The Passing of A Statesman……What Israel’s Seventh PM, Yitzhak Shamir, Stood For………Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Within today’s morally ambiguous society certain values-as well as words-are deemed out of bounds. Once utilized, its user becomes an outcast within ‘civilized/polite’ society-ethical behavior be damned.

Atop this PC mandated pyramid exists certain lexicon, toxic language which leaders understand relegates them to political purgatory. Chief among them includes verbiage smacking of nationalism and patriotism. To adhere to these moral constructs renders most leaders mute, thus lending themselves incapable of  saying NO – NO to any compromises which infringes upon their nation’s core interests (strategic or otherwise) and integrity.

Hence, the passing of Yitzhak Shamir, Israel’s Prime Minister for two terms (from 1983-1984 and 1986-1992), at the ripe old age of 96, is more than noteworthy. Unlike others, I do not adhere to the notion that all leaders (or for that matter, all people) deserve the same respect. This is nonsense. There is a world apart between those-especially leaders-who conduct themselves as statesmen, as opposed to political whores.

That being said, there is little reason for me to attempt to eulogize the passing of this stalwart patriot, particularly since several others have already done adequate justice to his memory. However, an op-ed by Deputy Speaker of the Knesset MK Danny Danon (himself an outstanding patriot), in tribute to PM Shamir’s passing, is especially noteworthy.

Just as a foretaste, MK Danon quoted PM Shamir’s guiding principle – Do not negotiate on core ideology. His op-ed is a KEEPER – The inestimable Caroline Glick penned her usual masterpiece for your reading pleasure-

Patriots, wherever you reside, would do well to internalize MK Danon’s message to the public. By choosing leaders who emulate the core ideology of PM Shamir, we may very well help elect those who are both deserving to be called leaders, and will secure our national interests for generations to come. We owe as much to future generations. Simple as that.