special forces fighting together, broke the 100-day IS siege of the eastern Iraqi town of Amerli, 100 km from the Iranian border, to score a major victory in their first joint military ground action.

Then, Wednesday, Sept. 3, US jets struck an IS base in the northern Iraqi town of Tal Afar, killing its commander, Abu Hajar Al-Sufi, and two lieutenants of the IS chief Abu Baker Al-Baghdadi.
While President Obama has denied having a strategy for fighting ISIS, a working mechanism appears to have been put in place to support a trilateral military offensive against al Qaeda’s Islamist State. The successful attacks in the last 24 hours were apparently made possible by this mechanism: Iranian intelligence collected US surveillance data from the Americans and passed it on to Syria for action.

IT must also be understood: none of this “closer than close” cooperation would have taken place – the mullahs are, if anything, the overall masters at geo-political chess, as well as Mid East bizarre tactics – if the leader of the free world hadn’t been in league with Iran’s terror axis for several years. Again, Obama Inc.’s ongoing relationship with the largest sponsor of world terrorism necessitates “givebacks”, whenever the mullahs come calling.

INHERENTLY, under his Presidency the most dangerous Sunni forces are now empowered, and the Mahdi-driven Iranian regime is assured its nuclear arsenal is kept intact.

SACH HA’KOL, at the end of it all….again, woof…woof…past time for those who cherish freedom to release the dogs of war. And not just the canines!


APPARENTLY, the geo-political analysis rendered above has some wind to its sails…and this just came in from DEBKA Intelligence:

The Israeli government has radically changed tack on Syria, reversing a policy and military strategy that were longed geared to opposing Syrian President Bashar Assad,DEBKAfile’s exclusive military and intelligence sources report. This reversal has come about in the light of the growing preponderance of radical Islamists in the Syrian rebel force fighting Assad’s army in the Quneitra area since June.

Al Qaeda’s Syrian Nusra front, which calls itself the Front for the Defense of the Levant, is estimated to account by now for 40-50 percent – or roughly, 4,000-5,000 Islamists – of the rebel force deployed just across Israel’s Golan border. No more than around 2,500-3,000 belong to the moderate Syrian militias, who were trained by American and Jordanian instructors in the Hashemite Kingdom and sent back to fight in Syria.

This shift in the ratio of jihadists-to-moderates has evolved in four months. In early June, the pro-Western Syrian Revolutionary Front-SRF, mostly deployed in the southern Syrian town of Deraa on the Jordanian border, was the dominant rebel force and Nusra Front the minority……

READERS, who could have predicted….