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INTRODUCTION BY ADINA KUTNICKI: Whereas much human wreckage — particularly, among the most vulnerable within nursing homes and assisted living facilities within New York, New Jersey, etc. — has been evidenced re the ravages of the CHINESE-manufactured pandemic, the economic devastation has yet to be calculated.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Sunday addressed the state’s early response to the coronavirus outbreak and said “nobody” should be prosecuted for the those who died, noting that “older people” were most vulnerable. The governor has been criticized for a decision in March, which has since been reversed, to send patients back to nursing homes after they tested positive for COVID-19.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today continued to push back on criticism about the state’s number of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes, one week after the state began requiring more testing and ensuring that fewer positive cases entered the facilities.

A quarter of the more than 22,000 people who’ve died of the coronavirus in New York state have died in a nursing home, according to state data. As of Saturday, 62 have died in nursing homes in Onondaga and Oneida counties.

Similarly, proofs abound that like-minded totalitarian-bent forces are not only exploiting the crisis, but, by design, are over-inflating the death tolls.

If anything, EVERY single projected model has been wildly exaggerated via the so-called experts! On the other hand, medical experts who have attempted to set the record straight have been silenced. The overarching questions are: Why the censorship? And what’s really going on?

Inexorably, to commence the unraveling of the deception, its footprints can be gleaned within the below (prior) bombshell.

CDC Equates Coronavirus Hospitalizations to Seasonal Flu and Finally Admits It’s MUCH LESS Dangerous for Children – The Whys & Wherefores

In this regard, the following investigative expose’ by none other than James O’Keefe from Project Veritas — the premier truth-busting media outlet, bar none — will set the record straight as to how malignant many of America’s leadership —  elected and non-elected — truly are! Wait and see…..]

STEADFASTCLASH.com May 16, 2020

The debate is still going on. Is the coronavirus as much of a big deal as the media is leading us to believe or it this just an over-hyped flu virus?

Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe took it upon himself to try and find out by going and getting tested himself in New Rochelle, NY and asked some of the Army National Guards what they’re seeing.

Here is how his interactions went:

James O’Keefe: “What about the situation itself. Is it as bad as–the media is
saying? The whole pandemic?”
New York Army National Guardsman: “Oh no. It’s the flu!”
O’Keefe: “That’s all it is?”
Guardsman: “It’s the flu.”

Later, in the conversation, the guardsman made it really seem like it’s being overblown.

O’Keefe: And, it’s not as bad as the media is saying, I’m hearing”
Guardsman: “No. I’m in the tents with them. I’m doing all this sh*t.”
O’Keefe: “What are you? Are you guys like Army National Guard or what are you
Guardsman: “Yeah, it’s the Army.”
O’Keefe: “You’re in the Army?”
Guardsman: “Yeah, from New York.”

O’Keefe then speaks to the medical worker who conducts the test and it seems like she was told certain speaking points to address and things to say.

O’Keefe: “Is it as bad as they’re saying, this pandemic? Everyone’s freaking out. Is it bad, is it overblown by the media, what is it like?”
Medical worker: “Is it what?”
O’Keefe: “Is the media accurately reporting or is it as bad as people are saying?”
Medical worker: “No.”
O’Keefe: “It’s not as bad as the—”
Medical worker: “It’s precautionary.”
O’Keefe: “The media is making it out bigger?”
Medical worker: “Yes.”

At this point it is difficult to now what to believe anymore. There seems to be one thing that is certain…people are getting sick and people are dying. I think we should continue to play it safe and stay home right now because honestly, what else do you really NEED to do? You can’t work because the government has put an end to that for now for most people.
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