Islam, A Plague, Has No Place In Civilized Society, Despite Western Enablers. The Proofs. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

ANY non-Muslim who still insists that Islam is compatible with the west is either: a) lying b) delusional c) terrified d) complicit, or a combination thereof. Pick your poison. No sense jive-talking otherwise. After all, western civilization is at stake. It hangs in the balance. 

MORE specifically, it is not as if a continuous stream of death and destruction hasn’t followed in Islam’s wake. Even more so, how many times, how many ways, will doubting Thomas types have to be shown that militant Islamic jihadists mean what they say, unlike the west’s feckless leaders and their surrogates?

BESIDES, it really is beyond tiresome hammering home, again and again, the same proofs. Mind you, back in October 2014, almost two years ago, this investigative journalist warned: Muslim Brotherhood’s plans have been revealed; the control of the western world is on schedule!

WITH the dizzying pace of Islam’s swathe across the globe, one has to understand that its “success” didn’t magically appear, as if out of thin air. For the absolute record, concrete plans have been in place by top Brotherhood Mafia leaders (some of whom are ISIS and al-Qaeda based…unsurprisingly, since both are offshoots of the Brotherhood, as is Hamas and assorted tentacled hydras) for decades…..

YES, understanding the threat level also means listening to what the jihadists actually state, and what they lay out for the ummah – as well as for westerners – at least for those whose eyes and ears are not slammed shut. Listen up.

An Islamic Caliphate in Seven Easy Steps; top Al Qaeda leadership’s “game plan”.

  • The First Phase Known as “the awakening” — this has already been carried out and was supposed to have lasted from 2000 to 2003, or more precisely from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York and Washington to the fall of Baghdad in 2003. The aim of the attacks of 9/11 was to provoke the US into declaring war on the Islamic world and thereby “awakening” Muslims. “The first phase was judged by the strategists and masterminds behind al-Qaida as very successful,” writes Hussein. “The battle field was opened up and the Americans and their allies became a closer and easier target.” The terrorist network is also reported as being satisfied that its message can now be heard “everywhere.”
  • The Second Phase “Opening Eyes” is, according to Hussein’s definition, the period we are now in and should last until 2016. Hussein says the terrorists hope to make the western conspiracy aware of the “Islamic community.” Hussein believes this is a phase in which al-Qaida wants an organization to develop into a movement. The network is banking on recruiting young men during this period. Iraq should become the center for all global operations, with an “army” set up there and bases established in other Arabic states.
  • The Third Phase This is described as “Arising and Standing Up” and lasted from 2007 to 2010. “There will be a focus on Syria,” prophesies Hussein, based on what his sources told him. The fighting cadres are supposedly already prepared and some are in Iraq. Attacks on Turkey and — even more explosive — in Israel are predicted. Al-Qaida’s masterminds hope that attacks on Israel will help the terrorist group become a recognized organization. The author also believes that countries neighboring Iraq, such as Jordan, are also in danger.
  • The Fourth Phase Between 2010 and 2013, Hussein writes that al-Qaida will aim to bring about the collapse of the hated Arabic governments. The estimate is that “the creeping loss of the regimes’ power will lead to a steady growth in strength within al-Qaida.” At the same time attacks will be carried out against oil suppliers and the US economy will be targeted using cyber terrorism.
  • The Fifth Phase This will be the point at which an Islamic state, or caliphate, can be declared. The plan is that by this time, between 2013 and 2016, Western influence in the Islamic world will be so reduced and Israel weakened so much, that resistance will not be feared. Al-Qaida hopes that by then the Islamic state will be able to bring about a new world order.
  • The Sixth Phase Hussein believes that from 2016 onwards there will a period of “total confrontation.” As soon as the caliphate has been declared the “Islamic army” it will instigate the “fight between the believers and the non-believers” which has so often been predicted by Osama bin Laden.
  • The Seventh Phase This final stage is described as “definitive victory.” Hussein writes that in the terrorists’ eyes, because the rest of the world will be so beaten down by the “one-and-a-half billion Muslims,” the caliphate will undoubtedly succeed. This phase should be completed by 2020, although the war shouldn’t last longer than two years.

