Non-Quenchable Jew-Hatred: Jewish Justice Necessitates Revenge, The More Punishing the Better…..Nothing Less Will Suffice…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

In today’s upside down, PC-driven, mad-as-a-hatter landscape, it is virtually impossible to separate good from evil. Couple such madness with the mindset that “Jewish blood is the cheapest of all”, then justice is impossible to attain – at least for the Jewish people.

There is no longer any doubt that the Obama regime – and its surrogates – are irredeemably hostile to Israel, and by extension to all Jews. It matters not a whit if they cluck appropriate noises, opining that they “have Israel’s back” (unless plunging a knife into it constitutes true friendship), and that Jerusalem should just calm down and “restrain” itself…blah, blah.. exploding body parts and all. Very few of our resident fantasists even believe Barack Hussein Obama’s  horse pucky, despite murmurings to the contrary.

Let’s be abundantly clear. It is under the current administration’s stewardship that a most vile and highly dangerous affront has been committed against Israel, in effect, singling it out as a “pariah among nations”. Specifically (by no means exclusively so), a Global Counter Terrorism Forum for 29 Middle Eastern & European countries has been instituted under Hillary Clinton’s authorship. Mind you, the main point of convergence between otherwise inter-warring Islamic factions is their shared hatred of Israel, the only Middle Eastern liberal democracy, a complete oxymoron.  Nevertheless, Israel is not part of the anti-terror forum. Outrageous.

Bizarre, counter intuitive and quite insane also fits the bill, unless one truly internalizes the visceral animus permeating the Executive branch in Washington.

Even more galling is the statistical fact that Israel has suffered several equivalents of 9/11/01 attacks, when comparing its death toll from Islamic terror to its overall population, side by side to US numbers. So, why is Israel excluded from this US engineered forum, aside from their usual pandering to Islamic based nations? Exactly.

Be that as it may, on a tactical level, the exclusion of Israel further emboldens already jacked up warriors for Allah, understanding full well that the US does not really have Israel’s back when Jews are sacrificed on the altar of global jihad. No sense sugarcoating this wretched betrayal. The ‘Secret War Against the Jews’  continues apace – – a breathtaking work by John Loftus, a former US Justice official with the highest security clearance given. As a side note, and after several conversations with the author, it is not an understatement to suggest that the war against the Jews has its deepest roots within Washington’s underbelly, unbeknownst to the average American. A more than disquieting read.

As to the latest war crime against the Jewish people – the Islamic terror attack in Bulgaria – this is what is known so far – according to ‘Iran Strikes Again’ – – a bull’s eye is painted on the backs of Iran, and their proxy Hezbollah jihadists.

Furthermore, ‘Bulgaria Says Israelis Killed by Suicide Attacker’ – – is especially noteworthy, both for Israelis and Americans. Briefly, the suicide bomber was apparently a white-looking male, having traveled on a forged US passport based out of Michigan. Most ominously, Dearborn, Michigan is home to the largest Arab community in America, and a home base for Hezbollah operatives. It is “affectionately” known as ‘Dearbornistan’  ..

Whether or not the bomber was a Muslim by birth (not all Arabs look like Arabs) or a radicalized convert, this much can be agreed upon – there is no such thing as a typical appearing jihadist, other than certain well known and obvious commonalities. In essence, it is the unknowns which are more and more in play, both for Israelis, Americans and other western countries. So, while grandmas and children are being man-handled by TSA agents, the Bulgaria jihadist walked right through.

According to the latest update….this will blow your socks off  – – a strong possibility exits that the bomber was a released Gitmo detainee. IF true, a pox on all the heads of US leaders who freed them, and others who continually campaign to release the rest of these barbaric monsters. The shameless fact that they are treated like pampered guests – at a so called detention camp – rather than as committed Islamic killers, attests to a rudderless US ship of state, totally devoid of moral bearings.. 

Personally, this blogger’s Jewish philosophy is aligned with the late Zev Jabotinsky , a prominent Revisionist Zionist leader and a founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization – – whose essence can be felt through his following maxim ” we (Jews) were not created in order to teach morals and manners to our enemies. Let them learn things for themselves. We want to hit back at anybody who harms us. Whoever does not replay a blow by a blow is incapable of repaying a good deed in kind”. Truer words never spoken.

At the same time, US Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, a stalwart American patriot and a Christian Zionist, had this to say – – standing shoulder to shoulder with truth and justice.

It is no exaggeration to suggest that Israel’s long-arm of justice/revenge will settle the score. Past is prologue. As a prime example, the mastermind’s of the Munich massacre were dealt with, however long it took. They never knew what hit them. Rest assured, these Jew-killers will have nowhere to hide. Sooner or later they will drop like flies.

However, operational methods are best left to Israel’s most elite fighters, and their methods are better left unknown. Nevertheless, this war crime, not unlike many others against my people, requires a blow so severe, earth shattering, and comprehensive in scope (from paymasters; to logistical handlers; to those who aided and abetted, whatever the role; reaching up to the heads of the snake) it necessitates all of them to be eliminated. Israel’s revenge should be so horrifying, even stone cold Islamic killers will think twice before they agree to go on a mission.

At its very base, the Jewish precepts “those who are merciful to the cruel, end up cruel to the merciful” , plus “tzedek, tzedek tirdof” – justice, justice you shall pursue , are two sides of the same coin. To not live by these very rational concepts is to spit in the face of all that is just and moral.

To ignore them is to behave like our enemies, treating Jewish blood as dirt cheap.