Coming Full Circle: The PLANNED Empowerment of The Muslim Mafia (aka Brotherhood) Via Egypt, Under The “Guidance” Of Barack Hussein Obama…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Geo-politics is not happenstance. It is part circumstance, but much more so a resultant chain reaction elicited from powerful players, as they nudge outcomes along.

Think of them as pyromaniacs in fancy suits with pedigreed educations, and puffed up chests to boot. Then, visualize (without vomiting) the Narcissist-in-Chief with his nose in the air and his uplifted chin-tilt. Is this someone you would trust with your personal bank account, let alone as leader of the free world?

This blog hopes not.

Regardless of a leadership’s plans, unexpected events do place temporary spokes in their geo-political wheels. But let us be inordinately clear – the rise of The Muslim Mafia within the Middle East, particularly in Eqypt, with its attendant rise in the US, could not have happened without the heavy lifting of Barack Hussein Obama and his kindred spirit, Hillary Clinton . Never mind their political rivalry. Ideology uber alles.

Hence, yesterday’ s news was hardly unexpected, but as mentioned, its breathtaking swiftness surprised even those of us who are knee deep in this arena –

Embedded within the above link is The Radical-in-Chief’s (planned) formal embrace of Morsi, thus, enabling him to present Morsi as a “kosher” leader to the US public, and the west at large. Necessary reading.

Again, hardly happenstance.

However, we first need to take a look-back at the The Islamist-in-Chief’s initial “outreach” to the Muslim world, all in order to make sense out of fast paced events swirling all around the Middle East. In particular, the exponential rise of Islamists during his tenure requires our rapt attention.

On top of our reading list is ‘Connecting The Brotherhood Dots…Courtesy of the US Commander-in-Chief and His Islamic ‘Outreach’ (July 8, 2012) – .

Significantly, Barack Hussein Obama was able to undo 30 years of Mubarak’s control, whereby he kept the Muslim Brotherhood at bay. Imagine, a strongman dictator understood that an empowered Islamic presence would wreck havoc in the region.

Nevertheless, the POTUS dictated – GO NOW !

Moving right along… ‘Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Leader Calls For Jihad On Israel’ (July 9, 2012) –

Next up on our heartburn-worthy “to do” list is ‘The Red/Green Alliance…The Ties That Bind…Hillary Clinton & Huma Abedin Compromise US National Security’ – . This was a definite core component to Barack Hussein Obama’s overall “outreach” mission. Bear in mind, this was the very same platform, whereby The Muslim Mafia sat front and center, yet Mubarak was nowhere to be found.

In the Arab world, symbolism trumps just about everything else.

Most intrinsically, without the joined-at-the-hip duo – Huma & Hillary – years of groundwork for the Brotherhood’s ascension would not have been laid. This is imperative to internalize, particularly in light of the unfathomable support Huma is receiving from US gov’t leaders, despite her less than six degrees separation from The Muslim Mafia – more goodies on this explosive issue…folks, all in due time. 

Back to yesterday’s putsch.

Take a peek at what US officials – The Thug-in-Chief’s mouthpieces – had to say via a report at Israel National News – ‘US Confident In Egypt’s New Defense Minister’ –

U.S. officials were surprised by Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s decision to fire the leadership of the country’s defense establishment but appear to have confidence in the new defense minister, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius wrote on Sunday.”

“Ignatius noted that the new defense minister, Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, had extensive contact with the United States in his previous post as head of military intelligence.”

“Ignatius also wrote that U.S. officials weren’t ringing alarm bells over Morsi’s decision Sunday night, cautioning that this is in part a generational change, replacing figures who had become increasingly unpopular and isolated in post-revolutionary Egypt.”

“U.S. officials specifically discounted rumors that were circulating on Sunday that Sissi is an Islamist with secret connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. According to Ignatius, officials say Sissi is well known to the U.S. military after spending a year of professional training in the United States and was regarded as a generally effective head of military intelligence.”

“What’s indisputable is that the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Morsi is a longtime member, has now tightened its grip on Egypt, controlling the military as well as the presidency and the parliament,” wrote Ignatius. “That’s either an example of democracy in action and civilian control of the military, or a Muslim Brotherhood putsch, depending on your viewpoint. It probably has elements of both.”

“The U.S. view, he added, is that the replacement of aging top military leaders, in itself, isn’t worrying. “But they would be concerned if Morsi moved to make changes in Egypt’s judiciary, which has been an important independent center of power since the Tahrir Square revolution that deposed [former President Hosni] Mubarak in February 2011,” wrote Ignatius. “Worries about the judiciary were prompted by another Morsi move Sunday — to appoint senior judge Mahmoud Mekki as vice president. The fear is that Mekki, as a former jurist, might reject rulings by the courts.”

“U.S. officials do not appear to have evidence that Mori’s purge was planned or debated by top leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, he added.”

“Instead, Morsi used the terrorist attack in Sinai last week that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers as an excuse for installing new leadership in the military,” wrote Ignatius. “The first key change was Thursday’s firing of the intelligence chief, Gen. Murad Muwafi, who had won praise from U.S., Israeli and European officials — in part because he had been pressing for months for a crackdown against terrorist groups taking root in the Sinai.”

“Israel was surprised by Morsi’s decision, according to a Channel 10 News report, which said that Israeli officials believe that despite the latest developments, it is unlikely that a dramatic turnaround in terms of the Egyptian attitude to Israel will be seen in the near future.” –

Are you all feeling warm and fuzzy now, exhibiting the same confidence as US officials, albeit, while they leave themselves some wiggle room, regarding the explosions they know are in the offing ?

Or, are you ready to scream – liars, liars pants on fire!!