UPDATE : Huma Abedin’s Familial Muslim Brotherhood/Sisterhood Tree Gains Another Root…Addendum To: Huma Abedin, Deputy COS To Hillary Clinton…INEXTRICABLY Tied To Muslim Brotherhood/Sisterhood…(embedded report)…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Huma Abedin’s unwavering cheerleaders, back benchers, damsel-in-distress rescuers, and otherwise immovable supporters just keep digging themselves further into a hole. May they bury themselves into quicksand.

When average folks dig in their heels, regardless of the facts at hand, they can quietly fade into the woodwork when the crap hits the fan, but those in positions of national trust can ill afford to do so. Not only are their careers – as well as elected seats of power – at stake, but some may even be held legally liable for aiding known terror-tied individuals. This is particularly the case when they were given due diligence notice of said (terror) links. Feigning ignorance will not wash. Their just desserts can’t come quick enough. Faster…faster.

Thus, with each new root inextricably tying and binding Huma Abedin to The Muslim Mafia the case against her, as well as her supporters (particularly the elected officials), becomes more severe.

Here is the latest familial linkage via Walid Shoebat , a reformed PLO terrorist, and a former Brotherhood member  too –

Exclusive: Huma Abedin’s Sister (Heba) also connected to Muslim Brotherhood

by  on JULY 27, 2012 in BLOGGENERAL

“It has been learned that the sister of Huma Abedin (Heba Abedin), like Huma, has served on the Editorial Board of the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA) as an Assistant Editor; Heba continues to serve in that capacity after Huma left in late 2008 to work for Hillary Clinton at the State Department. Please note that in 2002, Heba was referred to on the IMMA website as “Heba A. Khaled” and not by her familial last name.”

“Today, the spelling of Heba’s last name is slightly different (“Khalid” instead of “Khaled”)”. Here is the full link –


Much supportive evidence has already been amassed at this blog, and it is easily accessible  – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/24/huma-abedin-deputy-cos-to-hillary-clinton-inextricably-tied-to-the-muslim-brotherhoodsisterhood-embedded-report-addendum-tosenator-mccain-digs-himself-into-a-hole-via-his-indefensiblein/.

Clicking on all the embedded links is imperative to internalize the case against Huma Abedin. One building block cements the next.

While it may appear (temporarily) more comfortable to bury ones head in the sand, it is decidedly the case that staying buried entails many profound costs.

NOT dealing (by alerting everyone within ones circle of contacts) with this explosive information will exact an inordinately high price, not only for Americans living today, but for future generations to come.

Simply put, uprooting the Brotherhood cancer (exposing Huma Abedin is critical to this unique/immediate American struggle) will save the Republic. NOT doing so will have irrevocable and incalculable ramifications.

Everyone has a part to play. Just get busy.