Military Arrests Obama Era Holdover for Treason

By Adina Kutnicki

SO many traitors….too little time. Ain’t that the truth! Most acutely, the anti-Americans running rampant within all spheres of influence cut their teeth during the Clinton/Obama Mafia years, and have NEVER left their posts. They are the stage managers; the puppeteers of the final knock-down blows! 

STILL, countless Deep State fiends — on the altar of globalist-driven power and control, fueled by insatiable greed — are being eliminated. But the most urgent questions remain: will there be a nation left to save? For when borders are purposefully eliminated; the economy is in the tank, and when crime is endemic throughout, what exactly will be left standing? Inexorably, these are not hypothetical questions, but core to national survival. Yes, the aforementioned are just the tip. 

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | May 8, 2023

United States Navy Jag Investigators on Friday arrested an Obama-era stooge on the charge of treason after a criminal investigation revealed he had been lurking in the shadows and advising the current regime on how to funnel federal tax dollars overseas without drawing public scrutiny, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

He said a particular name, Jack Lew, surfaced several times while JAG traced the billions of American dollars the criminal regime had furtively sent to Ukraine over the past 15 months.

Lew is an American attorney who served as the 76th United States Secretary of the Treasury from 2013 to 2017. His political career began in 1995, when he worked for the Clinton administration as a special assistant to the president. He faded into political obscurity when Trump in January 2017 assumed his rightful place in the Oval Office.

His disappearance, JAG said, was an illusion; Lew had been instructing the current Treas. Sec., the criminal Janet Yellen, on the art of embezzlement. He thought so highly of his exploits that he bragged to Yellen about how he had, at the bequest of Clinton, misappropriated $4 billion to fund Bosnian freedom fighters in response to Serbian atrocities against Bosnian civilians. The $4bn was exclusive of what Congress had approved–$23.5bn toward “peacekeeping” operations in the theater. Lew also boasted he had, this time for Hussein Obama, given Iran $70bn U.S. tax dollars, a down payment for Iran’s promise to abandon nuclear weapon ambitions, which Iran reneged on.

JAG learned of the deals via telephone conversations between Lew and Yellen that were intercepted by U.S. Army Cyber Command.

Lew, our source said, was incredibly proud of his exploits.

In March, ARCYBER intercepted another call on which Yellen told Lew she had to surreptitiously send Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy an added $4.2bn without Congress’ knowledge. Lew replied that the answer was simple: siphon the money in aggregate from multiple cabinet-level departments to disguise the withdrawals. Lew recommended pilfering $1bn each from the Treasury Department, the Department of Veteran Affairs, the Department of Education, the Department of Labor, and the Department of Agriculture. Lew told Yellen that the heads of those departments wouldn’t oppose the thefts because they represented a minuscule amount of their annual budgets.

“No one will notice at all,” Lew told Yellen. “That’s the way we’ve done it for decades.”

Our source said Yellen is a mathematical dunce who, like Lew, is a relic of the Clinton administration. The difference is that Lew understands finance and how to cook the books, whereas Yellen is a “yes woman” who has been living in Ukraine since October 2022—to avoid being caught by the White Hat partition of the U.S. military.

“Dozens of Biden’s people fled overseas to hide from us,” our source said. “You know what, there’s no statute of limitations on treason. We’ll get the bitch Yellen just like we got Lew.”

JAG investigators, he added, caught Lew outside the Fairways Inn strip club in Smyrna, Delaware. Investigators on location saw Lew, a married man and proclaimed Christian, shell out $16k in lap dances and drinks during the 12 hours he spent in the club.

“He was giving strippers money hand over fist,” our source said.

A JAG detective tapped an intoxicated Lew on the shoulder as he stumbled to his vehicle in the parking lot of the club. When shown a military arrest warrant, Lew reportedly laughed, blurting that Barack Obama had given him “lifetime immunity” against prosecution. He tried to slug the JAG officer, who dodged the strike and delivered a haymaker to Lew’s jaw, breaking it and sending him to the pavement.

“Let’s see if Barack answers your phone call from prison,” the JAG official told Lew.

Lew, our source said, has been taken to GITMO, while JAG decides whether to try him there or send him to Camp Blaz.

In closing, RRN asked our source why Lew was sent to GITMO, if JAG is now holding tribunals in Guam.

“You’re [sic.] misreporting isn’t our problem,” our source said. “Yes, certain prisoners are going to Guam, and Adm. Crandall’s skills are needed there, but some prisoners will still have tribunals at Guantanamo Bay.”

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