Washington Close To Subsuming the Constitutional Right To Bear Arms….Straight Into Thuggish UN Arms….Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

To all those who scoff at the notion of a “New World Order” (even as George Bush Sr spoke about it on several occasions – heard the clips -joined in by George-the devil incarnate-Soros, as he blithely intoned  to viewers of Fox News, as well as at many other forums, that a re-ordering of the world was on the march), think again! Few believed either of them meant what they said. Huh and duh? However, those who  took them at their word were tarred and feathered as conspiracy theorists, way beyond rational thought processes, thus marginalized as kooks and cranks. Really.

It is under this paradigm that an internal antenna perked up to peak performance, while reading the following report at The Examiner. One suspects the readers will find it equally alarming – http://www.examiner.com/article/senate-set-to-approve-controversial-un-gun-treaty. Go here too – http://mail.aol.com/36542-211/aol-6/en-us/Suite.aspx.

There is some truth to the tried and true refrain, “ignorance is bliss” .This blogger’s head hurts!

It is both ironic and tragic that otherwise clear thinking people refuse to take leaders – elected or non-elected – at their word. Whereas they often float “trial balloons”, this is only one measuring yardstick they use to gauge, whether or not their ideas will bump up against major push back. After all, it is far easier to implement unpopular, mostly anti-democratic plans when few raise a fuss.Hence, Washington’s penchant to relegate controversial items to the Friday evening news dump – read this –http://www.newsmax.com/newswidget/Obama-seize-internet-emergency/2012/07/11/id/445083?promo_code=EE9E-1&utm_source=jPost&utm_medium=nmwidget&utm_campaign=widgetphase1. It is an open secret within the Beltway. How stupid do they think we are, even those living thousands of miles away?

Be that as it may, it is readily obvious that Barack Hussein Obama’s administration is in lockstep with the United Nations, despite being filled to the brim with third world tin-pot dictators, whose only claim to fame has been their serial abuses of human rights! Never mind that this is a gaggle of kleptocrats (many who should really spend their time behind prison bars, never to see the light of day), whose only barometer of what justice entails, is how high their coffers are filled, as they raid the taxes of the hard working citizens of the United States. Now, that’s a just cause they can all agree on, and rally around. No need to pussyfoot around. And if the reader still needs to be convinced, of the UN’s deviant proclivities, take a peek here –http://www.commentarymagazine.com/2012/07/09/iran-u-n-arms-control-post-no-joke-nuclear/.

So, it is to this den of thieves that many in Congress (egged on by the POTUS; via his strong-armed surrogates; with Dems in lock-step, but with some RINO’s – Republicans in name only – in tow) have decided to hand over the (eventual) fate of the US. In addition, they are gunning for total control, specifically, via a twin devil called the Salt Treaty-Strategic Arms Limitation Agreement – among other such UN grabs for power. They even feel entitled to control the world’s sea water rights ! Take a peek at this – http://www.westernjournalism.com/obama-to-give-un-control-of-our-water/ .Their appetite is voracious, uncompromising (dogs with bones) and relentless. They want what they want, all of it cloaked behind humanitarian gobblygook.They wouldn’t recognize a true humanitarian effort if it smacked them upside their collective heads.

Nevertheless, if Washington was not as compromised as it is – beholden to foreign interests – none of this would matter. It would be DOA.

Back to The Examiner…..the gutting of the second Amendment, the Constitutional right to bear arms (regardless of protestations to the contrary that this won’t happen, as if….), should be a line in the sand, a red line, for those who still cherish freedom and liberty. Think of it this way – who are the ones with power, citizens who have the right to bear arms, or a society where the guns are only in the hands of the government? The thinking goes, a stripped citizenry is a submissive citizenry, with all the attendant implications.

Does anyone recall the vile onslaught against Americans who believe in the second Amendment, as their sacred right, as they are pejoratively coined “bitter clingers”? What about the Department of Homeland Security’s continual alerts, assigning high priority to right wing nationalists (aka Tea Party crowd) as potential domestic terrorists, all the while Islamists run rampant. Haven’t they heard of Islamburg? Been  to its perimeter, and the gun popping noises were non-stop, but let’s not digress. Haven’t they read ‘Infiltration’ by Paul Sperry ? Apparently not.

You know what? If were still stilling living in the US, I would take a chance, placing my fate alongside the “bitter clingers”, aka the “lock and load” crowd, hands down. Not being able to go into too much detail here, but when the crap could have easily hit the fan, some “good ole boys” had my back, and they were not even armed at the time! However, it was during a dicey situation (while they were visiting Israel, hence, their firearms were left behind) that I saw/felt the strength of these guys, not only in the physical sense, but in their ability to walk tall and proud, even while in a foreign country!

It is due to their inner convictions; their moral compass; their ability to differentiate between right vs wrong; good actors against bad actors, that they are so feared by the likes of Washington’s scoundrels, as well as their international cohorts at the United Nations.

It is up to each of us to take a stance. It is time to choose sides. There is no way around it.