Black Lives Matter is a COMMUNIST Organization [Video] – RED-GREEN AXIS EXPOSED – Adina Kutnicki

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Understanding the Threat | June 12, 2020

Black Lives Matter was created as a part of the Chinese communist organization operating in the United States called Freedom Road Socialist Organization. Listen as UTT Vice President John Bennett lays it out. A combat veteran and retired Marine First Sergeant, John Bennett served for 8 years as a State Representative in Oklahoma. John explains that Black Lives Matter was founded by three female Marxist/communists: Alicia Garza, Patrise Cullors, and Opel Tometi. When we see the violent riots in the streets of America, it is important for Americans to know Antifa and Black Lives Matter are communist groups. These are not “protests” for “justice.” They are coordinated efforts to foster the overthrow of the U.S. Constitutional Republic by hostile foreign and domestic forces.

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ACWR FEATURED IN THE BOSTON BROADSIDE — Launching of a Patriotic/Intel Site! By Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki | The Boston Broadside | May 2020 Edition {Re-published at ACWR from its original print format here}.

    As is said, desperate times call for desperate measures –yes, these are desperate times!
    This is so, particularly due to the unprecedented havoc sweeping across the world via the unleashing of a global pandemic – incontestably, corona is a Chinese-manufactured virus!
   Even though the economy was roaring like gangbusters prior to the onslaught of corona – thanks to President Trump’s economic foresight and Midas touch, and despite the continuous investigations and incessant incitement hurled his way – the full-on economic wreckage has yet to be calculated. Not only that, despite it all, the deep state and the corporate media mob will never, ever cease and desist. They want him gone. Destroyed and diminished. They will do anything and everything to effectuate said end. Period.
  For in reality and for all practical purposes, yesteryear’s liberal Democratic Party has devolved into an outright arm of fascism on Capitol Hill  – albeit couched under so-called Democratic-socialism which is, in and of itself, an absolute oxymoron.
   And despite the few who still cling to its dead and buried centrist roots, well, if it looks like a duck …
   More pointedly, the all empowered left on Capitol Hill are hell bent on instituting a deadly mix of socialism, Marxism and communism, come what may. This is their end goal – through whichever Democratic candidate they field, even if it takes a mostly somnolent Joe Biden to be the party’s standard bearer!
   Indeed, be it through a smoke-and-mirrors diet of outlandish promises, lies, spin, and shuck and jive, they will push forward their re-shaping of America.
   Yes, Sleepy Joe, a faux centrist, is being propped up by Democrat power brokers who are running scared. “Gaffe- prone Joe” is being kept alive – despite his mental decline – to the delight of the deep-state puppeteers operating behind the scenes to guide him. This highly dangerous, outrageous, and outlandish spectacle is reminiscent of “Weekend at Bernie’s,” a 1989 comedy starring Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman. No kidding. As a result, the party of non-ideas will never loosen its grip on power. Never.
   Be that as it may, the aforementioned power-brokers stand ready to shred the nation’s constitutional underpinnings – having been taught the tools of the revolutionary trade at college campuses across America.
   To wit, millions of patriotic Americans are witnessing the main knock-on effect of leaving the far-left in charge of educating generations of students, from K-12, only to arrive at colleges which serve as higher education boot camps.
   Yes, ever since the Weathermen and Black Panthers terrorized the public during the 1960s and 1970s, the campuses have been their playing field to (inevitably and eventually) bring down America.
   Incontestably, today’s red-aligned troops are the devoted disciples and inheritors of said torchbearers. Having honed their tactics through years of domestic terrorism, the baton is now being handed to the poisonous fruits of Bill Ayers and like-minded revolution- aries. They are ready… set… go… to blow apart America’s foundation(s).
   Due to the above and so much more, the urgency for couldn’t be more acute. ♦
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Muffling ones ears…closing ones eyes…is hardly a recipe for success. In fact, it is an exact recipe for disaster. Always has been. Always will be.

Along this trajectory of thinking one has to study history without blinded eyes, sans PC revisionism. Ones failure to learn its lessons to the maximum degree possible will result in chaos, or much worse.  

