Baitun Nur (also spelled Baitunnur or Baitun Noor) (Arabic for “House of Light”[1]) is a mosque of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the Castleridge community of CalgaryAlberta.[2][3][4] It is known for being the largest mosque in Canada.[2][5][6] It is estimated that there are about 3,000 members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Calgary.[7]

REGARDLESS of the number of Muslims in any western community, let it be manifestly understood: a mega mosque is always in the offing, whether for a soon to be grand opening or on the drawing board for future emplacement. Why is this the case? The fact of the matter is that mosques (and their attendant “cultural” centers, aka jihadi recruitment centers) are hardly “prayer” halls, per se, as understood in western society, all the jive talk to the contrary. This is absolutely where it is at, irrespective of the mosque’s loud, incessant “calls to prayer”.

In reality, they are more about implanting/imposing a supremacist presence in the community, and this is not speculative in nature. And while small storefronts for “prayer” are scattered throughout Muslim communities, they are hardly a substitute for the real deal. Moreover, Islam’s exhortation for supremacy (significantly, Islam means to submit) is precisely why Islamists insist on having a mosque complex squatting atop the ruins of the hallowed ground from 9/11/01, and wherever jihad occurs.

THAT being said, let’s first understand the most visible features of the mosque, its minarets and domes. How many know that its minarets are co-opted from Christianity? Now you do. Nothing is off limits. And the higher visibility of these symbols within Islam, their focal point, is NO accident. Think of out of control kids who regularly intone: in your face – a–hole!

In a public gathering in 1998, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, leader of the ruling Islamist party and current Prime Minister of Turkey, recited: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

NOW, some might wag their fingers, tsk, tsk, that this site regularly bashes Islam/Shariah law and is none too shy about doing so. And “they be” right. But it is not just because Islam denigrates Jews, calling them apes, pigs and monkeys (Christians alike), in fact, this American-Israeli has been known to have a tough hide.

The Qur’an says that only Jews are descended from apes and pigs: Qur’an 2:65 — Allah transforms disobedient Jews into apes: “And well you know…” 

HOWEVER, Shariah law mandates the murder of this blogger, her people and that of others! Unforgivable crimes. And for this – plus so much more – Islamists will be outed as the barbarians that they are, regardless of who likes it or not.

IN this regard, understanding full well that Islam is a quasi-religious, wholly political expansionist ideology, is the following a shock? Not only that, having learned that there already exists “parallel” Islamic enclaves within North America, chiefly via the jihadi compound arena, how surprising is the following? And, being that Islam has been given a tailwind by the leader of the free world, are the following designs unexpected – or not? You decide.

Islamist Groups Seek “Parallel Society” In Canada

Parallel, as in under Islamic sharia law, and only until they can either rule or secede. It’s creeping up north, as we’ve noted many times, via Islamist groups seek ‘parallel society’ in Canada: report.

TORONTO — A newly released intelligence report says hardline Islamist groups want to build a “parallel society” in Canada, which could undermine the country’s social cohesion and foster violence.

“Even if the use of violence is not outwardly expressed, the creation of isolated communities can spawn groups that are exclusivist and potentially open to messages in which violence is advocated,” it says. “At a minimum, the existence of such mini-societies undermines resilience and the fostering of a cohesive Canadian nation.”

The report was written by the Integrated Threat Assessment Centre, which monitors threats to Canada’s national security and is composed of representatives of CSIS, the RCMP, Foreign Affairs, National Defence and other agencies.

It was circulated internally last year after Hizb-ut-Tahrir invited Muslims to a conference in Mississauga, Ont., to discuss the establishment of an Islamic caliphate. A copy of the document was recently released under the Access to Information Act.

“While the issue of violence by Islamist groups has continued to be a counter-terrorism priority for Western governments and particularly security services for many years, Islamist social ideology appears to have gone unstudied, precisely because the use of violence is either unsupported or understated,” it says. “Nevertheless, several Islamist movements advocate a rejection of Western society and mores, and encourage self-imposed isolation of Muslims in the West.”

It says Islamists believe that Islam should govern all aspects of society and that Sharia law and state law should be “synchronized.” Extremists forced to flee Muslim-majority countries such as Egypt now preach these beliefs in the West, it says, adding, “By definition, their world views clash with secular ones. A competition for the hearts and minds of the diaspora Muslims has hence begun.”

“Some Islamists advocate isolationism and the establishment of a parallel society,” it says. “Isolationism can lead to conditions where extreme messages can incubate and eventually become the catalyst for violence. At a minimum, isolationism undermines a multicultural and democratic society.”

The report notes that Mennonites and Doukhobors have also sought to isolate themselves form the mainstream. “Why then, should Canadians be worried about Islamist extremists who reject democracy or isolate themselves from non-Muslims?” it asks.

But activist Tarek Fatah said there is a difference. “You can talk about the Mennonites but the Mennonites’ aim in life is not to destroy Western civilization, it is seclusion.”

YET, if Americans believe they are any safer, well, this site knows otherwise. Readers should too. In fact, while Canadians have much to be disturbed about, Americans are in graver danger. How so?

IN actuality, the biggest Islamic catch of all is America, no offense to any other western nation. It is just the way it is. For once a nation assumes the mantle of the leadership of the free world – this was the case, at least until the Islamist-in-Chief took over – Islamists will never stop gunning for her downfall, even though others are in their sights.

TO be sure, there is very little time left to save America, Canada and the rest of the west. So just to place it in better perspective, let’s just call an ace an ace and a spade a spade:

A recent commentary, EXPOSED: A List Of Muslim Brotherhood Mafia Operatives Inside America, Their Linkage To Obama Inc., flew across the web like a house on fire. A six-alarm siren call, or higher.

