UNLESS American leadership’s overriding goal – as the heretofore guardian of the free world – is to prove, at all costs, that Islam is a “religion of peace” – DESPITE the overwhelming, indisputable preponderance of evidence to the contrary – then the stepped up trail of Islamic butchery in America (and worldwide) will inevitably lie at their doorsteps. All its blood and gore. History will crucify them –  American and western leaders!


INDEED, Islamic blood lust swathes across the Christian world (Jews are not their only targets) and even Church leaders are dead silent. What will it take to awaken the countless fantasists and cowards (be they political, religious or civic leaders) in our midst? Perhaps this tidbit will shake some from their immoral blindness:Islamic cannibalism is ROOTED In Islam’s relationship to blood, upholding the slaughter of Christians & Jews!

Besides, there should be no ifs, ands or buts about confronting said evil truths. Neither should double-talk dare be tolerated, “explaining” away this or that. Or, one would think.

MOST significantly, how can a so-called democracy-seeking American (western leaders, as a whole) leadership opine over a fallacious “peaceful” mantra, when many understand that (centuries of) inter-Muslim killing (between Sunni and Shia) is directly related to the blood lust steeped within Islamic mandates?

On the other hand, “cooperative” efforts often override/pause Muslim (internal) bloodletting, in their insatiable quest to submit the “infidels”. As some of us realize all too well, SHARIAH LAW mandates Islamic warfare on a main target: the silencing of the west. Ominously, Hillary Clinton and Obama Inc. lend their support! 

And if too many are still unable to connect the Islamic dots, let this blogger lend a few more helping hands, as to what absolutely awaits Americans, if not beaten back. Free of charge.

Hand Number One:

The Muslim Mafia (aka The Brotherhood) & their overarching “Plan”: What does it mean for America’s future?

Hand Number Two:

EXPOSED: a list of Muslim Brotherhood operatives deeply embedded inside America, mostly courtesy of Obama Inc. and assorted surrogates. 

Hand Number Three:

What’s DHS up to? Their (not so) stealth jihad: Obama Inc. PROMOTES Muslim Brotherhood Mafia infiltrator to top post within “homeland security”! What Are The Ramifications?

Hand Number Four:
NOT to be overlooked, the Pentagon is up to its neck in the Islamic protection racket: The Pentagon’s/POTUS’s collusion with The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia. Treason.
Hand Number Five:

Does Boston’s jihad seem like a distant nightmare? Hope not. The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia’s “stealth” jihad emerged from its U.S. shadows – straight into Boston’s heart.

Hand Number Six:

It was not for nothing that the following interview was conducted: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Global Dominance – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki

DUE to all of the above – which must only be considered as appetizers – is the next report “newsworthy” or not? Mind you, it occurred in 2012, and there are many others like it. But this one is featured herein due to its particular “stand outs”. You decide.

JANUARY 20, 2014

Muslims Gang Rape American Woman In Colorado, In Rare And Horrific Ways


The five suspects who are said to be in the country legally,although there is the possibility they could be deported.

This horrific incident occurred on July 21 2012 at the Wildridge Apartments  Colorado Springs.It serves to remind us of the total depravity of the followers of an evil ideology that are being allowed to enter our countries still to this date.

America helped Iraq, and now the immigrants who the nation has brought within its borders, are introducing to the people the reality of Muslim cruelty and deviancy.

Five Iraqi men have been arrested in Colorado Springs in connection with a rape so disturbing, that

Lt. Howard Black, who heads the Police Department’s special victim’s unit, said:

We don’t see these types of assaults typically in Colorado Springs

The victim was an elderly woman who was invited by the Iraqis for what she believed to be lemonade, and what occurred afterwards, the woman cannot even remember. Here is a video explaining:

One of the Iraqis involved, Sarmad Fadhi “Levi” Mohammed, 26, is already serving 16 years to life in prison after being found guilty of placing his penis in the woman’s mouth.

Mohammed Hasin Ramadon, a 21-year-old Iraqi immigrant, has been identified by prosecutor Michael Allen, as the one who brutalized the woman to the point that she suffered severe internal injuries.

