Al-Qaida/Al-Nusra Knocks At Israel’s (Golan) Door: Druse In The Mix. Blow Back Predicted At This Site. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

(Jabhat al-Nusra fighters in the Syrian Golan Heights praise Osama bin Laden.)

WHILE one doesn’t necessarily have to be an expert in geo-politics in order to see from there to here, it certainly doesn’t hurt ones ability to prognosticate. Moreover, a solid grounding in Islam (and its relationship to jihad) is germane to said assessments.

ALONG this treacherous minefield, this site often serves as the eyes and ears – a repository, if you will – of matters which impinge upon the security of America and Israel, that which inevitably blows back upon other western nations. 

IN this regard, certain information – some of which is first hand – is passed along, and its value can be gleaned through a careful read of today’s commentary and its links. It attests to said ability to see from there to here.

IN light of the above, several previous analyses wend into this week’s alarming (yet expected) Jerusalem Post report, relative to Al-Qaida/Al-Nusra’s “knock” on Israel’s door. Not only that, but they must be viewed in juxtaposition to what has become the updated nightmare at Israel’s northern Golan border.

ALAS, in Dec. 2014, the following was predicted:

LITTLE has been publicly discussed about PM Netanyahu’s decision to “assist” Barack HUSSEIN Obama with his oft ballyhooed “rebels”, to aid Washington in rolling back ISIS. Yes, that would have been a righteous strategic mission, and arguably in Israel’s national interests. Few would contest to the contrary. Just listen to the Druze community on both borders of the Golan (albeit, a little farther down in the analysis), where they make their voices known.

STIPULATED, PM Netanyahu’s joined-at-the-hip scenario depended upon many factors. Nevertheless, as always, Israel’s citizens must demand that any outcome results in their favor. Inherently, two compelling factors stood in the forefront and had to be taken into account. Alas, they weren’t. Why not?

TRENCHANTLY, the “rebels” had to be incontrovertibly in the camp of the “good guys”. Otherwise, why would Israel go anywhere near them, regardless of Washington’s arm twisting?

NOT only that, from the onset, the second benchmark obviated the first. In other words, PM Netanyahu hadn’t learned his requisite lessons. The (rhetorical) question becomes: was he in the dark about Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Islamist aligned proclivities? Sheesh….

NOT to be lost in the discussion, nearby the impending storm butting up against the encroachment of ISIS, live Israel’s Golan Druze (alongside Israeli Jewish communities), many of whom have relatives right over the border within Syria’s Druze community. Druze, on both sides of the border, are terrified by what they are actually witnessing with their own eyes; their encirclement by ISIS, with the “rebels” in tow! 

IN the main, Israel’s Druze are very loyal citizens, serving with distinction in the IDF. Emblematic of said devotion, look no further than to Ghassan Alian, a true Israeli hero. Similarly, another hero emerged, but Zidan Saif was tragically killed in a firefight, while defending Jews praying in a Jerusalem (Har Nof) Synagogue. G-d rest his soul.

ALONG this dangerous terrain, certain matters have come to this investigative journalist’s attention, being an American-Israeli living in Israel. Significantly (and attributed to a Golani Druze journalist, who shall remain nameless), he interviewed Syrian Druze and they credibly documented ISIS, for quite some time, inside their border, one which is adjacent to Israel’s Golan!

THE urgent query becomes: could it be remotely possible, in any rational reality – with Israel’s second to none “eyes in the sky” and other operational capabilities – that they haven’t seen the “rebels” merging with ISIS, long before this week’s “announcement”? Whom are they kidding?

IN this regard, there is a growing sense of outrage within the Druze community, as they realize that Israel’s leadership “lent” the IDF to quarterback for Obama’s “rebels”, those whom have proven to be (many months ago) ISIS/Al-Qaida/Al-Nusra affiliated!

IT gets worse.

ONCE again, a source has confirmed an unfathomable situation: Israel’s gov’t is clearly taking care of the medical needs of Obama’s “rebels”. 

REPORTEDLY (another contact would have to go into hiding, if his identity was revealed), Israeli hospitals are at their disposal! Therefore, it is up to others to document the story’s underlying basis.

IN April 2014, over 10 Islamists (identified as either ISIS or Al-Nusra…six of one, half a dozen of another) were being treated in a Tsfat hospital for almost an entire month. To wit, they were separated from the rest of the patients, they were forbidden to walk around the hospital, and they were always guarded by IDF soldiers. By the way, it doesn’t matter a wit how this source was able to identify their presence. That’s neither here nor there….read the rest here….