Socialism, Marxism or communism are variant degrees of totalitarian “isms”, similar to Islamism. But let’s leave that aside – for the time being.

History alone tells the bloody tale:

Lesson Number One:

SOCIALISM’S DEATH COUNT is what it is. NO amount of jive talk will change the horrific body count.

Lesson Number Two:

In tandem, Marxism is the twin devil to socialism, and its killing fields are sky high:Death By Marxism.

Lesson Number Three:

Communism is steeped in mass murder, so much so that Pol Pot’s graves are legendary:Pol Pot: The Communist Monster Who Turned Cambodia into a Gulag and the movie was more than chilling-

Now, who hasn’t heard about Mao’s China, re the Madman who starved 60 million to death: Devastating book reveals how Mao’s megalomania turned China into a madhouse. Recall, if you can, the Radical-in-Chief’s previous “Czarette”, Anita Dunn, and her school girl admiration for Mao!

But have no fear, this American-Israeli did not forget the other “ism” – Islamism! As a matter of record, Islamic barbarism is a sealed deal and leads straight to the slaughter of Christians and Jews!

So, the fact that socialist-Marxist terrorists are doing what they do best – killing off Christian (and Jewish) adherents by their roots – is nothing new under the (historical) sun. 

In this regard, let’s take a pause and draw the linkage between Obama Inc. with the above three red totalitarian roots. To wit, we will then recognize where the threads weave between Obama Inc. and Nazi socialism…but we all know how many millions died under the Nazi’s SS boots, including many of this American-Israeli’s close relatives!

Linkage One:

EVEN the U.S. Congress is rife with outright communists & their “sympathizers”: The ties that bind Congressional reds to their green counterparts.

Linkage Two:

And with U.S. home schoolers targeted by the Dept of (mis)Education, what are the chances that these same kiddies won’t be nabbed too? HOME SCHOOLERS NABBED: Authorities Storm Class. The Remnants/Overreach Of Socialist/Totalitarian Roots. America’s Left Watches, Learns & Waits.

Mind you, these same persecuted German home schoolers were denied refugee status by Obama Inc., when they fled to America:Supreme Court Orders Government to Respond in German Home schoolers Asylum Case.

However, Obama Inc. ordered the “loosening” of requirements for terror-tied Muslims and few find this treasonous:Yes, indeed, Obama Ending Restrictions On Islamic Asylum Seekers With “Loose” Terrorist Ties!

Linkage Three:

Whether a socialist, Marxist or communist label applies, Obama’s red roots are deeply embedded:The Radical-in-Chief & His Communist Hawaiian Roots: More Than Just An Exotic Locale!

So, if anyone believes that the report below is a “one off”, take off your blinders and scream from the rooftops:socialism/Marxism/communism/Islamism leads to killing fields. In fact, Billy boy Ayers – as have other “notable” radical revolutionaries” – was sorry his Weathermen terror group didn’t kill millions of Americans!

Pastor Receives This Message: “You must leave the region or you’ll die.”

by  on February 11, 2014
In Columbia, recently, a pastor received this letter from the socialist-marxist organization, FARC:

You must leave the region or you’ll die.

The socialists also included a photo of a coffin alongside the letter. The socialists, as they always have, want to massacre the Christians in Colombia. They are no different than the Muslims. Christian missionaries in Colombia, Manuel Pertuz, and his 11 year old son Daniel (fictitious names), were murdered by the socialists. This is what the socialists will do in America if given the power. Socialism must be defeated.

DESPITE a confluence of evidence that socialism, Marxism, communism and Islamism implant the seeds for killing fields, the fact of the matter is that democracies are fertile ground for their takeover, especially when its top leadership are ideologically on board. Take for example pre-Hitler Germany:When Hitler was appointed in January 1933, Germany was a democracy. 

And being a democracy in no way inoculates any nation from going over to the “dark side”, yes, history should be the guide…rational thought too: Obama Inc.’s end goal is rooted in national/Nazi socialism, as revealed through Obamacare’s underpinnings!