Jihad In Kenya’s Mall & The Nexus To America’s Shopping Malls (Mega venues): A Possible ‘Dry Run’…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

There is always a price to be paid for (im)moral blindness, whether willful or otherwise. Besides, there have been countless sirens blaring across alternative media, regarding the inherent dangers from Islamic jihad to America and to the west as a whole. Moreover, let alone, the indeterminate/inordinate effort/time spent at this site, to lead the charge against the misnamed ‘religion of peace’, as they wage war world over ! Yet, too many are still in the dark, as a result, there is much more work to be done. 

In this regard, how many can really feign ignorance, shock and awe at what is taking place across the globe, as Islamic adherents murder in the name of Allah, and with no end in sight? Again, only the willfully deaf, dumb and blind can aver their eyes. NONETHELESS, those who refuse to stay silent, cowed too, will scream until the rest catch up to speed. It is what it is. 

Specifically, a previous commentary, out of countless others, offered a road map to future jihadi attacks in America, though a crystal ball is hardly a prerequisite. Nevertheless, there are certain prognostications worthy of attention. Consider: a previous assessment by counter terror specialist Dave Gaubatz offered penetrating analysis, one which this blog’s expert contacts duly corroborated. Now, this does not mean that said jihadi explosion will be a precise hit, for counter terror and geo-politics is not an exact science. Yet, markers are readable for those who are clued in, therefore, it does mean that certain ‘areas of concern’ are more than hyper-active.

So let us turn our rapt attention to the following, especially in light of the jihadi terror in Kenya’s upscale Westgate mall.

Dave Gaubatz

For several years I have been ringing bells, screaming at the top of my lungs, and doing everything I can to bring to the attention of Americans that our Shopping Malls and Public Schools will be attacked by Al Qaeda, and we are not prepared to protect our loved ones.
In late 2006 I had conducted first-hand research at a mosque less than 2 minutes (walking) from the Trolley Square Mall, SLC, Utah.  I had rated the mall as having a strong adherence to Sharia law and having an abundance of violent material. I had tried to inform Americans that this Sunni mosque is producing Islamic terrorists.  The message was ignored.
On 12 Feb 2007, Sulegman Talovic (immigrant from the Bosnia area) left the mosque and walked 2 minutes to Trolley Square with a shotgun and pistol. He went inside the mall. He yelled ‘Allah Akbar’. Then he proceeded to kill 6 people and injured three.  All of the major news networks did their utmost to keep these murders committed by a follower of Islam from the American public.
A quick note on the term ‘Allah Akbar’.  The media and numerous so called terrorist experts will tell you this means God is great.  The actual translation is ‘Allah is THE Greatest’.  You should never try and tell yourself that Allah is the same God as worshipped by Christians and Jews.
How many readers remember the Trolley Square murders by a Muslim who had just left his mosque?  There were more killed at Trolley square than at the Boston Marathon. there are four mosques in the SLC area. 3 Sunni and 1 Shiite.  I had tried to ring the alarms about the Sunni mosques, but no one wanted to believe our shopping malls would or could be attacked by Islamic based terrorists.
I was discussing the Kenya Shopping Mall attack that killed 62, 200 injured and over 60 missing.  There are scattered reports that some of the Islamic terrorists were from America. Why hasn’t this made the headlines in America? Because our leaders do not feel Americans can handle the truth and do not want Americans to feel fear or ‘Un-Godly’ about their Muslim brothers and sisters in America.
If there were even a remote hint that some of the terrorists in Kenya had ties to a White Supremist Group in America do you not think it would be headline news on every network?  The news heads would be full of speculation and demanding our law enforcement get them answers.
America is a primary enemy of Islamic based terrorists and the Islamic ideology itself.  The Islamic scholars have been shouting this for many years and no one wants to believe them.
The ‘Mall of america’ in MN, is the largest shopping mall in America.  Thousands and thousands of people visit this mall on a daily basis.  For just a second do you not believe Islamic terrorists don’t know this.  A friend of mine (Denise) suggested theattack in Kenya may be a ‘dry run’ for a shopping mall attack in America.
Are our malls protected from such attacks? No.  They are very ripe for a murderous attack by Islamic groups.
It makes me sad to know that the day will soon come when our shopping malls and schools will endure attacks by Islamic terrorists, yet due to political correctness we will do nothing to protect the innocent people at these locations.  A metal detector and more armed police at our schools and malls would be more beneficial than one’s at our airports.
There is little doubt America will see attacks just like in Kenya.  When it happens all of the news heads, law enforcement, and politicians will come forward clapping each other on the backs and telling themselves how fast they responded to the murder scene at a mall.  What they don’t realize is Americans are fed up with this type attitude.  One is not a hero because he/she races to the tragic scene of children being murdered and then insuring  they get their 15 minutes of glory on TV.
Americans (westerners in general) dare not lull themselves into a false sense of security, opining that what happens in Kenya has little to do with them. NOT only that, but American Islamists were among the crew and no one should believe that they are just ‘one offs’. There are many more hidden within America!                                       
Up to three American teenagers were among the terrorists who attacked the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya’s foreign minister Amina Mohamed confirmed on Monday.The Americans, aged between 18 and 19, of Somali or Arab origin, lived in Minnesota and one other place in the U.S, she said in an interview with the PBS NewsHour. One Brit was also believed to be involved.The revelation would support other information posted on Twitter, which suggested the Somali terror cell which carried out the attack was 15-strong and contained many nationalities, including citizens of the United States.The terrorist group Al Shabab that has claimed responsibility for the attack says its gunmen are still alive and holding hostages in the Nairobi shopping mall they seized four days ago – despite claims from Kenyan authorities that the siege is over.
Count on it! As the sun rises and sets…night follows day…