CLEAR as a bell. Does anyone, in their rational mind, believe they are NOT on an upward trajectory? Speak up, if you disagree….

IN fact, their goals/methods are laid out akin to a criminal cartel, albeit a global one, as opposed to a regional enterprise. That being said, they are closing in on their end game; the Islamization of America! Rest assured, the moment that their leadership in America announced their new political party, the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, it became the point in time that they felt comfortable enough to step from the shadows….continue reading….

KNOW this: despite all the apologists for Islam, the facts are what they are. Not only that, ISIS, the most infamous of all the jihadi groups, has been very vocal (alongside a few like-minded others) about the true face of Islam, that is, its non-peaceful ideology!

SO if westerners want to save themselves (despite all the lies spun by delusional, terrified, complicit and mendacious leaders, elected and non-elected), the wisest course of action is to listen up. Thus, heed the truth from the most infamous of Allah’s Muslim Terrorists – ISIS!

INDEED, ISIS is more than pleased to tell us “Why We Hate You!”

In the new edition of its full-color, glossy magazine, ISIS mocks those who claim Islam is a peaceful religion, and even wades into the controversy surrounding Donald Trump and the parents of a dead Muslim U.S. soldier.

The 15th issue of Dabiq, published on July 31, is titled “Break The Cross” and appears to be primarily directed at those that ISIS considers its enemies, particularly Christians. One section is devoted to the words and actions of Pope Francis and is headlined “In The Words Of Our Enemies.” An editorial titled “Why We Hate You and Why We Fight You” takes aim at Westerners and “apostate ‘Imams’ in the West” who refuse to define ISIS’ motivation as being Islamic. ISIS calls this rhetoric purely political.

Many Westerners, however, are already aware that claiming the attacks of the mujahidin to be senseless and questioning incessantly as to why we hate the West and why we fight them is nothing more than a political act and a propaganda tool,” the article says. “The politicians will say it regardless of how much it stands in opposition to facts and common sense just to garner as many votes as they can for the next election cycle.”

The argument echoes a current debate in the U.S. between some on the right who have been vocal about challenging high-ranking left-leaning politicians to specifically label the ISIS threat as “radical Islamic terror.” President Obama has said on multiple occasions that he has refused to use the term in an effort to avoid lending religious legitimacy to the terror group.

The ISIS author of the “Why We Hate You” piece aims to settle the argument, and “clarify” in “unequivocal terms” that ISIS is Islamic. The author says that those on the “social fringe” who identify Islam with ISIS are correct.

“There are exceptions among the disbelievers, no doubt, people who will unabashedly declare that jihad and the laws of the Shari’ah – as well as everything else deemed taboo by the Islam-is-a-peaceful-religion crowd – are in fact completely Islamic, but they tend to be people with far less credibility who are painted as a social fringe, so their voices are dismissed and a large segment of the ignorant masses continues believing the false narrative,” the article says.

Showing just how quickly the magazine was produced – and how intently members of ISIS watch U.S. politics – an image in the publication shows the grave of Capt. Humayun Khan, who was killed in Iraq in 2004. Khan’s parents rebuked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during a speech at the Democratic National Convention last week, prompting Trump, in turn, to criticize their “right” to censure him in front of a national audience. Adding its own voice to the debate, ISIS declares in a caption below Khan’s grave that the soldier is an “apostate” of the Muslim religion and urges other Muslims to “beware” a similar fate.

YES, DABIQ has been featured at this site on several occasions, realizing full well that when one wants the truth one goes to the source. Now, who better than the “A-Team” of Allah’s Muslim Terrorists to set the record straight, those who are more than eager to recite chapter and verse the Koranic justifications for Islamic bloodletting all over the globe?

CAN’T think of a damn better truthful address!!


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Muslim-American Political Party Rams Full Steam Ahead:What Are Their Goals?The Consequences To America…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


BEFORE today’s analysis comes full circle, some may need to relieve themselves of what has increasingly become a highly toxic PC-obsessed state. Mind numbing.

