IDF caves, relocates drill from Umm al-Fahm …. More than predictable ….

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Umm al-Fahm

Umm al-Fahm

(Two visual aids …. demonstrating the hop, skip, and a jump distance from the epicenter of jihad to the rest of the country …. )

By Adina Kutnicki

 “Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”

TIME and again, the above well-worn adage has proven itself to be not only correct, but markedly on target.

AND while this is absolutely the case within America’s top-tier (and beyond), for this analysis, let’s stick to Israel.

IN this regard, a recent analytical report lent more than an evidentiary trail to the heightened, out-sized, and dangerous state of affairs within Israel, that is, in recent memory. It is hardly by happenstance.

INDEED, during several closed-door Intel conferences (held within Israel, as well as Washington and Cyprus), the nation’s epicenter and seat of Islamic jihad remained (and still does) a constant focal point, namely, Umm al-Fahm! Bear in mind: aside from all the terror plots incubated within its confines (and throughout Arab cities), most ominously, this is where Mansour Abbas — a leader within the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia ensconced deep inside Israel — wields his power-broker, king-pin status inside the Knesset. Inexorably, as a key player atop the triad of Bennett’s regime, Abbas takes his orders from the headquarters of the Islamic Shura Council, that is, housed in Umm al-Fahm!!

BACK to the aforementioned Intel conferences, this one from January 12, 2019. As excerpted,


To said end, the morning of January 10, 2019, I presented an updated Intel policy paper at the very same secured facility in Tel Aviv which housed last year’s conference. Among several areas of high concern, a segment of the presentation zeroed in on what is really going down in “The Triangle“; AKA the Wadi Ara, AKA the Nahal Iron. An overview is below, including the nexus to US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib!

On the other hand, a decision was made to hold the remainder of the “target banks” in abeyance. Regardless, as the epicenter of the Islamic Movement in Israel – led by the iron-fist of the notorious Raed Salah from his “seat” of terror in the city of Umm al-Fahm – this northern belt has MANY eyes and ears in place, official and freelance. For further edification, its southern arm – based out of Rahat – is mendaciously depicted by official Israeli mouthpieces as less “radical”, but this is nonsense. Hogwash. While its leader, Hamed Abu Daabas, is presented as a “moderating” voice, the fact is that when his northern terror counterpart needs back-up, Daabas (and his followers) is right there beside him! Islamists-in-arms. Yes, officialdom is well aware.


READ the whole Intel report and its disastrous findings.

MOST significantly, it makes total “sense” that the IDF would be directed to execute a dangerously disgraceful volte-face, as per today’s report. For the record: Bennett’s regime VIOLATES the law, yes, in favor of Islamic terrorists! How so?

MIND you, one needn’t be a prophet to portend such an ominous development. Cave-in.

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ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS | By Orli Harari | May 17, 2022

Defense Minister complies with request of the mayor of Umm al-Fahm and decides, to the displeasure of local commanders, to move a drill that was supposed to take place in the city.

The IDF has relocated a drill simulating battles against Hezbollah, which was to take place in the city of Umm al-Fahm, to open areas nearby, following Mayor Samir Sobhi Mahamed’s appeal to Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

The Yediot Aharonot newspaper had reported that the drill of the 162nd Armor Division was scheduled to take place next week in the Umm al-Fahm area, but the Defense Minister instructed the Chief of Staff to change the plans.

The decision was met with anger by the local commanders, who argued that the IDF did not need to change its plans because of the inconvenience caused to the Mayor and that this indicates a problem in understanding the need for a demonstration of governance in the Umm al-Fahm area as well.

“During the month of drills, one of them was also planned in the Umm al-Fahm area. In accordance with the municipality’s request, the necessary adjustments were made in the outline of the drill, including bypassing the city and practicing in the mountainous and rural area. There has been no change in the goals and achievements of the drill as defined and planned in advance,” the IDF said.

About six months ago, the IDF conducted an exercise in Umm al-Fahm that angered the residents, but the army continued with its plans and carried the drill out as planned.

The Torat Lechima organization responded, “It is delusional that the IDF is fleeing entire areas within the State of Israel. If a drill fails in this manner even before it began, what will happen during a war? It is inconceivable that supporters of terrorism, in a city from which terrorists went out to murder police officers and soldiers, determine for the IDF where it should go. No wonder this is the case, with terrorists sitting in the Bennett-Gantz-Lapid government. The bad government will soon fall, and the next government will have to lead a deep correction in the leadership of the army.”

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