Americans & The Second Amendment…A “Red Line” Constitutional Issue…A “Holy Grail”…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

“Going to the mat” has particular resonance in colloquial American discourse. Simply put, all bets are off when certain rights are threatened. This is especially the case when the Second Amendment, the Constitutional right to bear arms, is in play –

Moreover, can anyone imagine a serial lawbreaking regime protecting its citizens from anything –  as they break law after law – let alone their right to bear arms? – . Would rational folks allow convicted pedophiles to be their children’s babysitters? Same difference.

Besides, as Holder & gang push back against the Second Amendment, few understand the depth of their lawlessness – Criminals in charge of the jails. Fast & Furious too. Are they insane, asking the people to trust them? Recall, trust & verify, but 100 fold with this deviant crew. They are about as trustworthy as any third world dictator running loose. Do Americans really want to go down that road?

‘Barack Obama: ‘Turn In Your Guns, America!’ – video embedded

JANUARY 25, 2013 BY 

It always happens the same way.

There is some horrific massacre.

There is a supposed “public outcry” to ban whatever weapons were used.

The weapons are banned.

Then comes the national gun registry.

Then all guns are banned.

This is what happened in England and Australia, and now it is happening in the United States.

Except Obama (through his gun-grabbing surrogate Dianne Feinstein) is saving time by banning all “assault” weapons and instituting a national gun registry all in one swoop.

If you think Obama doesn’t want to ban all guns, I’ve got some swampland in Florida you might be interested in.

Look way back in 1999, and you will find that Obama “proposed sweeping federal gun control legislation that would increase the penalties for the interstate transportation of firearms, restrict gun purchases to one weapon a month, increase the licensing fee, and ban the sale of firearms at gun shows.”

Or go back a few more years, in 1996, and you will find Obama called for an all-out ban on handguns.

Who were the “right-wing wackos” that dug up this hand gun ban info?

ABC News.

This was on April 17, 2008.

After Obama claimed that the Independent Voters of Illinois questionnaire that this information came from didn’t reflect his views—despite the fact that it had his handwriting all over it—and after his democratic opponent at the time, Hillary Clinton, called Obama a liar, two months later, the powers that be (the Bilderbergs or globalists or banksters, or whatever conspiracy theory suits your taste) decided that Hillary Clinton was out and Barack Obama was in.

The mainstream media then buried this information along with all the other damaging information about one Barack Hussein Obama.

Such things that he was a Marxist.

That his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis was a Marxist.

That all his buddies were Marxists (and domestic terrorists if you include Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn).

And guess what?

Marxists are totalitarians.

And totalitarians always seek to disarm the rabble.

That’s us. The rabble, that is.

Wake up, America.

We have a Marxist in the White House.

Thus, there is MAJOR push back, previously linked within “Of Mice & Men” –

In tandem, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, always a stand up guy, has this to say –…another Sheriff too –…piggybacked by many American patriots via the following video links –…Pastors jumping on board as well – Holy smokes.

Moreover, “Nanny Bloomberg” is asked by an investigative reporter: Will you disarm your security team? – Wanna guess his reaction?

Still need convincing, as to where the gun control issue lies? Fine. ‘Five minutes of truth’ should seal the deal, as the following video clip clearly spells out (from a survivor of a massacre) why being armed is the only answer, thus disarming the argument from leftists going postal –…….even as an armed guard prevented another deadly school massacre – ‘ARMED GUARD STOPS SCHOOL SHOOTER AFTER HE OPENED FIRE AT ATLANTA MIDDLE SCHOOL’ – No matter. They still opine, gun control is about saving the kiddies. Really.

Need more bang for your buck? The contents herein, ‘Feinstein’s Plan Bans Any Gun With A ‘Grip’ spells it all out – Crystal clear.

But this one is for the books -“I pay cash, I don’t give Amazon gift cards,” one dealer told a gun seller….” – as it demonstrates how a little ingenuity, capitalist ethos, a strong reverence for the Constitution, and yes, even free donuts turns the tide – Delicious.

As a law and order gal, and having a personal connection to the police community, there is no need to sell this blogger on their importance. Nevertheless, when they do the bidding of an out of control regime, enticing law abiding citizens to give up their firearms, well, this doesn’t smell kosher. In fact, it stinks to high heavens. Besides, don’t the cops have criminals to chase down, instead of wasting their time playing quarterback for gun control nuts? This blogger demands an answer. Readers should too.

YET, the overriding question needs to be asked: Is Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s radical regime seeking a civil war, all in order to impose martial law? Something to think about.

In light of the above (and so much more), this American-Israeli blogger can’t think of any other struggle more intrinsic to coalesce around – within America’s borders – than the Second Amendment. Most essentially, without protecting said right, all other rights are up for grabs. Therefore, if anything is worth fighting over, it is ones legal, lawful right to bear arms. All other rights take a back seat to the one which underpins the rest.

First they (Obama and gang) come for your ability to protect yourselves – your guns. Evil incarnate? Yes, indeed. Just do the opposite what the revolutionaries in charge want, and many innocent lives will be spared. Guaranteed.