Saudi Arabia, Underwriter of Mosques In America Declares: Women Are Mammals, Yet ‘NOT Human’! Why Does This Matter To U.S. Security? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

ON a very primal level, this investigative journalist is not only female but one who roars.

RESULTANT, she takes particular umbrage at anyone calling women “inhuman”, let alone by those who are incontestably steeped, centuries onward, in Muhammad’s lifestyle as a warlord, pillager, rapist, and pedophile!….an insane madman who believed that he was the messenger of God! A psychopath.

NOT only that, this grave insult to half of humanity is coming from an inbred populace which has yet to contribute anything to mankind, other than gruesome barbarism toward both humans and animals! Really, is this not unrestrained chutzpah? Yes, who do they think they are? Don’t answer that.

{One of the many defects from Muslim inbreeding!}


(No edification required!)

AND if Islam’s apologists believe this analysis (and countless others within) is too harsh and “bigoted”, who the hell cares? In any case, will bandying about PC silencers work on this end? Of course not. So, save yourselves the trouble! Besides, there is heavy-lifting to be done.

BUT before we get to the meat, it must be internalized that Saudi Arabia (along with Turkey and additional Shariah-based countries) is the major funder of Wahabbi-based mosques all across America, where beheading is considered “appropriate” punishmentIndeed, in 2015 they led the way in the practice of the “art!” Yes, THAT Saudi Arabia, the epicenter of 9/11/01 with the assistance of Iran and others alike.


Saudi Arabia’s pervasive influence on Islamic education in the United States has led to the development of a new breed of American: the jihadist. Since the 1970s, the Saudi government has been aggressively promoting Wahhabism, the country’s dominant branch of Islam, in America and across the globe. Today, it has been estimated that 80 percent of American mosques are under Wahhabi influence, described by both scholars and U.S. officials as a radical, violent philosophical platform used by terrorists and their supporters to justify violence against Christians, Jews and other “non-believers.”

“Al Qaeda has taken advantage of state-supported proselytizing around the world,” the Treasury Department’s Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing, Juan Zarate, declared four years ago. Zarate’s office has taken a leading role in designating terrorist financiers and is pressing the Saudi government to crack down on them, as well, according to The Washington Post, October 2, 2003. Zarate later moved to the White House where he serves as Deputy National Security Advisor for Combating Terrorism. American officials have described as a Wahhabism, known as an intolerant, ascetic movement, was developed by theologian Mohammed ibn Abd Wahhab in the 18th century to purge what he saw as corrupting influences and return Islam to its original orthodoxy. Wahhab’s ideas became dominant due to an alliance he formed with Mohammed ibn Saud, a Bedouin chief whose conquests spread Wahhabism throughout nearly the entirety of the Arabian Peninsula. Ibn Saud’s descendants, the House of Saud, conquered the entirety of what is today known as Saudi Arabia by the early 1920s.

In 2006, Bernard Lewis, arguably the leading western scholar on Islam, called Wahhabism “the most radical, the most violent, the most extreme and fanatical version of Islam.”

$75 Billion Spent by Riyadh Over 30 Years

As to how much money Saudi officials have spent since the early 1970s to promote Wahhabism worldwide, David D. Aufhauser, a former Treasury Department general counsel, told a Senate committee in June 2004 that estimates went “north of $75 billion.” The money financed the construction of thousands of mosques, schools and Islamic centers, the employment of at least 9,000 proselytizers and the printing of millions of books of religious instruction.

According to a major investigation by Washington Post reporter David B. Ottaway published on August 19, 2004, the Saudi government’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowment, Call and Guidance pays the salaries of 3,884 Wahhabi missionaries and preachers, who are six times as numerous as the 650 diplomats in Saudi Arabia’s 77 embassies. Saleh Sheik, a direct descendant of Ibn Abdul Wahab, leads the ministry – the most important Saudi institution for exporting Wahhabism. Ministry officials in Africa and Asia often have had more money to dispense than Saudi ambassadors, according to several Saudi sources. The Islamic affairs officials also act as religious commissars, keeping tabs on the moral behavior of the kingdom’s diplomats, Ottaway reported. In the United States, a 40-person Islamic Affairs Department established in the Saudi Embassy in Washington acted autonomously from the ambassador.