Ramadon, shoved his hand so deep into her rectum that it caused serious internal bleeding.According to the prosecutor, a co-defendent of Ramadon is expected to testify that he saw feces on Ramadon’s hand as he pulled it out of the victim’s body.

The prosecutor also said that the ordeal ended when Sarmad Fadhi “Levi” Mohammed, after smelling “the unmistakable odor of feces filled the room,” demanded that she and Ramadon leave their apartment.

Sarmad Fadhi Mohammed

Mustafa Sataar Al Feraji, arrested on suspicion of accessory to sexual assault
Jasim Mohammed Hassin Ramadon

Who helped bring Ramadon to America? First Sergeant Daniel Hendrex, who Ramadon worked with in Iraq fighting terrorists, not realizing that the very Iraqi he was assisting was a terrorist himself.

This is what happens when people, unfamiliar with the Islamic heresy, assist the very subscribers to this heresy for the sake of “democracy” and “charity,” — Cain killed Abel after inviting him to “go out to the field” (Gen. 4:8), and so will the Muslims kill Americans because of people who sympathize with them.

Read this story, comprehend their brutality, and then realize that this scumbag, First Sergeant Daniel Hendrex, has a responsibility in the horrid and sadistic rape of this woman, because he sympathized with the Muslims.

Also understand, that the cruel Muslims who did this are the same types who are butchering Christians in Iraq and Syria.

In light of western civilization’s peril, patriots must internalize the various threat levels. And while Islamists have (for the most part) shown their hand, in tandem with America’s (western) leadership’s lack of resolve – and worse – there are other tactics which are far more insidious. Subliminal.

To wit, a full understanding of the weaponized usage of “stealth jihad” (taqiyya and kitman), coupled with (the made up out of whole cloth) “Islamophobia”, is URGENT.  

 In light of the lessons learned, view just how precisely they dovetail with this week’s pronouncement, by none other than AG Holder, a racialist, radical, Islamist-leaning anti-American.

Forthwith, presenting,

DOJ rules feds can no longer profile Muslims on basis of religion

Justice Department to change rules on terror investigations

And to understand what’s what and who’s who, peer within:

I receive all of ISNA and CAIR Newsletters.  Today ISNA sent out a Newsletter pertaining to their petitioning the Department of Justice (DOJ) to no longer consider religion in their investigations.
What does this mean? It means Islamic based terrorist supporters such as ISNA and CAIR continue to control Islamic terrorist investigations by our top investigative agencies.
911, Ft. Hood, Trolley Square Mall Murders, Boston Marathon and a dozen other murderous attacks by Islamic terrorists in the name of Islam have soiled our beautiful country with the blood of thousands of Americans through their hate and violence.  Hate and violence is Islam.
As a former U.S. Federal Agent my hands would be tied if I were investigating for instance the Ft. Hood murders by a Muslim named Maj Hassan.  Although Hassan shouted throughout his court hearings he acted in the name of Islam, I would not be able to report this in my investigation.
U.S. Federal Agents cannot protect our country from Islamic based terrorist attacks if they have to ignore and omit the name of Islam in their investigations.
One need only look around the world at the violence and wars being fought.  Islamic murderers are killing innocent people around the world as they have done for 1400 years.
During the ‘Mapping Sharia Project’ and on my own research I have been to over 250 mosques in America.  They are putting out violent material in over 75% of the 2300 mosques scattered across our country.  This is just one example of what is put out from Brooklyn, NY at the mosque bookstore of Imam Siraj Wahhaj.  He is often called by Congress to provide their opening prayers!
FBI Manual
Read below what ISNA put out today.  I urge every American to call law enforcement agencies assigned to DOJ and demand they return to protecting innocent Americans and stop standing up for Islamic terror supporters like CAIR and ISNA.  Call your Senators and Congressmen.  You do not have to be nice and respectful to them as many conservative action leaders urge you to do.  These people work for you…the American citizen.  They do not work for non profit IRS sponsored Islamic organizations. Scream at the top of your lungs demanding they protect America and our children’s future.  If you don’t, no one will. Dave Gaubatz
From ISNA: 22 Jan 2014…ISNA Cautiously Hopeful on New DOJ Position on Racial Profiling
(PLAINFIELD, IN, 1/20/14)The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)  said it is cautiously hopeful with the recent announcement from U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that it will revise its policies of profiling to include prohibiting agents from considering religion in their investigations.”The Quran says, ‘God commands justice and fair dealing…’ (16:90),” says ISNA President Imam Mohamed Magid. “On the occasion of the holiday celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who dreamed one day that ‘people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,’ we are cautiously hopeful that the Justice Department’s new policy will put this into practice by ending racial and religious profiling.”In 2012, ISNA was among 35 organizations to send a joint letter to the Senate Subcommittee in support of the hearing to “End Racial Profiling in America.”SEE: Senate Holds Hearing to Discuss “Ending Racial Profiling in America”ISNA previously submitted testimony for the Subcommittee’s hearing on the issue of broad-based discrimination against American Muslims the year before.The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is the largest and oldest Islamic umbrella organization in North America. Its mission is to foster the development of the Muslim community, interfaith relations, civic engagement, and better understanding of Islam.

