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The Left’s Abuse of Holocaust Imagery – Sacrilegious. To What End? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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Within the fascist-left’s arsenal it is the “norm” to deploy any means possible – regardless of the level of heinousness – to effectuate the intended outcome. As is said, “the end (always) justifies the means. In a nutshell, this is their modus operandi.

And it is not accidental, nor incidental, that the aforementioned quote is attributed to Machiavelli, Chapter XV111 of “The Prince.” Know this: within the discipline of Political Science/Political Theory, a full-on emphasis is placed on this work, among others. In fact, some of us have been known to write a thesis paper surrounding Machiavelli’s political philosophy. Just sayin’…..

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With the above firmly planted in mind and understood for what it is – again, as per the fascist-left – deception and duplicity in statecraft and management is a “noble” principle to aspire toward, just as long as all goals are met. To wit, it makes Machiavellian sense: those who stop at nothing to impose their will, so too, they feel at home tarring their opponents (in the main, freedom-seekers) as Nazis, thus, evoking images of the Holocaust; the worst pre-planned (emphasis placed) horror in human history. Hands down. May Hitler and his collaborators burn in hell for all eternity!

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Historically, the very fact that Hitler – the “Nazi of all Nazis” – launched his reign of genocide under the wings of the National Socialist Movement in Munich in 1935 is not for nothing. Incontrovertibly, the left’s depiction of Trump as a Nazi is designed to invoke Hitler-esque images, that which parallel with the Holocaust.

Intrinsically, in the same manner in which Hitler’s Nazi socialists were fascists at heart, similarly, today’s leftists (in the U.S. and elsewhere), totalitarian-like, comport themselves. They make every attempt to censor speech which they find objectionable to their cause, but only as their first thrust toward total control. 

Ominously, yesteryear’s militant left are now in full control of the Democratic Party; be they operating from inside its confines or within powerful organs outside elected office. By extrapolation, many of them are in their senior years, but still very active in pushing their revolutionary aims, as well as mentoring the next generation of leaders and foot soldiers. Read: OFA, Organizing For Action.

Having absconded from the “long-arm of the law” in the 1960’s and 1970’s (supposedly, due to “technical” missteps by various prosecutorial teams) after committing acts of domestic terrorism, said senior-aged leftists never paid for their crimes. In fact, decade after decade, they became ever more emboldened and powerful. Yes, the above is fully documented within Bringing Down America:An FBI Informant with the Weathermen (by Larry Grathwohl and Frank Reagan), A Review at American Thinker ( April 2, 2013).

In this regard, high-placed purveyors of Nazi imagery – who bellow from powerful Demster confines – continuously scream “racism” and other PC trigger words, against everyone and anyone they disagree with. More specifically, in relation to illegal aliens and “the children”, their insanity (and mendacity) is unbridled.

Brazenly, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, in front of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in Manhattan Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.) audaciously stated, “We are standing in front of a building that has become the headquarters for the Gestapo of the United States of America.”

Trust, Clarke is just one – among countless – who is beyond the pale and perched in the political arena. Meanwhile, others are ensconced in media, academia, legal, and cultural arenas. Termites.

But what is even more enraging and unfathomable (at least, to those of us in the Jewish community who are conservative and patriotic) is the fact that the same Democratic arm includes Jewish politicians and front-arm, leftist-driven communal leadership. Overwhelmingly, this charge-sheet has been proven within the aforementioned link, that is, they truck with those who not only invoke Nazi imagery against freedom seekers, but, by so doing, trivialize the genocide of the Holocaust!! Immoral pygmies, and that’s stating it kindly.

Last week, on the MSNBC TV show Morning Joe, MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch said that every American who votes for President Donald Trump is a NaziHis exact words: “If you vote for Trump, then you, the voter – you, not Donald Trump – are standing at the border like Nazis going, ‘You here. You here.’ “

Now, as virtually every Jew of Deutsch’s generation knows, a Nazi saying, “You here. You here,” refers to guards at Nazi extermination camps sending Jews to gas chambers or to work the barracks.

Also last week, General Michael Hayden, a former director of the CIA (a fact that, among other things, gives credence to the increasingly widespread realization that our intelligence elites have been morally and intellectually compromised), tweeted a photo of the tracks leading into Auschwitz-Birkenau, the most infamous Nazi extermination and concentration camps, with the caption: “Other governments have separated mothers and children.”