Edward L. Morse, an oil analyst at Hess Energy Trading Co. in New York, told Ottaway that King Fahd tapped a special oil account that set aside revenue from as much as 200,000 barrels a day – $1.8 billion a year at 1980s oil prices. The Saudis also pursued this outreach through the creation of multiple organizations such as the al-Haramain Foundation, the International Islamic Relief Foundation (IIRO) and the World Assembly for Muslim Youth (WAMY). All of these groups have been investigated for links to terrorism; the U.S. government subsequently declared al-Haramain and IIRO supporters of terror in March 2002 and August 2006, respectively.

Sheik estimated the Islamic affairs ministry’s budget at $530 million annually and said it goes almost entirely to pay the salaries of the more than 50,000 people on the ministry payroll, Ottaway reported. That figure does not include the hundreds of millions of dollars in personal contributions made by King Fahd and other senior Saudi princes to the cause of propagating Islam at home and abroad, according to a Saudi analyst who insisted on anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue. The real total spent annually spreading Islam is between $2 billion and $2.5 billion, he said.

80 Percent of U.S. Mosques Wahhabi Influenced

Eighty percent of major mosques in America are under Saudi-Wahhabi influence, according to Stephen Schwartz, Director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism, an organization that “challenges the dominance of American Muslim life by militant Islamist groups” including control of property, buildings, training and appointment of imams, content of preaching, literature distributed in mosques and charitable solicitation.

Most of the Wahhabi mosques work closely with Saudi state funded organizations such as the Muslim World League (MWL) and the World Association for Muslim Youth (WAMY), institutions identified as participants in the funding of al Qaeda. The Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a main Wahhabi ideological institution in America with a well-documented network of support for radical Islam, has received at least $750,000 from the Saudi government and its officials, including a donation by the Islamic Development Bank, a Saudi government-controlled financial institution, to purchase their headquarters in Washington D.C.

According to Schwartz’s testimony before the Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security on Thursday, June 26, 2003, the official Saudi government website stated in 2000, “In the United States, the Kingdom has contributed to the establishment of the Islamic Center in Washington, D.C.; the Omer Bin Al-Khattab Mosque in western Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Islamic Center, and the Fresno Mosque in California; the Islamic Center in Denver, Colorado; the Islamic center in Harrison, New York; and the Islamic Center in Northern Virginia.”

The Kingdom is also affiliated with the Bilal Islamic Primary and Secondary School and the King Fahd mosque, both in California, according to Nina Shea in her 2005 Freedom House Report “Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Invade American Mosques”. Shea, an international human-rights lawyer, is the director of the Center for Religious Freedom at the Hudson Institute. Additionally, the previously-mentioned official website of the Saudi Arabian government reported a donation of $4 million for the construction of a mosque complex in Los Angeles named for Ibn Taymiyyah, a historic Islamic figure whose works influenced Mohammed ibn Abd Wahhab. In his testimony, Schwartz estimated that the Saudis have spent a minimum of $324 million on Islamic institutions in America by 2003.

The Saudi influence in America is far from benign. “From Islamic centers to student associations, from relief organizations to bookstores, an ideology committed to the destruction of Western civilization is being offered as the only solution to the plight of the ummah [Islamic nation],” Epstein testified. The materials that the Kingdom has distributed to American schools and mosques in particular, have been proven to be pro-jihad, anti-Semitic, and anti-American. “In thousands of public school districts across the United States, without ever knowing it, taxpayers pay to disseminate pro-Islamic materials that are anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-Jewish… teaching programs funded by Saudi Arabia make their way into elementary and secondary school classrooms,” a 2005 Jewish Telegraphic Agency staff report “What Your Kids are Learning about Israel, America and Islam,” noted….continue reading….

