By Wolff Bachner (Reprinted with permission)

As per usual, another democrat official is making threats against Israel, but this time it is coming from the Senate instead of from “The Squad” in the House of Representatives or the Biden White House.

US Democrat Senator Brian Schatz made his outrageous threat against Israel over the proposed and desperately needed Judicial Reform Bill by saying, “I have never been more alarmed about the future of Israel. Our long-standing relationship is a friendship based on shared values and interests. But if they cease to share our values and our interests, then we’re going to have to reevaluate the relationship.”

Senator, must I remind you that Israel is a sovereign democratic nation with an ancient religious and cultural history? The Jewish people have maintained a continuous population in Israel for over 3200 years, and the majority in Jerusalem since the first official census centuries ago. To all the Israel bashers who scream that Israeli Jews are just European invaders, if you bothered to read an actual history book, you would know that over 50 percent of Israel’s population are direct descendants of Mizrahi Jews, who lived in the Holy Land for hundreds of years before the birth of Islam in 610 CE.

American democrats shout from the mountain tops when defending foreign cultures and nations that support their activist, woke ideology, yet democrats endlessly refuse to allow Israelis and the Jewish people the same rights and privileges, especially when it comes to Israel’s substantial religious community. Faith in G*D is despised by the left and many democrats.

While Israel has some shared values with the United States, there are important cultural differences. The two nations have similar political systems, but Israelis are not like Americans nor should they be like Americans. They should be proud Israelis, who support Zionism and understand that belief in G*D and the Torah are an essential part of the Jewish state

When it comes to shared interests between the United States and Israel, as far as the majority of American politicians are concerned, Israel is subservient to American policy while providing the US with the world’s best military intelligence and anti-terrorism information.

Israel’s other role has always been to test American military equipment in combat whenever Israel is attacked by her Islamist enemies and spend US foreign aid on US-made weapons, as required by US law. America is only America’s friend, and often, the enemy of free-thinking people everywhere under the Biden kleptocracy.

Now, as per an analysis featured at Israel National News (March 11, 2023) on Israeli Judicial Reform via our uninformed, interventionist Senator Schatz (the name fits, doesn’t it?).

Sadly, the Democratic Senator lacks the information (or intellect?) to understand that in the United States, Congress and the Executive Branch decide who will sit on the Supreme Court. In America, judges don’t appoint other judges to any court.

In Israel, Supreme Court Justices are appointed by a committee that includes three current Supreme Court Justices and two members of the Israeli Bar Association. The democratically-elected Knesset does not vote on Supreme Court Justices, and Israel’s leader, the Prime Minister, does not nominate them. Making matters even worse, Justices on Israel’s Supreme court can not be impeached by the elected government.

Judicial Reform will mean that Israel will have a court system that is similar to the one in the United States, in which Supreme Court Justices are nominated by the President and voted on by the Senate. Israel’s Prime Minister would nominate the Justice and the Knesset would vote for or against the nominee.

Frankly, it would help if Israel had an actual Constitution. Until Israel’s leaders finally wake up and pass a constitution, Israel will have to rely on the legal interpretation of the Basic Law, but if Judicial Reform is passed, at least the elected leaders will decide who sits on the Supreme Court of Israel.

So, why is there so much agitation over Judicial Reform? Despite all the threats of violence and massive disruptions of daily life the left is causing in Israel over Judicial Reform, Israeli democracy is not in danger. The left simply refuses to accept they lost the last election.

The previous government was soundly voted out after years of failure, and they are using Judicial Reform as an excuse to overthrow the Netanyahu government. The Israeli left has taken their rhetoric and threats of violence to the level of treason against the state of Israel, including telling Israeli Defense Forces pilots not to report for duty.

Judicial Reform is absolutely necessary. Israel’s Supreme Court Justices have ruled like Kings and Queens, and the left has abused its power and mismanaged the Jewish state for far too long. It is time for a change, and Judicial Reform is the path to a brighter, more democratic future for Israel.

One final thought: by extrapolation, why are America’s so called “leading lights” becoming hysterical and apoplectic over Israel’s Supreme Court evolving into a truly democratic institution? It is the answer to this core question which uncovers and underpins what is really going on.


Wolff Bachner recently retired as Editor in Chief of, a popular mainstream news website. Wolff is also a respected Political Columnist with a focus on the Middle East, religious extremism, regulatory issues and personal freedom. As a strong supporter of the Jewish state of Israel, Wolff has interviewed many of Israel’s leading journalists, political figures and security experts.