Connecting the Brotherhood Dots, Courtesy of The US Commander-In-Chief & His Islamic ‘Outreach’….Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

NOTHING happens in a vacuum, particularly within the arena of geo-politics.

Unless one has been hibernating in a cave, for at least the past few years, few are unfamiliar with Barack Hussein Obama’s Muslim outreach tour in June 2009. For a refresher course, here’s the link-

Furthermore, those who are equally attuned to his close friendships with notorious Islamic Jew-haters (more politely termed, anti-Zionists), his close bond with Rashid Khalidi (a relationship so hot to handle, that the LA Times is still keeping a tape of a farewell party, in honor of Khalidi’s move from U of Chicago to Columbia U, under lock and key), stands out above the rest.

Another unrepentant Jew-hater, Edward Said, the late, non-lamented Columbia U prof (aka Bir Zeit-on-the-Hudson), the very same prof who turned history upside its head, through a fabricated construct called ‘Orientalism’ (he told so many lies about his own personal history, as well as the history of the region….liar, liar pants on fire), was also his good buddy, as were several others, including the anti-white, Jew-baiting Black Panthers, and leaders from the equally vile Nation of Islam. A veritable laundry list of anti-American racists and anti-semites. Birds of a feather.

As such, one needn’t be a cynic to see a pattern emerging, thus concluding – Obama hearts Islamists/Muslims…six of one, half a dozen of another.

Now that that is off the table, let us turn our attention to the full and final penetration/Infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, as the new Egyptian Brotherhood President prepares to strut his stuff at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as the head of the largest ! Arab nation-

To understand the full, and explosively dangerous, implications of the above, please, I beg of you, read Muslim Mafia & Infiltration – My library is bursting with the most spine chilling, truth-telling books (making Barnes & Noble/Amazon rich in the process), yet these two set the bar. Just keep your lights on after reading them….I’m just saying.

On its face, it is no longer in question whether or not Washington allows this bad actor, or that bad actor, into their halls of power. That ship has sailed.

It is the bitterest of ironies that Obama, a serial liar (Obamacare is not a tax….) has kept one promise, the one he made (behind the backs of the American people) to the Brotherhood, as they hung onto his every word, from their front row seats in Cairo. To further give patriots heartburn, the POTUS has ensured that the progenitors of Al Qadea are fully honored guests at the White House…..a pox on his head.

The Islamic barbarians are not at the gates of Washington, they are inside it!!