UPDATE TO: What happens when a “respectable” family hire hit-men to “eliminate” an “obstacle?” The Assassination of Professor Daniel Markel

Adelson Family
(Top to Bottom: Harvey Adelson, Donna Adelson, Charlie Adelson, Wendi Adelson …. the family that murders together, eventually, ends up in jail together …. )

A mere five days after the attached analytical report (May 22, 2022) was compiled, a milestone was reached in holding to account (one of) the monsters who facilitated/plotted the assassination of Professor Daniel Markel. Woo hoo.

YES, atop the much welcome news of Charlie Adelson’s arrest, April 21, 2022 (the brother-in-law, evil personified, as aptly depicted in the May 22 link), the fact that the actual “middle-man”, Katherine Magbanua a/k/a Katie, was finally indicted for first-degree murder (with ancillary charges tacked on) became a turning point.

ALAS, these well-honed investigative senses foresee that the rest of the murderous Adelson clan is not far behind. In due course, Wendy, a/k/a ex-wifey, and Donna, a/k/a the mother-in-law from hell, will fall, too. As to Harvey, the Adelson patriarch, well, he is certainly an accomplice.

BUT not to be remiss, let’s all give a thumbs-up, some high-fives, and lots of kudos to the real heroes — the rockin’ ladies of the prosecutorial team, Georgia Cappelman and Sarah Dugan. Mazal tov!!