NORTHEAST INTELLIGENCE NETWORK ….Examining The Origins & The Ruins of The ‘Arab Spring’ & Its Aftermath…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Retaining a handle on rapidly unfolding events in the Mideast is akin to chasing ghosts. Every time you are close to gaining a grip another mirage appears…poof-like…. changing the entire political calculus. So it would seem.

However, those who are immersed in geo-politics are attuned to nuances which others barely notice. Even when novices realize something is amiss (a gut-like feeling) they are less likely to connect the significant dots within a rapidly evolving landscape. Powerful players bank on the above confusion to manipulate untold swathes of people all over the globe, as they move them around at will like chess pieces. And this is no conspiracy theory!

The self evident ruins of the so called “Arab Spring” are all over the Mideast map and beyond. They are best understood through a broader geo-political context, as opposed to the narrowly media-hyped fantasy, courtesy of a “facebook/twitter” revolution. If only.

In this regard, a “look back” on events – as they actually are – is mandatory. In turn, a clearer view will sharpen into focus, regarding what is increasingly (and most alarmingly) being coined a “nuclear winter” .

A brief return to December 2008 is in order, and it involves a highly disturbing (off the record) conversation between the director of Northeast Intelligence Network Doug Hagmann with a US intelligence official holding top security clearance. Its basis revolves around what the top intelligence official coined an abandonment of Israel via a purposeful betrayal. He further elucidated that there is a well known name for this betrayal within the intelligence community –  malicious intelligence . Shocking? Not really.

In a previous commentary, a notation was made of  ‘A Secret War Against The Jews’ as part of ‘unofficial’ US policy for decades. In tow were many international capitals. Contained within ‘Non-Quenchable Jew-hatred….’ reference was made to another US official who held the highest security clearance in the Justice Department, who ‘coincidentally’ arrived at the same conclusion. His alarm bells can be found through an explosive book The Secret War Against The Jews’. It is linked here – Happenstance. Hardly.

As such, ( the above link, in relation to the present commentary, is also a critical component of geo-political ‘connect the dots’) the exchange between Northeast Intelligence Director Doug Hagmann and the top official takes on ever more ominous meaning. The intelligence official explained an alarming, purposeful pushing aside of Israel’s interests in favor of Arab interests, regardless of the fact that Israeli interests are intertwined with American interests, it being the only liberal democracy in the Mideast!

Many avenues are taken to elicit said deleterious effects, however, chief among them is the beefing up of substantial financial and military aid to Arab countries, knowing full well that it undercuts Israel’s military and security edge. This is all done despite claims (by both Washington & Jerusalem) that the US will always stand by its ‘best friend’. Poppycock… unless twisting Israel’s arms into contorted knots qualifies as friendship. Besides, creating parity in geo-politics obviates all lines between good actors and evil ones. Indeed.

The above intelligence official further added that western media has been drafted into a concerted, deliberate disinformation campaign against Israel, the likes of which reaches the highest echelons of US leadership – an (ultimate) nail in Israel’s coffin, thus enabling the delegitimizing of Israel and making it more palatable when it ‘disappears’. Very few can claim to be unaware of the media onslaught against Israel. Assuredly, no one can seriously argue that the collusion is accidental, even if they do wish Israel ill.

The sordid saga can be found here  – Warning : don’t read it on a full stomach…indigestion is sure to follow…or worse.

Adding to ones inner angst is a very cogent “look back-look forward” analysis. The “look back” involves the death and destruction left on US soil after the horrific terror attacks on 9/11/01, as planes slammed into 3 US cities leaving swathes of devastation behind. Nevertheless, a little more than a decade later, one could be forgiven for expecting US leaders to have internalized some “lessons learned”. To the contrary.

Doug Hagmann had this to share on June 25, 2012 – ” imagine that I walked up to you and told you that ten years from that date (9/11/01) a man named Barack Hussein Obama II, who as a youngster in Indonesia studied the Qur’an and as a man, publicly admitted that the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset,”  would occupy the White House. Then I proceeded to tell you that the construction of Islamic mosques would be at an all-time high across the United States, including the push for a new Islamic center less than a hundred yards of the very site on which we stood. I then added that a Muslim advocacy group known as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (the ideological predecessor of Qaeda and Hamas), would be heavily involved in shaping U.S. policies ranging from domestic security to the implementation of Sharia (Islamic law) inside the United States…….”

“I then tell you that the man in the Oval Office will not only apologize for America’s historical foreign policy to the Muslim world, but embrace the very entities behind the attacks. He will be the impetus behind a major change of the landscape in the Middle East that not only allows for our abandonment of Israel, but an antagonism toward our ally. It’s all part of a larger, more sinister globalist plan of an Islamic-Marxist alliance that’s been planned and in place for decades. He will open his office, and the whole of the U.S. government, to the Muslim Brotherhood, and will not only change fundamentally America, but will “change the world……..”

“On June 4, 2009, less than six months after assuming office, Barack Hussein Obama II delivered a speech in Cairo, Egypt, that ushered in dramatic changes within the Muslim world that would forever alter the political landscape of the Middle East. Perhaps acting in response to correspondence by Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama is openly apologetic to the Muslim world while being passively aggressive to the nation of Israel, our only democratic ally in the Middle East. At the same time, he opens his arms to the Muslim Brotherhood while tactically omitting any reference or acknowledgment to then-Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak…..”

“Less than a year later, Obama advances the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood by appointing a young lawyer named Rashan Hussain to the position of Special Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. This post was created by George W. Bush in 2008, ostensibly to promote mutual understanding and dialogue between the United States and Muslim communities around the world. Hussain has tangential ties to the Muslim Brotherhood via common and connected entities……”

“It is disclosed that Hillary Clinton’s “body person,” Huma Abedin, the wife of disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner, has close and personal ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and by association, to Muslims connected to al Qaeda. This is further detailed in correspondence from U.S. House of Representative Michelle Bachman……”

Obama’s Muslim, Marxist and Communist agenda

“Today, well over a decade after the attacks of 9/11, we find infiltration of Islamists, Marxists, Communists and globalists in nearly every area of American government. What Progressives have gleefully praised as a wave of democracy sweeping the Middle East known as the Arab Spring is nothing more than the foundation for a New World Order, where Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood are working in conjunction with their secular partners to forever change the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East. Egypt is just one country, one regime, one piece of the global puzzle. There have been others, and there will be more…”

“It is disclosed that Hillary Clinton’s “body person,” Huma Abedin, the wife of disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner, has close and personal ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and by association, to Muslims connected to al Qaeda. This is further detailed in correspondence from U.S. House of Representative Michelle Bachmann”.

Read the whole analysis here  –

Edmund Burke stated ” those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it”. George Santayana added a slight modification ” those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

People often recall sayings attributed to well known people, whether good or evil. However, this much is for sure – it should not require a famous person to point out the obvious. Obviously, if the leader of the free world fails to intuit “lessons learned” the inevitable disaster is sure to follow.

Said lessons are not reserved for the few geniuses among us. They belong to all of us!