ATOP said analysis, a follow-on was reported in Jan. 2015, attesting to its hotter than hot northern Golan border. Pay special attention to these excerpts:

MORE pointedly, it has been shared (as always, the confidentiality of sources are never revealed) with this investigative journalist that “there are two schools of thought in the government about Syria, one that we should help al-Nusra/al-Qaeda and the other that we should not get involved. So far the pro-al-Qaeda position is the one which has been adopted.

This had apparently not changed as a result of information that al-Qaeda and ISIS are working together, this is going on now, and there is no indication that they are going to change this. The idea is that Al-Qaeda will defeat Hizbollah for Israel. There is no thinking about what will happen after that, the likelihood that this will mean that it will turn out that we are supporting ISIS, or any other obvious objections to this.”  

MOST significantly for Israel, assisting Al-Nusra in Syria is official (albeit on the QT) government policy, and this investigative journalist has this information from people in contact with the highest levels of the Israeli government.

Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front has issued a new threatening audio message featuring its leader warning the West “will pay the heaviest price” for its actions. The Syrian group is reportedly now joining up with the estranged Islamic State militants….

TAKE it to the (strategic) bank.

INTRINSICALLY, what leader in his right (no pun intended) mind, other than a mentally besieged one, would place his nation’s lot in with Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s “strategic” plans, understanding full well that Washington’s backed “rebels” are laying waste to Christian and minority communities in the Mid East and Africa? 

AGAIN, what’s the reason for today’s updated commentary and its repeated alarm bells? Well, this week’s Jerusalem Post report will bring matters full circle, just as this investigative journalist predicted!

Two Syrian army soldiers keeping guard in the Syrian Golan village of Hader killed a Druse commander that was serving with them before defecting to the Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of al-Qaida, early Tuesday morning. The two soldiers may have been agents of the Nusra Front.

The Nusra Front began an offensive on Hader in the aftermath of the murder which mainly consisted of mortar fire and light weapons fire. The village of Hader, which is right across from northern Israel’s Druse town of Majd al-Shams, on the other side of Mount Hermon, is home to some 25,000 Druse.

Concerns for Syria’s 700,000 Druse has risen in recent days amid the Nusra Front’s advances near Hader and the advancement of Islamic State in the region known as Mount Druse, 60 km. from the Jordanian border and 50 km. from Israel’s Golan Heights.

The Druse community in Hader and in Israel is concerned over the development because the Nusra Front has sought to control Hader for some time in order to gain control of the entire Golan Heights. The al-Qaida-linked fighters number several hundred men as well as dozens of tanks that they have seized. Five Druse have been injured in the fighting, and they have been offered the chance to come to Israel for treatment, but they refused because they fear the response of the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Amid the threat to Syria’s Druse community, the IDF began setting up a field hospital on the border, but they have frozen the process, as the situation has calmed. The IDF has sent messages to the Nusra Front through the Free Syrian Army, warning the Islamist group not to harm Syria’s Druse.

The IDF Spokesman’s Office stated that IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon held a situation assessment about the plight of the Syrian Druse and spoke with the OC Nothern Command Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi who reported to them that the siutation is currently calm. The defense minister ordered continued surveillance of the events and instructed the IDF to take steps to maintain the quiet.

Likud MK Ayoub Kara, who himself is a Druse, plans to ask Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to allow Israeli Druse to cross the border to Hader in order to provide humanitarian aid. Entering Syria without permission is illegal for Israelis and Druse who do so can be charged with entering an enemy state, or aiding the enemy.

INHERENTLY, had PM Netanyahu resisted HUSSEIN Obama’s pressure to assist the so-called “rebels”, Israel would not have facilitated – through hospital care and what not – the very same Al Qaeda/Al Nusra beating down its door! Talk about knock-on effects… Not only that, but the warnings blared by Israel’s own Druse community would have been heeded months ago, not giving the “rebels” months of lead time to cement themselves on the Golan. Understood?

BASICALLY, it bears repeating, “the idea is that Al-Qaeda will defeat Hizbollah for Israel. There is no thinking about what will happen after that, the likelihood that this will mean that it will turn out that we are supporting ISIS, or any other obvious objections to this.” Most significantly for Israel, assisting Al-Nusra in Syria is official (albeit on the QT) government policy, and this investigative journalist has this information from people in contact with the highest levels of the Israeli government.