INDEED, multi-culti infused “guilt-ridden” feelings invariably interfere with rational thinking. Get over it. As such, the (mental) bugaboo would be along these lines: what’s the big deal, other ethnic groups have their own advocacy groups and attendant arms, so why shouldn’t Muslims? Okay, sounds reasonable. 

NEVERTHELESS, said thought processes would be logical, only if the questioner had been living in a bubble and hadn’t been exposed to worldwide jihad under the banner of Islam. Yes, you know, the pervasive, incessant screams after each slaughter, Allahu Akbar! Pray tell, whom are Islam’s followers referring to, other than their pagan and blood-thirsty diety? Bull’s-eye.

MORE specifically, any American/westerner who believes that the recent jihad in Nigeria, for example, is none of their business and an anomaly, agreed, they are in need of psychiatric treatment. You think?

Boko Haram Muslim jihadists in Nigeria attacked the Lassa town area, where the massacred people and burned down churches. A local vigilante group prevented the villagers from fleeing and told them to stand their ground and fight. Ali Mamza, a member of the militia, said:

If we flee today, tomorrow, we will continue to flee and these murderer would continue to kill. If we had fled, they would have killed many people. I think our decision to fight yielded result as it is better that six people are killed than for hundred to be killed. We will continue to encourage ourselves, because they will keep coming. We cannot run any longer.

The Jihadists also attacked the Christian village of Shani where killed scores of people and brought havoc throughout the area. One resident named Mallam Babayo Ardo said:

They came on about 10 motorcycles from Gwaskara axis, well armed with Ak47 rifles, Improvised Explosive Devices and petrol bombs, wrecking havoc without confrontation as there was no military operatives, nor police to assist the armless civilians who were running for dear lives. …As I am talking to you now, I left my people running towards Pakaina village for safety. It is only God that will know what is happening with the sporadic gunshots that engulfed the entire council area

Ishaya Brimah, another resident, said:

They rode on motorcycles and were more than 30 men. They started throwing bombs into houses… then the Boko Haram fired shots at people fleeing. …They set ablaze the police station, houses and a telecom mast… I saw people fleeing… some bodies on the ground.

A shopkeeper in Shani, Shuabu Lawal, explained the horror that took place:

A boy ran into my shop and said his father and elder brother had been shot. He was only wearing shorts, no top and sweating, despite the wintry weather. I shut down my shop immediately, leaving some items outside

They also attacked the city of Damaturu, with gunfire and explosions as they made their onslaught against the police. One resident, who survived the attack, recounted the chaos:

I was awoken by huge blasts and the sound of heavy gunfire around the mobile police barracks… The gunmen came in numbers. They have burnt down the police barracks. They are now advancing towards two housing estates… We have left our home. We are now in the bush. We don’t know what’s going to happen.

Another resident described the horror:

It’s chaos all over the town. …All I can hear is explosions and gunfire from my house. I couldn’t go out for morning prayers because this started before dawn and I’m afraid to leave in case I get caught up in it.

TO wit, it is under this clear-eyed prism that readers must view the entire spectrum of Islamic infiltration/penetration, and its attendant earth shattering consequences for America and the west at large. 

IN this regard, it is imperative to alert Americans to the precipitous dangers awaiting the nation, directly due to this year’s formation of the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations!

Wolff Bachner: Recently, we heard that a Muslim-American political party was being formed to promote Islamic causes and elect officials who are sympathetic to Islam?

What is the name of this party, and who is supporting and financing them?

Political rhetoric and charm offensives aside, what are the actual goals of this political party and are they a threat to America’s constitutional republic?

Adina Kutnicki: Wolff, before we review the dangers associated with the newly-formed Muslim-American party, it must be reiterated: traditional American allies are caught up in a horrifying spider’s web through their association with the Obama administration. Poisonous…….

Readers may rightfully inquire: what does the above have to do with a newly announced Muslim-American political party? Everything.

Indubitably, without the “helping hands” of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the “U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations”, would be DOA. It is not for nothing that its unveiling came during his second-term tenure. Going for broke. Yet, the URGENT question becomes: who are its members and backers? Once this is answered, well, the dangers at bay will become self-evident, unless you are a committed Islamist.