Many U.S. leaders are duly aware of the above anti-American, pro Islam thrusts, while some are profoundly ignorant. Yet, these same dumb asses don’t even bother to study Islam’s underpinnings! What the hell is wrong with them? Alas, they remain blinded for a multiplicity of reasons, be they political, personal or a combination thereof. Whatever the case, they are guilty of grave malfeasance. Ignorance is never a defense. Legal or moral.

Consequentially, Islamists are bloodthirsty, whatever banner they kill under. Evidence abounds, as a horrified world watches Assad’s butchers and his opponents perform unspeakable crimes, aided and abetted through manifold proxy Islamic forces. Six of one…half a dozen of another.

Alas, what other “religion”, in this day and age, exhibits such barbarism, even among rival coreligionists, extending their murderous rage towards non-Muslims worldwide? Not a one.
And how many readers also recall the Untouchables? Aside from Mafia-like protection given by Obama Inc. and his henchmen, Muslims in America are the true vanguards for Islamic conquest, notwithstanding any direct fealty/relationship with this or that Islamic-driven front group. How so? Well, pay rapt attention to what a trusted contact, Dave Gaubatz, has to offer, among MANY other things:
“Their intentions are to take down America financially and emotionally. Billions of dollars a year are spent on preventing Islamic attacks in our country.  If they were to begin suicide attacks in America everyday and in all areas of our country, we have leaders who would wave the white flag before they would engage them in America.An Imam in Brooklyn, NY said it the best.  “The American government will bomb us in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they can’t bomb us in America.  The Muslims in America are the most strategically placed Muslims in the world”.  This Imam is Siraj Wahhaj”…..

Herein, as another gift from this American-Israeli, it is revealed: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MAFIA completes “PHASE 3” from “The Plan, infiltrating America’s Family Courts. Two More “phases” to go!

But if ONE truth/fact emerges above all the rest, look no further than here. A heartfelt gift:“Islam & Blood” (a groundbreaking policy paper contained herein):The World Stands On The Precipice


In light of the above threat, as the Israel Administrator to Islam Exposed Online, I invited Dave Gaubatz (one of my contacts) to our “Ask the Expert” series. He graciously accepted.                  

Our New York Administrator designed the structure and its basis is totally germane herein. VERY timely!


WHILE it is heartening to have one’s backbreaking labor proven right (and from a multiplicity of directions), such confirmation is not always what it is cracked up to be. How so?

Alas, in certain matters of grave import there are things which should be bigger than one’s ego, so it would be better to be proven wrong and then issue whatever mea culpas are necessary. Humbling, but you just gotta suck it up. It happens to many well meaning folks. 