REGARDLESS of anything else, when this site acts as a (sort of) conduit it is fraught with absolute personal angst, as to whether or not to out certain “dirty laundry” which falls in this domain.

IN other words, it is not taken lightly to air the leadership’s missteps. Even more so, there are countless who wish Israel ill will, and they are foaming at the mouth to rip the nation apart. Therefore, this aspect must be weighed when revealing this and that. 

BE that as it may, this site’s duty is NOT towards any particular leadership, but to the overall health and welfare of the nation. Herein lies the basis to all of the above. Nothing less will suffice. Let the chips fall where they may.

UPDATE: Syrian “Rebel” Force Launches Offensive near Golan To Clear Path To S. Damascus…Israel Acts To Protect Druse

UPDATE: Just as this site steadfastly asserted, it has now been confirmed: Israel’s Druse expose the dire situation PM Netanyahu has created, as he tethered Israel to HUSSEIN Obama’s Al-Nusra!

DEBKAfile Intelligence, June 22, 2015: Fallout from Syrian war in Israel. Monday, dozens of Israeli Druze villagers from Horfesh in the north attacked an Israel military ambulance carrying two wounded Syrian fighters to the Galilee hospital in Nahariya. When the driver took evasive action, they ran after vehicle, pelted it with stones and blocked its path. The driver was able to reach the nearest police station at Ma’a lot and obtain a police escort for the trip.

Israeli Druze claim that some of the wounded Syrians hospitalized in Israel belong to Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front rebel forces which threaten their community in Syria and with which Israel cooperates.

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Obama’s “Rebels”, ISIS Aligned, Laying Waste To Mid East/N Africa’s Christian & Minority Communities…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


WHENEVER atrocities occur within Syria, Iraq, Libya and related arenas, rest assured, Obama Inc.’s “rebels” are not far behind. In fact, they are deeply in the mix. ISIS linked and pledged. Evidence galore.

To Battle ISIS Jihadists, Obama Will Arm More Jihadists in Syria

MUCH has been written at this site about Obama Inc.’s support for the “rebels”, most of whom have long been connected to Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra and Salafist offshoots, including ISIS. 

IN fact, regarding the connections – on a multiplicity of occasions – mega alarm bells blared. Most recently, the following was cited: U.S. military confirms that Obama is sabotaging fight against ISIS! As is said, them’s fighting words…..

NOT only that, sans material support by the (wayward) Commander-in-Chief, countless civilians in the aforementioned countries would still be alive. In other words, the real killing fields were armed and trained by none other than the leadership of the free world!

Even though the Obama administration’s previous unconstitutional support for jihadists and rebels in Syria empowered the “Islamic State” to begin with, the president announced on September 10 that a key part of his strategy to deal with the ISIS threat would be to provide still more weapons and training to Islamists. Without constitutional or congressional authority to do so, then, Obama is plotting to supposedly defeat jihadists and terrorists by arming and supporting what he refers to as “moderate” jihadists and terrorists. In reality, as has been documented by The New American and countless others, there is virtually no difference between the “moderate rebels” and the terrorists often referred to as ISIS or ISIL.

Critics ridiculed Obama’s anti-constitutional “strategy” as absurd, but it appears that he will not be deterred. Other analysts noted that, after failing in his Libya war-style bid to overthrow the anti-ISIS Assad regime by backing jihadists, Obama appears to be plotting “regime change” in Syria through the back door. Not only will he be providing more support to the jihadist rebels, under the guise of striking ISIS, Obama also vowed to unleash military strikes within Syrian territory — something Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said last month would be considered an act of aggression if done without permission. Jihadist rebel groups in Syria immediately celebrated Obama’s plot.

In the president’s highly anticipated speech on Wednesday night, he claimed the goal was to “degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL.” However, as The New American and countless other publications have documented extensively,U.S. foreign policy is almost entirely responsible for the group’s emergence and power. From the United Nations-approved campaign to overthrow Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi by backing jihadists, to arming and training Islamic terrorists in Syria to depose the Assad regime, Obama’s entire Middle East policy seemed almost designed to create the ISIS threat. More than a few analysts even said Obama had “switched sides” in the terror war.

