The Red/Green Alliance,The Ties That Bind: Hillary Clinton & Huma Abedin Compromise US National Security….Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

As is said, where there is smoke there (usually) is fire. After all, smoke doesn’t appear out of thin air-magic-like….poof….now you see it, now you don’t. You think? Besides, most parents teach their young children not to play with matches, otherwise they will start a fire, possibly burning their house down! Nevertheless, the house fire I am reporting on is not yours or mine (I too own a home in the US, thus having a dog in this fight), but the collective edifice of the United States!

Make no mistake. The Muslim Brotherhood/Sisterhood is dead set on the above goal (destroying the ‘miserable house’ from within), and they operate in concert with radical leftists throughout the US administration, via their surrogates nation-wide and worldwide.They have patiently planted their seeds-of stealth jihad-for decades, and they taste/smell victory. They may very well succeed.

Not one to beat a dead horse ( I do have other interests!), but I have very sound reasons for spending an inordinate amount of time on the Brotherhood, as evidenced by my most recent commentaries. Re-reading them is crucial, especially in relation to today’s commentary . ‘Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Leader Calls For Jihad On Israel….’ plus, ‘Connecting The Brotherhood Dots’ – should be viewed as building blocks for my readership.

In any case, the Brotherhood makes no bones about their plans (total world domination) therefore, a deep understanding of their thinking/reasoning is efficacious – .

Back to the radical left. Some of my readers may recall the much reported buss-kissing between Hillary and Suha Arafat, ‘wife’ of the Mafia-like godfather of modern terrorism, ‘Chairman Arafat’, also a Brother (in fact, an Egyptian Brother, having been born in Egypt ! ). While many were repulsed by this odious display (it was akin to kissy-face with Hitler’s significant other) of affection, those in the know weren’t shocked. Not at all. After all, both women (let’s not call them ladies) heart the same overarching vision; a future whereby America will no longer be the world’s superpower. At the same time, a castration of Israel to indefensible borders is required, in order for the Arabs to (eventually) get rid of the Jews in the Middle East.This is the superceding goal of radical leftists and their Islamic counterparts. No ifs, ands or buts.

As such, one of my previous commentaries comes full circle with a recently released report by one of the Middle East’s most solid sources – Walid Shoebat . Whereas, my commentary ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ – , ties Hillary & Huma Abedin into very close knots, the following report is more circumspect in certain delicate matters, but no less alarming in the urgency of its message – ‘Muslim Congressman targets Michele Bachmann for raising questions about Huma and Hillary’ Nothing to see here….moving right along….according to those who really do know how deep the infiltration goes. Readers, I do not mean to appear crude by exposing (in my above commentary) the heat between Hillary and Huma. It is what it is. Besides, I wasn’t their matchmaker !

The fact of the matter is that US national security has been deeply penetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood/Sisterhood (amply demonstrated by Barack Hussein Obama’s invite to the newly elected Egyptian President, a Muslim Brotherhood devotee – read here – via ways that have been kept under wraps-until now. Now, as is also said, the crap is hitting the fan, and much credit is due to those in Washington who still care whether or not the US survives, not as a shell of itself, but as a beacon of liberty, freedom and hope, thus leading the way for western civilization.

I referred to the (irrefutable) morphing of the Red/Green alliance in my About tab. If you haven’t read it, please do –

Let us pray it is not too late. Let us all do our part to keep them from realizing their dream, and our collective nightmare!