First Amendment Rights On The Chopping Block: Via Criminalizing Criticism Of Islam…Addendum To: Shariah Law-Its Silencing Of All Dissent…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Oftentimes situations appear so fantastical, so off the hook, that even highly rational folks shy away from examining – with a necessary critical eye – what is staring them in the face. Afraid to be seen as “conspiracy theorists” they stay silent, hoping that the incomprehensible just disappears. Poof…into nothingness.

Never gonna happen. Trust your “lying” eyes.

But those who create such cognitive dissonance inducing but no less reality – based plans, count on the above being exactly the case. Knowing full well that people generally veer from discussing said seemingly impossible, improbable  suspicions to their neighbors, friends or next of kin, those who are up to anti-American goals feel freer to charge forward. Non-encumbered. 

And it is the citizen’s hesitation (even as many stand on the sidelines, watching incredulously as they steam roll over America) which allows the gang in Washington not to miss a beat. They assiduously, faithfully, stealthily move towards eviscerating the First Amendment; step by step, in tandem with the Second Amendment They wholly anticipate many to stare agape, immobilized,  out of fear of being received with a jaundiced eye. 

Fatal error. And who cares anyway what these monsters think. Patriots certainly shouldn’t.  And just because going along to get along is generally the most comfortable route – group-think wise – one must step outside ones comfort zone for things which matter more than ones personal discomfit.

IF one is still doubting this and that, look no further than here and there – as Shariah Law – the underbelly/underpinning of Islam – encroaches throughout the west – – aided, abetted, facilitated by the leader of the (heretofore) free world.

And their law enforcers run rampant and roughshod, as they race unimpeded throughout America and beyond –

And Hollywood, police chiefs and others in powerful corporate positions also dance to their tunes –…dhimmi-like before our horrified eyes!

‘Obama Moving To Criminalize Criticism Of Islam’

DECEMBER 14, 2012 BY 
The whole “conspiracy theory” of the Obama administration being infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, purging government documents critical of Islam, and seeking to criminalize the criticism of Islam is just that—a conspiracy theory—isn’t it?

Sadly, it isn’t. If you simply pull back the curtain and look at what Obama has been doing in plain sight—inviting groups convicted of terrorism into the White House, having Muslim Brotherhood members within the State Department, purging training materials of anything critical of Islam–you would find that this whole “conspiracy theory” goes by another term: the truth. How America got to this point and whether we can return to that Shining City on a Hill instead of on our way to the trash heap of history remains to be seen. I have a feeling the American people, as they have done in the past, will rise up and take back this country…”

But if the above still lacks the proofs one needs to pass the requisite “smell test”, demonstrating the danger the First Amendment is in, then the only evidence which will suffice is, unfortunately, that which will be too late to matter.

As is said, silence is agreement. It is this silence which fuels those gunning for your free speech…your guns…one anti-American shredding at a time. Buck up!