Last night, Obama announced that he would double down. “Across the border, in Syria, we have ramped up our military assistance to the Syrian opposition,” Obama boasted, seemingly oblivious to the irony and absurdity of it all. “Tonight, I call on Congress again to give us additional authorities and resources to train and equip these fighters. In the fight against ISIL, we cannot rely on an Assad regime [a former U.S. ally] that terrorizes its own people — a regime that will never regain the legitimacy it has lost.  Instead, we must strengthen the opposition as the best counterweight to extremists like ISIL, while pursuing the political solution necessary to solve Syria’s crisis once and for all.” He also noted that his “allies” were also already “sending arms and assistance” to “the Syrian opposition.”

One major problem with that “strategy,” of course, is that even the supposed “moderate” Syrian opposition — all of whom proudly describe themselves as Islamists and jihadists fighting for Allah against an “apostate” regime have openly boasted of their collaboration with both al-Qaeda and ISIS. “We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the [al-Qaeda-linked] Nusra Front by attacking the Syrian Army’s gatherings in … Qalamoun,” commander Bassel Idriss with the Obama-backed “Free Syrian Army” recently told Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper.

Indeed, entire FSA brigades armed and trained by Obama and his “allies” have proudly defected to ISIS, taking all of their Western government-provided weaponry with them. Even Islamic State operatives boast of their intimate ties with Obama’s “moderate” rebels in major media outlets. “We are buying weapons from the FSA,” ISIS terrorist Abu Atheer was quoted as saying by Al-Jazeera. “We bought 200 anti-aircraft missiles and Koncourse anti-tank weapons. We have good relations with our brothers in the FSA. For us, the infidels are those who cooperate with the West to fight Islam……

THE linkage can no longer be in doubt, and this site’s (prescient) recaps attest as much:

                                         Recap One:

BACK in March 2013 a warning was issued about Syria’s “rebels”, and a chemical alert was part and parcel thereof. Indeed, it stated: “rebels” more dangerous than Assad’s thugs; Al Qaeda/Salafists in the forefront.

                                         Recap Two:

BUT fast forward to Sept. 2013…Syria’s kiddies were actually gassed! Shocking, but certainly not on this end. Nevertheless, how many even realized that these same children were actually kidnapped – a week prior to their gassing – by Obama Inc’s supported “rebels”? Not too many.

                                       Recap Three:

AND who recalls Senator McCain’s intensive, shrill-pitched backing for “rebel” factions, even though irrefutable evidence piled up about their real fealty? Take a peek. Holy jihad!


So here’s a heck of a thing: Back in May 2013, forever Warmonger John McCain was really excited about the prospects of arming the Syrian “moderates” who were fighting to free that country from the iron grip of Bashar al-Assad. He even sneaked into the country to meet with the head of the Free Syrian Army, Gen. Salim Idris, the fellow in the striped shirt there (Idris was ousted in February of this year).

Only one small problem with the little photo-op: In addition to Idris, some of the other guys in the pic are apparently members of a slightly less “moderate” group: ISIS, the guys who are currently bringing down Iraq, and the photo is reportedly being circulated by ISIS as proof of their legitimacy. Oops.

OOPS, indeed.

IN this regard, how is it NOT possible to blame Barack HUSSEIN Obama for the uptick in persecution, the decimation, of Christians and minorities in the Mid East (and Africa), in so far as “his rebels” are at the epicenter. Less than six degrees of separation.

“During weeks of planning before the assault, rebel fighters were given strict orders to use the offensive to show themselves as “moderate Muslims” and natural allies of the West.” Time for Obama to send them more weapons, and the UN to issue another condemnation of…Israel. “Dispatch: Syria rebels ‘burned down churches and destroyed Christian graves,’” by Ruth Sherlock, the Telegraph, January 3, 2015 (thanks to Angry):

When insurgents stormed Kessab, they posted pictures of themselves protecting ancient churches. But a visit to the Syrian town tells a different story.

Rain seeped into the tombs through shattered flagstones. Nearby, marble crosses lay in pieces. Plastic flowers, once lovingly placed on a grave, were torn and stamped into the earth.

Beside the desecrated graveyard in the Syrian town of Kessab stood the Holy Trinity Armenian Evangelical church. Its library, pews and altar had all been burned by arsonists.

The perpetrators had shown both purpose and glee in their destruction of Christian sites in this ancient Armenian town. Statues were riddled with bullets and Islamist slogans were scrawled across the walls of homes and shops.

