The two shooting attacks in Jerusalem, in which 7 Israelis were killed and 5 wounded, signal to us that we have entered Intifada No. 3.

By Adina Kutnicki

PRIOR to the back-to-back Islamic-inspired terror throughout Jerusalem (Judea & Samaria, too) over the previous weekend, it is always the case that whenever Israel’s security forces act defensively to pre-empt an impending catastrophe, well, the facts at hand become twisted into knots and turned upside the head.

EFFECTIVELY, (im)moral equivalence between terrorists and victims become one and the same. And, with it, Islamic jihadists and far-left jackals act in unison; co-joined twins separated at birth via an umbilical chord, a/k/a the red-green alliance/axis!

ALAS, this ‘outbreak’ of Jew-killing is a predictable follow-on to the relentless intifada-style tactics deployed by ‘Palestinian’ terrorists, since 1987 and onward.

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This time it is the Intifada of the Guns or alternatively the Intifada of the Individuals

The two shooting attacks this weekend in Jerusalem, in which 7 Israelis were killed and 5 wounded, signal to us that we have entered Intifada No. 3. This time it is the Intifada of the Guns or alternatively the Intifada of the Individuals and it is much different from the two Intifadas that preceded it.
In the first intifada, the Palestinians had a headquarters called the ‘United Headquarters’. The Shin Bet and the IDF attacked the headquarters each time until it stopped operating, which eventually led to the end of the intifada.
In the second intifada that began in September 2015 and ended in October 2016 and was called the knife intifada, the IDF imprisoned Yasser Arafat in Muqta in Ramallah and recaptured the main cities in the West Bank.  The third intifada – the gun intifada – has neither a Palestinian commander nor a Palestinian leader. Improvised from local manufacture as the Palestinians would have used in the past such as the Carl Gustav machine guns.The Shin Bet and Israel’s other intelligence agencies have great difficulty locating and identifying the only terrorists who are about to carry out attacks.
Two other major reasons that make it difficult to locate terrorists are the disintegration of the PA’s governmental grip on the West Bank cities and the acute economic crisis in which the PA and the Palestinian population are subject.
The PA has withdrawn in recent months from the explosive centers in the West Bank, thereby creating islands-territories of chaos and anarchy where everyone does and acts as they please. There is an acute economic crisis in all territories of the PA – inflation of up to over 30 percent, and unemployment at a rate of 40 percent.   The streets in the Palestinian cities and villages are full of young people who hate the PA and they have no ray of light or hope. In the two previous intifadas, the Arab social networks played an important role in promoting terrorist acts.This time the social networks do not play any role in pushing the young Palestinians to carry out attacks and the young Palestinians hardly use them.
Until now, the Shin Bet has concentrated its operations in the West Bank, operating with unusual success against the terrorist cells of Hamas and against the terrorist centers of Hamas in Qatar, Malaysia, and Turkey. However, the young Palestinians who are currently carrying out the shooting attacks have no connection to Hamas and these terrorist headquarters.
Since we are only in the first stages of the third intifada – the gun intifada and the events of this intifada have become a daily occurrence, we expect more difficult events until the Shin Bet succeeds in penetrating these Palestinian youth groups.

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