Bengazigate Leads Straight Back To Obama’s Door: Explosive Video Links…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Hot on the heels of a backbreaking effort, to tie Barack HUSSEIN Obama to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, this blogger left more than enough bread crumbs to  choke a horse. 

In fact, this site’s antenna was raised to the nth degree, when hints were first dropped about U.S. forces entering the Libyan fray, ostensibly ‘leading from behind’. Led under the banner of R2P, Samantha Power’s cover up operation for middle east mischief making, there is so much more than meets the eye. Of course, only those in the know could prove said suspicions. And surely their lips are zipped, at least until pried open by Congressional subpoenas, which will hopefully lead to long stretches in the Federal slammer.

Keep in mind the following droppings, when viewing the latest video indictments below:  

Despite throwing Hill under the bus, the facts keep leading straight to the Islamist-in-Chief, albeit damning his helpmates too…liars, liars, pants/skirts on fire –

Regardless of their desperate attempts to spin, ‘the video made them do it’, the mendacious, desperate, bullsh-t lie is unraveling before their horrified eyes, yet they are still unrepentant  –

And an end goal is always at the forefront, so exploding front and center (through the videos below) lies his fealty to his Brothers in the Muslim Mafia – it is not as if the readership hasn’t been forewarned!

So, what do the barbarians want, other than the eventual submission of the west? Here’s a clue –  via ‘The Impending Release of The Blood Soaked Sheikh’.

Back to the main event – the promised videos.

‘Obama Linked To Benghazi Attack’

“We learned Tuesday that Barack Hussein Obama, along with the FBI, CIA, the State Department, and literally hundreds of intelligence-related entities within the federal government knew the Benghazi consulate had been attacked by terrorists within two hours.

We learned that three emails were sent directly to the White House Situation Room describing the incident as a terrorist attack.

We learned that Obama watched in real time and did nothing while four Americans were murdered.

And while Obama and the mainstream media were playing “Pin the tail on the YouTube video” for two weeks, Western Journalism had been on top of this story since day one.  We knew that a cover-up was occurring from the very beginning.

But it was not simply a President who stood by and did nothing while four Americans were murdered. Not simply a President so myopic that he refused to accept that terrorists, under his “bridge-building” administration, would want to kill us.

It was something much more.

Much more sinister.

Watch our newest video to find out the real news on the Benghazi attack” – click on link below.

Apparently, Diana West has come to the same conclusions as this blogger –

Additionally, as an adjunct to your knowledge base, even if it makes your head spin, this is a must view –

‘Frank Gaffney: Obama’s Middle East Fast & Furious?’

OCTOBER 25, 2012 BY 
“It seems President Obama has been engaged in gun-walking on a massive scale. The effect has been to equip America’s enemies to wage jihad not only against regimes it once claimed were our friends, but inevitably against us and our allies, as well. That would explain his administration’s desperate, and now-failing, bid to mislead the voters through the serial deflections of Benghazi-Gate.”
See embedded video at link.
Frank Gaffney is a man with impeccable credentials – .
Treat his analysis/insider insights as the tippy top of the people’s indictment. There are few as capable to lead the charge.