Once a haven from Syria’s civil war, nestled in the hills of Latakia province, Kessab gained international fame when it was captured by rebels last spring in a surprise offensive that forced the town’s 2,500 Armenian Christians to flee.

Turkey was widely accused of helping the insurgents to capture Kessab, despite the participation in the attack of Jabhat al-Nusra, an affiliate of al-Qaeda.

But the Syrian armed forces took back the town in June after it had endured three months of rebel occupation. The Telegraph traveled to the area on a facility trip with the Syrian regime to witness the aftermath of the battle.

The desecration of Kessab’s churches contradicts the claims of Syrian rebels that their fighters are non-sectarian protectors of Christian residents and heritage.

The evidence also fails to support counter-claims by pro-government groups that Armenian Christians were “massacred” during the rebel offensive.

When this assault began last year, Turkey’s then prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was facing a general election and his rebel allies in Syria were losing ground to regime forces. The offensive on Kessab was intended to bolster both the insurgents and their Turkish backers.

During weeks of planning before the assault, rebel fighters were given strict orders to use the offensive to show themselves as “moderate Muslims” and natural allies of the West.

Kessab is protected by a mountain range, acting as a natural fortress against invasion, and the Turkish border almost surrounds the town. It was only when Turkish troops allowed free movement across the frontier that the rebels were able to storm and capture Kessab.

In the first hours, all appeared to be going according to plan. Insurgents, including those from the Islamist group Ahrar al-Sham, posed for pictures showing them protecting churches and talking gently to local people.

About 30 Armenians, who had been too elderly or frail to escape the offensive, were placed on minibuses and driven to Turkey, where they were given a warm reception that was covered in minute detail by state television.

Ignoring the participation of Islamist extremists in the offensive – including a large number of foreign jihadists – Ahmed Jarba, the head of the Syrian National Coalition, travelled to Kessab and claimed a victory.

But immediately after the media spotlight fell away, residents of Kessab told the Telegraph that the desecration began.

They took photographs to show they were looking after the churches, and then set them alight,” said Father Miron Avedissian, priest of the Armenian Apostolic church that was largely destroyed. “It all still happened in the first day.”

If Western-backed rebels tried to stop the rampage by their extremist allies, there was little evidence of a struggle.

Doors, walls and shopfronts on the town’s narrow streets are covered in scrawled messages declaring “There is no God but Allah”…..

AS to more proof(s) in the pudding, how many declarations, how many times, did the Islamist-in-Chief exhort from his “bully pulpit” (which he abused to incite to a race-war in America) to decry the wiping out of Christianity, the resurgence of worldwide anti-semitism too, issuing worldwide clarion calls? You guessed it… 

BUT it is always refreshing (even during the worst of times) to view a video which doesn’t stop short of apologizing for the indefensible. And it is even more telling, especially when a “seemingly” unsophisticated sort lays it on the line….linking the reasoning behind the Bastard-in-Chief’s full-on support for Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS linked “rebels” –

BEYOND a reasonable doubt, it is absolutely provable that the purposeful arming of avowed Islamic jihadists rises to the level of war crimes, albeit coined “rebels”.

NOW, most recognize that certain terms are bandied about with little basis in fact, whenever a political objective requires “legal” koshering…”war crimes”…yada, yada… 

NEVERTHELESS, countless actionable crimes – housed under the umbrella of Obama Inc’s foreign forays – can only lead to one conclusion: the ongoing decimation of Christianity is indeed a war crime.

ASSUREDLY, the purging of Christian and minority populations under international law, if anything, qualifies as such. Moreover, although in less obvious ways, there is an underlying incitement, a negative current, surging throughout America under his watch. Indeed, its results are veering dangerously close to the edge. Racial warfare and anti-Christian mischief are leading indicators for things to come. 

Our government is intent on shutting down a thriving, 40-year-old company; “Hobby Lobby” – because the owners are Christian and won’t provide abortion services or birth control which causes abortion.

Our Founding Father’s #1 prinicple for breaking away from King George was simple: Freedom of Religion. Freedom to worship as you please and for government to not come between you and your faith. They bled for it.

Obama Declares War 300Now, comes a King Wannabee – Barack Obama and he has Hobby Lobby in it’s sites. Pay-back for abortionists and gay rights, I suppose – why on earth would you shut down such a job producer?… why does a dog lick itself?

RESOLVED; Barack HUSSEIN Obama bears the onus and history will attest to the same!

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