DeSantis Had Advance Knowledge of Mar-a-Lago Raid; Texted With AG Garland

By Adina Kutnicki

DeSantis Had Advance Knowledge of Mar-a-Lago Raid; Texted With AG Garland

WITH DeSantis rockin’ it as the governor of Florida, most will find it difficult that he is playing for both teams, so to speak. In other words, as the one who has ensured that Florida remains a freedom-centered destination, he appears to be neck-deep with the Deep State Mafia.

YES, he is chomping at the bit to become POTUS, all denials notwithstanding. The real crux is: what is he up to??

IN this regard, caution is more than the watch-word, that is, once Mar-a-Lago details veer into sharp focus!

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had advance knowledge of the FBI’s August 8 raid on President Donald J. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate but chose not to warn him that an army of federal goons was about to descend on Palm Beach like a swarm of locusts, according to a new White Hat study General Eric M. Smith shared with his council on Tuesday.

The report, authored by U.S. Army Cyber Command and Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command, asserts that DeSantis entertained AG Merrick Garland at the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee on July 25, two weeks ahead of the raid. It states that the joint cyber command task force acquired surveillance footage of Garland and two unidentified men arriving at DeSantis’ home at 8:00 p.m. that evening.

That alone, our source said, sounded alarm bells; Gen. Smith saw no reason why DeSantis, who has sharply criticized the regime, would for any reason sit down with Garland, who has weaponized the Department of Justice to target law-abiding patriots. Moreover, the meeting appeared clandestine because neither the Justice Dept. nor DeSantis’ camp publicly mentioned the gathering.

“There’s nothing technically criminal about the meeting. DeSantis can invite anyone he wants into his home, but it was highly suspicious, in retrospect, knowing now that they met in secret shortly before the unlawful occupation of President Trump’s home.

Although Trump had yet to triumphantly announce he would seek an ‘official’ return to the White House in 2024, DeSantis might have been fishing for dirt to further impugn Trump’s unimpeachable character, our source added.

“We don’t know if DeSantis wanted the presidency before midterms. But if expected to win, as he did, he could’ve made advance moves, maybe hoping the raid would be damaging enough to make President Trump get out of his way. Trump didn’t announce until much later, but DeSantis undoubtedly saw Trump as an unbeatable opponent,” our source said.

Other information on the report cemented Gen. Smith’s hypothesis that DeSantis was conspiring with Merrick Garland to topple Trump. Cyberspace Command reportedly has text messages in which Garland writes, “We’re coming,” and DeSantis responds, “Thanks for the heads up,”—timestamped three hours before the FBI swarm illegally and unprecedently violated the home of a President of the United States.

Several members of the White Hat Council believe DeSantis is a Trojan Horse, a globalist masquerading as a freedom-loving Republican whose anti-woke rhetoric is merely a ruse to beguile voters, and whose true ambition, if he sits in the Oval Office, is to deepen The Swamp an enrich a corrupt federal government. However, a holdout on the council still sees DeSantis as the better option and has called the texts “innocuous and inconclusive.”

Like his predecessor Gen. David H. Berger, General Smith says DeSantis committed unforgivable atrocities by allowing FEMA to terrorize Floridians during last year’s Hurricane Ian.

Asked if White Hats are building a case against DeSantis, he said, “Even if I knew, I couldn’t say. But there’s overwhelming animus toward him. The majority of the armed forces stand with President Trump.”

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