Introducing, “Patriotic Israeli”, A Jewish Zionist Website: A NO (PC) Spin Zone…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

THIS site’s (rapidly growing) worldwide readership is generally aware that a particular mission statement, duly described within, permeates these pages. If not, its essence is best summed up in two words atop the header: Zionist & Conservative. Simple as that.

IT is within said prism that so many (mental) buttons are pressed. Basically, this is what happens when two of the most fiery words, Zionism and Conservatism (via social and political leanings), enter the fray.

CONSEQUENTLY, there is only one other geo-political site (not to be confused with a news site) which holds to the high rigors of the above leanings. Ethos. Therefore, The Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies is highlighted by a button link.

MOREOVER, this blogger rarely endorses  “go to” addresses for the readers, in order to gain additional perspective on this site’s core mission. Regardless, there are always exceptions.

AS such, introducing,

PATRIOTIC ISRAELI {Hebrew site with English link found here  –

A Jewish Zionist Website –
From: Kiryat-Shemonah, Northern Galilee, Israel
Founder and General Manager: Shaul Cohen –
Patriotic Israeli is a website and online forum for news, information, and discussion that has been active since 2009. It aims to inform and educate the public on issues concerning the State of Israel and the Israeli Society, with emphasis on its struggles toward successes in the 21st Century.
A lone democracy, nestled in a region of tyrannies and one of the United States’ closest allies, Israel is a beacon for human rights, liberty, and equality in the Middle East. Yet, in world media and international political arena such as the United Nations, Israel fails to score positively. Reports and editorials about Israel often appear to be biased, unbalanced, and with verbal assaults well beyond legitimate criticism. Anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic organizations disguised under ‘anti-Zionism’ from outside of Israel as well as from within contribute to the daily media bashing. Open, free, tolerant, and democratic states allow for such activities. However, Israel must also protect itself from those who try to destroy the delicate social, ethnic, religious, and political fabric that makes it such a model democracy among the Free Nations of the World.
Patriotic Israeli’s mission is to encourage open, balanced, and civilized discussions by providing a forum, allowing various voices from throughout the world to express and debate a diversity of opinions. The main activities of the organization occur online through its website: and Facebook. Its English Section can be reached through English Section .
     Details and Statistics
* Established in May 2009
* Average traffic of about 500,000 entrances a month and growing
* Average Growth: website traffic doubles about every 6 months
* Website is based on self-publication of articles
     Jewish-Zionist Values
* Liberal and nonsectarian, designed to suit 90% of Israeli society
* However, anti-Jewish or anti-Zionist opinions are not welcome
     The Participants
* About 500 writers from Israel and 40 other countries
* Israel-Lovers, Jews and Gentiles alike
* We prepare the writers to do an excellent job
* We Aim to have thousands from the whole world
    Leadership and Management Teams
* Strategic Decisions are made democratically (by majority vote)
       through one of the following teams:
Managers- and Expanded Councils, Writers Forum, and Friends Forum
* Resources are very limited to the degree that hampers the site’s development
Dear Friends and Supporters of Israel,
OBJECTIVE: The undersigned, representing Patriotic Israeli, seek to establish a new nonprofit educational organization in the USA entitled “Patriotic Israeli” and to obtain a 501 ©(3) status under the IRS code.
Patriotic Israeli is operating out of Kiryat Shemonah, a midsize town located near the sources of the Jordan River in Northern Galilee, that has continuously been attacked by the neighboring Syria and Lebanon since its establishment in the 1950s to settle Jewish refugees from around the world.
We plan to expand Patriotic Israeli into North America and are seeking for volunteers who are willing to help in its operations in various ways. We intend to open a Section in English and to post articles, both originals and translated from other languages.
Moreover, we intend to become a nonprofit educational association in the US and gain a 501 ©(3) status under the IRS code as soon as possible.
If you are interested in our mission, ready to help and wish to receive more information, please contact our USA representative at: Professor Ofer Ben-Amots, Music Department, Colorado College, 14 E. Cache La Poudre St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903.    Tel: (719) 389 6555     Email:
With all best wishes and B’Shalom,
Shaul, Arieh and Ofer
Founder and General Manager: Shaul Cohen  – , 972-4-6959-730, Skype shaulcoh
President: Professor Emeritus Arieh Zaritsky – , 972-545-955-670, Skype ariehzaritsky
Vice President and USA Contact: Professor Ofer Ben-Amots – , 1-719-389-6555
Other Contacts: 
Israel: Dr. Yoel Melamed – ,  972-2-5909-223, skype melamed61
Canada: Haim Barak –
PRC: Moti Harkabi – , Skype motti888
Switzerland: Dr. Dov Sarid – , Skype dubbi.sarid.schwiez 
Japan: Lior Pasternak – , Skype lior.pasternak
{Blogger’s Note: everything you need to access – to support this most important Israeli, patriotic, Zionist site – is cited above. Self explanatory. Happy reading…kadima…קדימה….onward!}


Israel’s Hero, My Hero…By Adina Kutnicki

Originally published in Arutz 7 – Israel National News:

By:Adina Kutnicki
Published: Monday, December 29, 2008 11:50 PM
While all lovers of Zion anxiously scan the news regarding the IAF’s ‘shock and awe’ operation against Hamas, those who received the shocking news of Tsafrir Ronen’s untimely and very sudden death this very same weekend could not help but be shaken to the core of their souls.

While every death deeply affects family and friends, few of those deaths can be described as a monumental loss for Zion. The passing of Tsafrir Ronen – a stalwart, non-intimidated defender of Zion – will surely register as such when the history of modern Israel is told in full.

As a former sayeret matkal (General Staff Reconnaissance Unit) commando, a prolific documentary filmmaker and a founder of the Nahalal Forum, to name a few of his accomplishments, Tsafrir was a totally devoted defender of the land and people of Israel. An individual with great vision and a sweeping understanding of Jewish history, he knew instinctively that the war being waged against Israel had many dimensions. As a warrior he understood well the military dynamics, but it was his visceral and incisive understanding of the media war being waged against us that caused him to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

To that end, he decided to direct all his passions and energies – through the use of his extensive knowledge of the media – to save Israel both from its external foes and internal ones. As the ex-CEO of the Israel History Channel, he knew what needed to be done media-wise. Constructively, he put his vision to work by creating the conceptual and business underpinnings for Israel World Television, the first pro-Israel satellite channelto be broadcast worldwide, providing for 24/7 coverage, FOX News-like.

He assembled an all-star lineup of backers, which included major players in the Israeli and worldwide business scene, coupled with a roster of the most astute political thinkers on the Israeli landscape today. Most importantly, he had the backing of Natan Sharansky, a man of worldwide respect as a champion of freedom. What his diverse group of supporters had in common was the intrinsic understanding that Israel is losing the battle on the media front and that we are at an existential crossroads. They all believed that Tsafrir had the integrity, vision and expertise to lead the charge.

The sudden loss of this wonderful, humble man is first and foremost a devastating one for his loving and supportive wife Judy and their ‘three blondinas’, the pet name he had for his three beautiful, blond-haired daughters. They were his pride and joy. On a personal level, I will miss my best friend in Israel, a man I considered my blood brother, with whom I worked side by side to support him in his mission and vision.

On a national level, his loss will most likely be appreciated when history is written. In the same manner that few understood the profound essence of all of Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s efforts for our homeland while he was alive, so too will Tsafrir’s undertakings resonate in future generations. I suspect that he will be the model that future generations of Zionists will emulate when his activities on behalf of Zion become more widely known.

Rest in peace my dear friend. May your memory be for a blessing.

With eternal friendship.