That being said, from the onset of this site, a warning was issued to the newly subscribed readership – and even to those who had yet to subscribe – with less than “six degrees of separation”:

In no uncertain terms it was made known: Hillary Clinton is deeply involved with her Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin. Draw your own conclusions, as to what is meant by “deeply”. The discussion centered around the possibility of another Clinton Presidency, at the time a very real possibility. In any case, the individual was asking me if going public was in the best interests of the United States, in light of Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood! You read this right. At first blush it seemed as if there was a lack of communication between us, but then decided to ask the individual to repeat said charge. Nothing changed.

Apparently, it was weighing heavily on said contact’s mind, that their Senator, quite possibly the next POTUS, was in a position to have deeply divided loyalties. When/where this contact found out such explosive information is neither here nor there. Besides, some matters must remain private. However, readers should know that Huma Abedin has been involved with the Clinton family since Bill Clinton’s first term, having been plucked for the plum assignment, as an intern, for the Clinton White House. 

But to catch everyone up to (current) speed, one must also be willing to revisit Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s first term via his stealth infestation of Brotherhood devotees, implanting Islamists within key positions. Though few reporters took notice, some of us did not aver our eyes. Thank G-d.

Therefore, a steady incontrovertible case was built, all in order to demonstrate how the Executive Branch (and other power centers, inside and outside the Beltway) had become a “captured” Islamic operation! And few commentaries gift wrap the inherent dangers like the following: the Muslim Mafia (aka The Brotherhood) & their overarching “Plan”: what does it mean for America’s future?

Similarly, this blogger revealed at Islam Exposed OnlineSharia Law mandates Islamic warfare on the west, and the expectation is its silencing. In no uncertain terms, Hillary Clinton, with Huma Abedin at her side, has been (and still is) instrumental to this quest.

ONTO the valiant General…


‘There are a whole host of people in this government’

Retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Tom McInerney, who served as both assistant vice chief of staff and commander in chief of U.S. Air Forces Europe, has surprised interviewers on a radio program by confirming the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood inside the U.S. government.

The Islamic supremacist movement’s influence on Washington was reported in “Impeachable Offenses: The Case to Remove Barack Obama from Office” by New York Times bestselling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott.

The book confirms the Obama administration may have exposed national security information through Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, who has deep personal and family associations with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Another key figure with Muslim Brotherhood ties is Mohamed Elibiary, a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council.

McInerney was being interviewed Thursday by WMAL in Washington about a tell-all book by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates that strongly criticizes President Obama and Vice President Biden for making politically motivated decisions regarding national security.

McInerney said Gates was doing the nation a service by exposing decision-making in the Oval Office but said he should have done it sooner. He also noted that the Muslim Brotherhood influences have been causing major problems throughout the Middle East.

Then he added, “We’ve got Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. government today.”

Asked by the talk-show hosts for their names, he said, “I haven’t got their names exactly but there’s a list of them, at least 10 or 15 of them in the U.S. government.”

He cited the organization’s influence in Homeland Security and the secretary of state’s office under Clinton, where Abedin has worked.

“Her parents are Muslim Brotherhood. And her intuitions are in that direction,” he said.

“There are a whole host of people in this government.”

He said Islam experts Frank Gaffney or Claire Lopez would have the details.

Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, has created a publication called “The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration,” which addresses the issue that was brought to the attention of Congress in July 2012 by Republican Reps. Michele Bachmann, Trent Franks, Louie Gohmert, Tom Rooney and Lynn Westmoreland.

The lawmakers asked the inspector generals at the departments of Homeland Security, Justice and State to investigate, prompting Democrats and Republicans to rush to Abedin’s defense.

However, as WND reported, Abedin worked for an organization founded by her family that is effectively at the forefront of a grand Saudi plan to mobilize U.S. Muslim minorities to transform America into a strict Wahhabi-style Islamic state, according to an Arabic-language manifesto issued by the Saudi monarchy. Abedin also was a member of the executive board of the Muslim Student Association, which was identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front group in a 1991 document introduced into evidence during the terror-financing trial of the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation trial.

The internal memo said Muslim Brotherhood members “must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

Lopez, a CSP senior fellow, wrote at The Gatestone Institute: “The careful insinuation of Muslim Brothers into positions from which they can exercise influence on U.S. policy began long before the attacks of 9/11, although their success has accelerated dramatically under the administration of President Barack Obama.”