Deutsch, Hayden, and the myriad other fools who compare Trump to Hitler and the Nazis have utterly trivialized the Holocaust. As everyone who isn’t on the left knows, there is nothing morally analogous between the way the last three presidential administrations dealt with some children of immigrants who are in the country illegally and what the Nazis did to Jewish children.

American children are routinely separated from their parent when that parent is arrested, and if the arrestee is a single parent, the child is taken into government custody until other arrangements can be made. With regard to immigrants who are in the country illegally, the only way to avoid separation is to place the children in detention along with their arrested parent(s). But this was expressly forbidden by the most left-wing court in America — the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — if detention lasts longer than 20 days, as it nearly always does when either a not-guilty plea or an asylum claim is made.

Moreover, as awful as separation from a parent is, these children were not treated like animals in cages but transferred to the care of relatives or foster homes, or housed with other detained children, where they were provided with room, board, education, sports facilities, etc.

By contrast, Jewish children separated from their parents by Nazi guards were sent to gas chambers to die a gruesome, painful death by their lungs being filled with poisonous gas. And their parents almost always eventually suffered the same fate unless they were worked, starved, or tortured to death.

Comparing the two is not only a trivialization of the Holocaust; it is actually a form of Holocaust denial.

If Jewish children were treated by the Nazis the same way Central American children have been by America, then everything we know about the Holocaust would be false.

If Jewish children were treated by the Nazis the same way Central American children have been by America, then everything we know about the Holocaust would be false. Jewish children weren’t subjected to torturous medical experimentation, and they weren’t gassed and cremated. They were simply separated from their Jewish parents for a finite period of time, sent to stay with Jewish relatives or provided for by foster families while their parents were detained pending due-process legal proceedings. According to Donny Deutsch, Michael Hayden, and all the leftists comparing America and Trump to the Nazis, Jewish children weren’t gassed; they played soccer while waiting to be reunited with their parents.

What is even more depressing than Deutsch and Hayden is the reaction — or silence — of most American Jewish organizations.

The Anti-Defamation League, which once defended Jewish interests, is becoming just another leftist interest group. I looked for some condemnation of Deutsch or Hayden and found none. Instead, in the words of the Israeli (left-wing) newspaper Haaretz, the ADL “made a direct comparison to the Holocaust.” It tweeted: “Children separated from their parents during the Holocaust speak out about the trauma it has caused. How can anyone defend such inhumane policies?”

The only criticism the ADL could muster was this: “People need to be extremely careful in drawing comparisons to the Holocaust and the Nazi regime in whatever context it is used.” But it offered no condemnation of those who actually made this odious comparison.

Leftism has poisoned much of American Jewish life. That is the primary reason, as reported in the just-released American Jewish Committee poll, American and Israeli Jews are so divided on so many issues.

There were rabbis who announced they fasted when Trump was elected. Non-Orthodox synagogues around America sat shiva (the religious mourning period for a deceased immediate family member) when Trump won. And the Hebrew Union College, the Reform Jewish movement’s rabbinical seminary, had an Israel-hating writer as this year’s graduation speaker.

If you support Trump or Israeli prime pinister Benjamin Netanyahu, or hold almost any traditional Jewish worldview — like God creating the human being as male and female — you must either hide your opinion or risk being ostracized at almost any non-Orthodox synagogue.

To their credit, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Zionist Organization of America, and a few other organizations did condemn those who equate America under Trump with Nazi Germany. But most Jewish organizations kept quiet, offered tepid caution or actually echoed the sentiment.

In other words, at this time many American Jewish organizations are bad for the Jews and bad for Judaism and trivialize the Holocaust in order to score political points.

If it’s any comfort (and it isn’t), things are no better in mainstream Protestantism or at the Vatican.

But here is real comfort: If the Left keeps on smearing nearly half its fellow Americans as Nazis, it will assure more Republican victories this coming November.

In no uncertain terms, when peeling back the layers of the fascist-left, their ultimate aim is revealed; the destruction of America. By purposefully obliterating the Constitution, one chip after another, their end goal is on full display. Incontestably, look no further than to Georgie-boy Soros as the chief financial engine and engineer; himself, an actual Nazi collaborator!!

Of course, according to their twisted “reasoning”, the real danger lies within those who, stubbornly, cling to the Constitution via their embrace of the First and Second Amendments.


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