Conservative America (Finally) Wakes Up: Shariah Law A NO-GO! Idaho Conservatives Push Back. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

OFTENTIMES, traditionally conservative officials and their like-minded citizens take the bull by the horns, so to speak, when it applies to pro-active measures meant to protect America’s Constitutional underpinnings and national security. Indeed, shielding against Shariah Law’s infiltration and penetration is high on their “to do” lists and it must be eliminated at ALL costs. Yes, Wyoming, Mississippi, Idaho, Utah, and Montana are leading contenders for doing the right thing – no pun intended – even though there are (official) traitors within who seek to overturn the will of the majority.

THAT being established, while Texas (and a few others) nips at the heels of the above star performers, there are portions of the Lone Star State infected with dangerous pockets of leftism, namely, Dallas, Houston and Austin. Indeed, they bear much watching and deep scrutiny. Resultant, Texas is a mixed bag.

ON the one hand, as reported, Texas leads the charge on multiple levels. 


UNSURPRISINGLY, most rational folks would hardly mess with the “average” non-cowed and well-armed Texan. Ya think?

The leader of a group of armed anti-Islam protesters in Texas listed the names and addresses of dozens of local Muslims and “Muslim sympathizers” on its Facebook page. Tensions in north Texas erupted after the Nov. 13 Paris attacks by the Islamic State (ISIS).

The group, which calls itself the Bureau of American Islamic Relations, staged an armed protest outside an Islamic center in the Dallas suburb of Irving last Sunday. Stepping up the harassment, the group listed more than 50 names of those who “stood up for Sharia tribunals.” ​

You can see the unredacted list HERE


The people named on the list, which was posted by David Wright III — the leader of the protest designed to intimidate Muslims — were those who had asked the Irving City Council not to support the “American Laws for American Courts” bill, backed by Mayor Beth Van Duyne, because it would go against their religion…..continue reading….


NOT only that, what about an innovative pig dousing?

SO, do readers recall the following report:“Texans Strike Back At Islamic Incursion: One Pig Dousing At A Time, Taking Back America.” 

Inventor tried to patent controversial anti-terror device which sprays Muslims with pigs blood

EVEN so, despite the heroic and pro-active measures cited above, Allah’s Muslim Terrorists will NEVER take NO for an answer, that is, unless forcefully stopped from inserting their barbaric dictates upon American citizens. 

Muslim baghead being watched by armed anti-Islam patriot in Texas

IN this regard, par for their penetrative course, militant jihadists bypassed hard-charging Texans and set up an anti-Constitutional “Islamic Tribunal” based upon Shariah Law! Did you ever??

Muslims are determined to push their religious doctrines on the American people.

Muslim cab drivers in Minneapolis and several airports have kicked out blind passengers with guide dogs (dogs are “unclean” in Islam). Somali Muslims on welfare have demanded that their free food comply with “Islamic requirements”. Muslim groups have demanded that their women be permitted to wear full face and body-coverings, even on drivers licenses.

And Muslim pressure groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations(CAIR) have pushed to force Sharia Law on our courts and law enforcement — with some U.S. judges insanely agreeing to comply. A New Jersey judge recently cited Sharia Law in refusing to grant a Muslim woman a restraining order in a horrible case of sexual assault and abuse, because her husband said his abuse was acceptable “according to his Muslim beliefs.” In Texas, a group of unlicensed Muslim “judges” have set up an “Islamic Tribunal” which they say will “resolve disputes” in law, family and businesses using, of course, Sharia Lawnot the U.S. Constitution.


Well some states are fighting back. 16 U.S. states have introduced legislation to ban or restrict Sharia law since 2013.

The list was compiled by the radical, terror-linked CAIR — which meant it to condemn the states, but to most Americans, it will bolster those states as somewhere they would want to live.

Ironically, CAIR claims they oppose Sharia Law in America. So why is it that any time a state wants to ban Sharia from inside its boundaries, CAIR fights it and cries “Islamophobia”?

Because they want Muslims to only be subject to Sharia, not our laws. Herman Mustafa Carroll, executive director of the Dallas CAIR branch was most revealing when he brazenly said: “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.” 

Well, the following states are saying: NO damn way.

Alabama became the latest state to ban Sharia law when voters overwhelmingly passed a measure adding an amendment to the state constitution. CAIR said that the motion wasvirulently racist” and “outright hostility towards Muslims.” Alabamans apparently didn’t care what they said….continue reading

THUS, along this treacherous terrain, Idaho’s conservatives enter the fray via their first order of legislative business for 2016 by targeting Shariah Law. Rest assured, the “natives” are not only getting restless but they are DEADLY serious!

IDAHO Republicans’ first legislation of 2016 targets sharia law

Rep. Eric Redman, R-Post Falls, introduced his first bill on Wednesday: A measure seeking to ban recognition of Sharia, or Islamic, law in Idaho courts.


Idaho Spokesman  Redman distributed stacks of handouts to the Idaho House Ways and Means Committee including a photo of a severed hand and printouts from websites critical of Islam (Gee, I wonder which ones?). The committee voted 4-3 along party lines to introduce the bill.

The bill follows model legislation developed by the American Public Policy Alliance, a nonprofit that warns of foreign laws infiltrating the U.S. court system and has gotten similar laws passed in several states. A 2010 Oklahoma constitutional amendment forbidding that state’s courts from considering Sharia law in decisions was overturned in federal court in 2013.

House Minority Leader John Rusche, D-Lewiston, voted against the bill saying, “There is no issue right now, there is no issue. And to bring this piece of legislation and the supporting documents that showed severed hands and called the Prophet Mohammed a pedophile was just beyond the pale.

Rusche said even introducing the bill “ makes us look really bad yet again, and especially to companies that have international markets.”

Redman, who has been a state representative for two years, said he’s been working on the bill since September. He said he’s concerned that family-law cases in the U.S. could be influenced by foreign or Sharia law, though Idaho has had no such cases.

“You’ve got ISIS, San Bernardino,” he said. “There’s a lot of issues that are very challenging, and we want to keep our state from getting into those challenges. That’s why I spent so much time working on it and researching it.”

Deputy Attorney General Brian Kane wrote in an attorney general’s opinion requested by Redman that the bill does not appear to violate the federal or state constitutions.


Fears over sharia law and Muslim culture have been a growing theme in Idaho, starting with a former Muslim turned Christian pastor (below) who met with a dozen lawmakers in the Idaho Capitol last year to call for limiting Islamic immigration and blocking refugees from settling in the state. A few months later, lawmakers were forced to gather for a special legislative session to pass state laws to comply with federal regulations after a handful of legislators warned child support laws were connected to Shariah law.

Meanwhile, a Twin Falls refugee resettlement center has come under fire from critics arguing that it should be shut down because of fears the refugees would be radicalized Muslims, terrorists in disguise.

Pastor Shahram Hadian, a former Muslim, says that Idaho’s refugee programs should be halted, and that legal immigration from Islamic countries be limited.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, the main take-away of all of the above has to be: As dedicated as Allah’s Muslim Terrorists are toward imposing their centuries-long will on the west – with their primary target-sights on America and Israel – so too must patriots in America – regardless of state of residence – exhibit even more staying power. Doubling down. Incontestably, they must view the struggle as not only a national one, but a clash of civilizations. The winner – and there will be one – will decide the fate of the west. Simple as that.

BESIDES, what other option is there, other than to submit to Allah? 




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