She said the “massive Muslim Brotherhood organization network in the U.S., so patiently built up over the decades since that first Oval Office meeting in 1953 [with President Dwight D. Eisenhower], eventually gave it a prominence and (false) reputation of credibility that was unmatched by any other Islamic groups, moderate or otherwise.”

She said the Brotherhood achieved “information dominance” during the George W. Bush administration that only intensified in the following years.

“Not only did figures associated and identified with the Muslim Brotherhood achieve broad penetration at senior levels of U.S. policy making, but voices that warned of their true agenda (such as Stephen Coughlin’s) were actively excluded,” she said.

That information dominance has contributed to startling consequences, most evident in the U.S. policy toward the al-Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood-dominated revolutions that many call the ‘Arab Spring,’ but which in fact are more accurately termed an ‘Islamic Awakening,’” she said.

Under the Muslim Brotherhood-influenced Obama administration, U.S. policy has undergone such a drastic shift in the direction of outright support for these jihadist movements – from al-Qaida militias in Libya, to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and both al-Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood-linked rebels in Syria — that it is scarcely recognizable as American anymore.”

In the WMAL interview, McInerney said Gates’ book should alert Americans about what should be done to protect national security.

“The Middle East is coming apart with this administration’s policies. Look at Libya. We should never have gone into Libya. … We’ve got Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. government.”

WND columnist Diana West wrote it likely wasn’t by chance that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, “reading from prepared notes, absurdly described the Muslim Brotherhood to the House Intelligence Committee last year as a ‘largely secular’ organization.”

“Is it an accident that in June the State Department issued a visa to Hani Nour Eldin of Egypt to meet with senior White House officials? Eldin is a member of Gama’a al-Islamiyya, a terrorist organization once led by Omar Abdel Rahman, ‘the blind sheikh’ convicted of the first attack on the World Trade Center. In the person of Rahman’s successor, Refai Ahmed Taha, the group is one of the five signatories of Osama bin Laden’s February 1998 ‘World Islamic Front Statement Urging Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders.’ Isn’t it imperative to review the policy mechanism that permitted a member of bin Laden’s jihad front into the White House?”

“Impeachable Offenses” also reported that then-CIA director John Brennan announced the Obama administration was calibrating policies in the fight against terrorism to ensure Americans are never “profiled.”

His speech was arranged by a Muslim Brotherhood-tied group that has deep relations not only with other Brotherhood fronts but to the White House and national security agencies.

Brennan’s NYU session was organized by the Islamic Society of North America, or ISNA. ISNA, whose members asked Brennan scores of questions during the event, stated the meeting was intended to initiate a “dialogue between government officials and Muslim American leaders to explore issues of national security.”

ISNA was founded in 1981 by the Saudi-funded Muslim Students Association, which itself was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood. The two groups are still partners.

ISNA is known for its promotion of strict Saudi-style Islam in mosques throughout the U.S.

Islam scholar Stephen Schwartz describes ISNA as “one of the chief conduits through which the radical Saudi form of Islam passes into the United States.”

According to terrorism expert Steven Emerson, ISNA “is a radical group hiding under a false veneer of moderation.”

But where do things currently stand? Well, this American-Israeli has revealed: the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia has completed “phase 3” from “The Plan”. They have even infiltrated America’s family courts…2 more “phases” to go. Not too shabby. Indeed, they are on a roll. “Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil ‘alaminالحمد لله ربّ العالمين‎”…“All the praises and thanks be to Allâh.” A real “divine” intervention!

Concomitantly, it is a necessary imperative for Shariah Law to engulf the west. It has!

Is there any longer a scintilla of a doubt as to the Muslim Brotherhood’s global ambitions, and with the leadership of the free world deeply in sync?

Indeed, more than one top General concurs with the thesis proferred herein: yes, it’s better to see things as they are, than how one wishes them to be.

As any patriotic General would declare: forewarned is forearmed!