Shifty Adam Schiff Faces Firing Squad … ANOTHER TRAITOR ELIMINATED! Adina Kutnicki

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By Adina Kutnicki

IN today’s Orwellian times, that is, under the highly illegitimate reign of China/dementia/pedo Joe, more aptly, Obama 3.0, evil is good, wrong is right, down is up, and everything else in between is fraught with this and that magnitude of craziness.

ALAS, patriots, it is not all bad news — at least, when it comes to exacting justice, one traitor at a time! Faster …. faster ….

STILL, for those who need to catch up to speed, that’s okay. Besides, it is not as if average folks encounter this kind of unadulterated evil on a regular basis, and can even fathom that the DemonRATs in charge (elected and non-elected) of America are way beyond criminals, regardless of their professional attire and mask-like performances.


SO, once the above illuminated trails of decades-long betrayal shed the necessary spotlight on his crimes against the American people, well, one may (rightfully) conclude that he got off easy by meeting his fate via a firing squad! Truth dare be told, from this end, a hanging would have been more satisfying. But never mind. Dead is dead.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | August 15, 2021

Shifty Adam Schiff did not exit this world gracefully.

As reported previously, on 1 July the Office of Military Commissions found Schiff guilty of treason and espionage and decided that his crimes against the nation warranted a death sentence. On August 13, the military fulfilled its promise, and “detainee” Adam Schiff lost his life to a firing squad.

At 5:30 a.m., Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay (JTF GITMO) personnel retrieved Schiff from his Camp Delta detention cell and escorted him to a concrete wall the Army Corps of Engineers had constructed just north of Old Cemetery, on Gitmo’s southern edge.

A source involved in the military’s Deep State purge told Real Raw News that Schiff “cried like a baby” during the Humvee ride to the spot that would mark is execution.

“He begged for his life like a bitch,” our source said.

But Schiff had had several opportunities to atone for his crimes to avoid capital punishment, prior to and during his tribunal. Rather than confess, Schiff said he had done no wrong—even when his wife, Eve, testified that he had accepted $8,000,000 in foreign (Chinese) gifts to publicly denigrate and wage war on the democratically-elected president of the United States—Donald J. Trump. Instead, Schiff gave the same answer that all Deep State Agents have given in advance of facing gallows, firing squad, or lethal injection: “I was just following orders.”

Those orders earned him a seven-gun salute.

At 6:00 a.m., Vice Adm. John G. Hannink, who had overseen several Deep State executions, asked if Schiff wanted to give last words.

“I’ve always followed the Constitution. I didn’t do anything wrong. Why do you want to kill me?” Schiff sobbed.

Schiff asked to be blindfolded rather than face his fate as a man.

As is typical for military firing squads, only one or two of the rifles held live rounds; the others chambered blanks.

Vice Adm. Hannink instructed the execution detail to aim center mass and gave the order to ‘fire.’

Schiff took two to the chest but did not die. He fell to the ground, squirming and writhing as if he were dancing ‘the worm,’ gasping for air and sputtering incomprehensible words.

Vice Adm. Hannink unholstered his sidearm and chambered a round.

A moment later, he delivered the coup de grace, sending another sizzling round into Schiff’s chest.

Schiff took a final breath and expired, with an on-scene physician confirming his death.

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