Obama’s TOP Generals Prostrate To Islam:Military Subordinates In An Uproar.Catastrophic (National) Blow Back…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Retired Marine General John Allen

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WHAT a tool and a toadying fool….retired Marine General John Allen caves to Islam and Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

THERE is little doubt that Commanders – be they from the military or the high level political realm – must exert authority and ooze take charge personas. If not, who the hell is going to follow, respect AND fear them. Yes, a pussy cat leader won’t last long, that’s for sure. But that is a far cry from a dictator-like personality. We all know to whom this reference is alluding….

THAT off the table, Obama’s highest ranking Generals – the military’s TOP leadership – have been gutted of national patriots, bereft of men with chests, despite their pinned medals! Left in place are those who have agreed to toe to his Islamic diktats and that is that.

According to Allen, to defeat ISIS:

The solution is to “celebrate” Islam and show our “profound respect” for it.

“As we seek to expose ISIS’ true nature,” Allen told the gathering on Monday, “we must also tell a positive story, one that highlights our respect – our profound respect for Islam’s proud traditions, its rich history, and celebration of scholarship and family and community.” “We must work with clerics and scholars and teachers and parents to tell the story of how we celebrate Islam, even as we show that ISIS perverts it.”

Allen said that ISIS propaganda serves both to attract recruits and “perverts the innocent.”

“It is only when we contest ISIS  presence online and deny the legitimacy of its message – the message that it sends to vulnerable young people – and as we expose ISIS for the un-Islamic, criminal cult of violence that it really is, it is only then that ISIS will be truly defeated.”

U.S. European Command Commander, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Philip M. Breedlove

Similarly infected, the schmuck from U.S. European Command Commander, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Philip M. Breedlove had this to say….


“The best way to beat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s success at recruiting Westerners is for moderate Muslims to step up and counter the message,” the commander of NATO forces in Europe said Monday.

U.S. Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove said the extremist group’s ability to recruit foreign fighters to come to Syria and Iraq is a “real problem” for the alliance. And it is compounded by concerns about “lone wolf” terror attacks by fighters returning from the Middle East and others inspired by the group’s ideology.

“It’s hard to address recruiting until we address those hearts and minds,” Breedlove told reporters at the Pentagon. “We need to hear the voices of moderate Muslims in the mosques.”

NOW before we get to the wayward Commander-in-Chief’s hyper enmity towards the military and his purging of the patriotic High Command, think of the Betrayer-in-Chief (and others), as he bows down to Islam, yet envision some particular “delicate” parts placed in a vise-like instrument of sorts. Yet, for further edification, view this video from the “Doc of Common Sense”, if you haven’t done so already! Oh yeah…them’s fighting words….

AND with the above visual aid firmly implanted in your mind’s eye, segue over to how the military’s castration came from there to here. So for the absolute record, 

Castration One:

IF one has to guess where Obama Inc.’s nut cracking is heading, well, stop scratching your head:

Seeing is believing…don’t let your “lying” eyes fool you into believing otherwise, that what you actually see isn’t really happening! That’s a good motto to live by.

Along this vein, much has been written – at this site and at other alternative media – about the “captured” media and their allergic reactions to certain facts on the ground. Basically, whatever is radioactive to their leftist, radical narratives – and fails to prop up “The One” – well, deaf, dumb and blind becomes their “journalistic” credo. 

Regardless, pay them no mind, if you want to know what is happening on the ground. Herein the truth is revealed, wherever it lands. Moreover, those who have their shorts (or panties) in knots, over this and that, too bad. There is nothing they can do – threats and all – to stop said revelations. Just let them try.

Indeed, commentaries about Martial Law, the purging of General’s,, “mysteriously” deceased bankers, and journalists who “magically” disappear, isn’t easy reading. Sorry for that. But the alarms have to be raised, so here we go again….{keep reading…}

Castration Two:

AND if more evidence is required to lead from one betrayal to another, consider the fall out, and what it means, when a BULL’S EYE via DHS et al. is placed on the backs of vets, patriots and military-types. It ain’t a welcome mat…hearts and roses… You got it right…a hit list!

Castration Three:

BUT exactly how far would the Anti-American-in-Chief go to, in order to decimate the military and other Americans in his wake? Very far.

IF the Traitor-in-Chief could do so, he would literally drop bombs on the heads of U.S. armed forces and be done with it! And this is not smack talk, nor hyperventilation. It is reality, albeit stated in a less than delicate manner. Who cares…

HIS treachery against the military is not for nothing and is highly selective. From the onset, when he first despoiled the People’s House in Jan. 2009, he knew that gutting the military (as well as the economy) would destroy America. Clearly, without a robust economy, it becomes “necessary” to slash military readiness. A two-fer.

IN light of his palpable rage against America, an obsessive hatred pulses through his veins. A recent commentary documented his anti-American fever.

AS is said, there is more than one way to skin a cat. And this saying is wholly apropos when describing the Anti-American-in-Chief. He is deadly serious in his animus by exacting revenge on America (and the west in general), come what may. Bringing down “Amerika” is in the forefront.

BESIDES, why is anyone surprised that it turned out this way? We all heard what he said, especially during his first term campaign. We also knew about the cast of rabidly hateful anti-Americans he surrounded (and still does) himself with. Birds of a feather. His plans centered upon “transforming” America from the world’s superpower, effectively, to be on par with third world countries. Indeed, these sentiments were front and center in the run-up to 2008….{read on….}

STILL yet, in practical terms, what does his castration and his unquenchable animus amount to, aside from military personnel – up and down the chain of command – being in an absolute uproar? Plenty.

WHEN the wayward Commander-in-Chief surrounds himself with TOP Generals who are willing (for whatever reasons) to betray the nation by Allah-washing Islam’s quest for global hegemony, the entire nation is in GRAVE peril.

AND by genuflections to Islam and refusing to tell Barack HUSSEIN Obama that “moderate” Islam doesn’t exist, they too are complicit in any American deaths.

BY failing to execute their sworn Constitutional duties to protect the U.S. homeland from enemies near and far, there is little standing between Islam taking over America. This is the case, unless millions of patriots understand the dangerous peril they are in; willing to defy the Commander-in-Chief and his hand-picked military henchmen, relative to any plans they have in store for the homeland. 

NO Guts, NO Glory…NO National Honor!