As warned at my recent commentary –

“SIGNIFICANTLY, the Muslim Brotherhood’s new “American” political party is front and center within Capitol Hill and ready to take her by storm. Literally.

In essence, while the Brotherhood’s spawn commits a double war crime – that which western civilization should be seeking to eliminate and certainly not embrace within the community of nations – they go from strength to strength within America! More specifically, Hamas murdered, during its call for a so-called cease fire for “humanitarian” reasons, 25 of its own people who “collaborated” with Israel. Understood? If still not convinced, make sure to internalize what this new “political” party means for America and the west in toto. Being silent, despite a PC omerta, will lead to countless dead Americans. Guaranteed.

As expected, the American Muslim Political Party Member Cheers Israeli Casualties & exhorts a Hamas victory!

A Facebook post by Taher Herzallah, leader of one of the groups represented in a recently formed Muslim political party in the U.S., clearly celebrates Israeli casualties and the group that has caused them – Hamas. The post has since been taken down

USCMO_SpeakersAnother prominent figure within USCMO is Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the first World Trade Center bombing who is closely connected to the infamous “Blind Sheikh”, Omar Abdel Rahman. Wahhaj was one of the speakers at the USCMO inauguration, alongside Ellison and Carson…..”

You tell me, isn’t it apparent that aligning with the Obama administration evolves into a precipitous danger, both for its traditional allies and for Americans at large?

Case closed. Indictment sealed….

RESULTANT, as expected, though the above interview took place in September 2014, once again, it becomes obligatory to reissue an alert: Muslims in America are bent on conquering America for the benefit of (F/B/O) Allah!

The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), a coalition of leading national and local American Muslim organizations, today announced plans to host the first-of-its-kind National Muslim Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. on April 13, 2015.

Expected to draw hundreds of Muslim delegates from across the nation, this one-day event is open to representatives of all national, state and local Muslim organizations and communities.

The event is designed to connect national, regional and state Muslim organizations, community members with more than one third of the U.S. House of Representatives and a half of the Senate. Advocacy day issues will focus on the domestic priorities of the American Muslim community.

“We encourage the Muslim American community to participate in this unique opportunity to meet with their legislatures and experience the democratic process first hand,” said Oussama Jammal, Secretary General of USCMO.

“Muslim communities frequently host state advocacy days in state capitols nationwide, but American Muslims have never held a unified national event in Washington, D.C.,” said Robert McCaw, chairman of the USCMO Advocacy Day Steering Committee.

“This is an important step in promoting greater Muslim political engagement and stronger ties with Congress. We’re particularly looking forward to ‘moving the needle’ in the nation’s capital on issues that impact American Muslims.”

USCMO will soon launch a registration website that will prepare Muslim delegates for their congressional meetings. The coalition will also hold a series of online training seminars on effective advocacy techniques and will provide support in scheduling congressional meetings.

On the day of the event, Muslim delegates will be offered a series of seminars on Capitol Hill covering best practices for meeting with elected representatives and how to discuss the day’s advocacy issues.

For more information about the event or how your Muslim organization or community can participate, please contact the USCMO at:

Founding members of USCMO: American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), Muslim American Society (MAS), Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA), Muslim Ummah of North America (MUNA), The Mosque Cares (Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed).


Robert McCaw
Steering Committee Chair

Hmmm…trust this investigative journalist on this verily explosive point: the above “sponsors” are a list of who’s who in the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia!

AND, whom do they think they are fooling, as they insert the ubiquitous “American” appendage to their jihadi front groups, all the while their main goal is: 

….The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Proecess” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to slack. But, would the slackers and the Mujahedeen be equal…

BESIDES, how much clearer does it need to be for average Americans – aside from Obama Inc. and surrogates – to internalize that ALL Muslim groups in America are working towards its destruction, bar none?

NOW, is there anyone better than CAIR – the Goebbel’s-like propaganda arm of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, the BFF of Barack HUSSEIN Obama – to tender the “good” news to the ummah of their impending triumph over America?

STEALTH (jihad) by stealth (jihad)….