CONSEQUENTIALLY, the facts are what they are. Inevitably, the blow back to America rises, exponentially, with each passing year. This is precisely why this investigative journalist focuses on the poisonous effects of mosques in America and the west at large!

TO wit, it is under said Orwellian parameters that “scientists” in Saudi Arabia have declared: women are mammals, yet NOT human!

Riyadh | In an unprecedented ruling, a panel of Saudi scientists has concluded that women are actually mammals, granting them the same rights as other mammal species such as camels, dromedaries and even goats.

The verdict, which fell just hours before the International Women’s Day, is considered “historic” by some experts and advocacy groups for women’s rights.

“This is a great leap forward for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia,” concludes Jane Austin, spokeswoman for the Women’s Liberation Action Network. “It may seem too little, too late, but it is truly a milestone event for all women in the region,” she says, visibly excited. “From now on, women will be considered as members of the mammal class, whereas before women shared the legal status of an object, similar to that of a home appliance,” she admits.

Jillian Birch, spokeswoman at Amnesty International, said she is optimistic about the future as women will no longer be considered as “soulless objects” but as fully fledged mammals

“Soulless objects”

The recent verdict could completely upset all laws currently enforced in Saudi Arabia believes Jillian Birch, spokeswoman at Amnesty International.

“This verdict shows the incredible progress the women’s rights movement has made in the past 50 years,” she admitted in a press conference this morning. “Finally, women will no longer be simply considered as objects without souls, but as full-fledged mammals, with the same rights as other animals of their species such as camels and goats,” she said, visibly emotional. “Women are still far from being considered 100% human, but their condition will improve drastically with this decision,” she firmly believes.

An unprecedented verdict

The verdict, which fell like a ton of bricks on the Saudi state, has clearly not found unanimous support amongst religious authorities and the political elite, concede experts.

It could create significant turmoil in the current legal state of affairs and the judiciary system of Saudi Arabia,” says political analyst specialized in the Middle East, Anthony Bochstein. “If before women had the same rights as a chair or a table and were seen more as individual property, they now have an equivalent status to certain animal species, and thus must receive, at the very least, feeding, watering and be conferred a minimum of attention and respect, which was not the case previously,” he explains.

According to the expert panel that ruled on the matter, women are still devoid of a soul but have been shown to possess qualities common to the mammal species, which would explain their ability to procreate and breastfeed, as well as why they are equipped with seven cervical vertebrae, a characteristic unique to the mammal species.


HERE’S the crux, and why this Orwellian “ruling” should enrage Americans, even though some mendacious westerners – Jillian Birch, are you listening?? – are overjoyed by said “progress!” Inextricably, if Saudi Arabia didn’t have extreme influence throughout America, they could proclaim this and that, do this and that, and execute as many fatwas and pronouncements as they want, even until the cows come home. However, the polar opposite is the case, and this is a MAJOR reason why America is in grave danger. From their overwhelming amount of mosques across the nation; to student-led “clubs” at most every college campus and beyond their confines; to pay-offs to politicians and “think tanks” from one side of the political/ideological aisle to the other, their grip and strangle-hold is cemented. 

MOREOVER, for this discussion, the whys and wherefores – as to how they accomplished said feats of infiltration and penetration – are neither here nor there. What matters is: will Americans care enough to ensure that EVERY mosque in their neighborhood is dismantled – how it’s accomplished IS neither here nor there – not if, but when militant Islamic jihad material is found? Mind you, if said evaluative expertise is required just give a shout out. Will hook you up.

PATRIOTS, you not only have a right to do so (entering in full force), but you have an obligation to! 

KNOW that the enemy within is counting on America’s freedoms to protect their “houses of worship”, and to ensure that millions of patriots stand down. Ominously, as they abuse the nation’s freedoms, they gloatingly operate with impunity to bring down America. That’s key and core!


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