The point being, many Americans (westerners in general) are waking up to their new reality; an Islamic imposed nightmare readying to encircle their way of life, if not thwarted in equally warp speed. As a result, much time, energy and qualified resources herein are busy uncovering the designs of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, the progenitor of the entire plot, Al Qaeda included. Yes, an actual plot!

RESOLVED, we are not discussing fictional scenario’s from the much heralded (late) Tom Clancy’s thriller genre, frightening as they are. Way past.

Therefore, a recent interview at Inquisitr was featured, understanding full well the heat it would generate in this blogger’s direction. Mind you, this is not the kind of attention which is generally sought after, to basically draw in a dedicated readership. The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Global Dominance debuted on Oct. 28, 2013. It was Inquisitr’s top read for the week, and reached number one and number two slots at other major news websites. Westerners are undoubtedly concerned. At the same time, jihadis are none too thrilled at such blatant exposure. Too damn bad.

In light of the overall threat level, let us review the various phases, and see how they have already borne fruit within America’s underbelly. 

Phase 1: Establishment of an elite Muslim leadership, while raising taqwa, or Islamic consciousness, in the Muslim community.

No rational observer can argue that a cadre of high level Muslim leadership are not comfortably ensconced within Muslim communities. So much so, an increasing number of Muslims in America openly express their taqwa (consciousness) to include their approval of Islamic jihad, while others lend their support through indirect methods. The fine line between the trigger man and a conspirator(s). No diff.

Phase 2: Creation of Islamic institutions the leadership can control, along with the formation of autonomous Muslim enclaves.

The laundry list of Islamic front groups are too numerous to cite, yet their main umbrella groups are: 

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

American Muslim Council (AMC)

Muslim American Society (MAS)

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)

Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

North American Islamic Trust (NAIT)…and their top underlings include, but not exclusively so:

•  American Trust Publications (ATP)
•  Americans for Constructive Engagement (AMCE)
•  Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers (AMSE)
•  Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS)
•  Audio-Visual Center (AVC)
•  Baitul Mal, Inc. (BMI)
•  Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)
•  Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA)
•  Foundation for International Development (FID)
•  Holy Land Foundation (HLF)
•  Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)
•  Islamic Book Service (IBS)
•  Islamic Centers Division (ICD)
•  Islamic Education Department (IED)
•  Islamic Free Market Institute (IFMI)
•  Islamic Housing Cooperative (IHC)
•  Islamic Information Center (IIC).
•  Islamic Medical Association (IMA)
•  Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
•  Islamic Teaching Center (ITC)
•  International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT)
•  Malaysian Islamic Study Group (MISG)
•  Mercy International Association (MIA)
•  Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA)
•  Muslim Businessmen Association (MBA)
•  Muslim Communities Association (MCA)
•  Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA)
•  North American Islamic Trust (NAIT)
•  Occupied Land Fund (OLF)
•  United Association for Studies and Research (UASR

To be exact, the Islamic Society of North America is the Brotherhood’s American nucleus. Its headquarters are based in Plainfield, Indiana (burrowed in Middle America…how lovely) on a massive 124 acre spread, of which 42 acres include a mosque compound. It is opulent in the extreme. For the record, this land was purchased over 30 yrs ago by foreign students from the Mid East. Alas, every student should be so well endowed!  

Notably, ISNA was started with Saudi petrol dollars. Moreover, its compound in Indiana was funded with 21 mil from Saudi-linked Youssef Nada, with generous assistance from Qatari Brotherhood honcho, Yusuf al-Qaradawi) Hmm. Moreover, when purchased, there were no Muslims within hundreds of miles all around. Interesting. A real head scratcher.

In conjunction, Muslim-only jihadi training communities /compounds are spread out all over rural America, and a eye popping listing can be found within jihadi compounds galore. Never mind all those found within America’s cities, namelyDearbornistan. Completely Islamized.

Phase 3: Infiltration and Islamization of America’s political, social, economic and educational systems, forming a shadow state within the state. Escalation of religious conversions to Islam.

America’s political system is infiltrated top to bottom, as described herein, but there’s so much more:

“On December 11, 2004, Muslim Brotherhood apologist Mohamed Elibiary was a featured speaker at a conference honoring the memory of Ayatollah Khomeini, the man synonymous with Islamic terrorism. On September 13, 2013, this same man, Mohamed Elibiary was named the head of the Obama administration’s Homeland Security Advisory Council. Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to find out why, exactly, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood is pulling the levers of power in the White House.”

On a social and economic level America is already Shariah Law compliant. This was accomplished through many of the largest financial houses jumping on board the Islamic bandwagon. Few Americans have a clue.

And back in 2010, Obama Inc. announced its list of interns. A top pick included this doozy – “The Obama administration has announced its appointment of 13 White House fellows – and the first person featured on its short list is a Muslim attorney who specializes in Shariah-compliant transactions”.

As to stepped up Islamic conversions, look no further than to one of the hot spots of conversion to Islam; America’s extensive system of prisons. Many other venues are equally targeted, particularly the U.S. military through dawah/outreach. NO kidding.

Relating to the educational putsch, AG Holder is full steam ahead, duly evinced within OBAMA INTERESTED IN ‘ALLAH-IS-GOD’ CURRICULUM’!

Phase 4: Openly hostile public confrontation over US policies, including rioting, and militant demands for special rights and accommodations for Muslims.

Phase 5: Final conflict and overthrow (jihad).

The last 2 ‘Phases’ are in the works and will hit Americans broadside. Like tons of bricks. Can’t say they haven’t been warned.


Shiver us all (Americans, Canadians, westerners writ large) timbers!!


Connolly: Taking money from America's enemies.

Connolly: Taking money from America’s enemies.

This site has gone out of its way to shine a spotlight on the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia and its worldwide terror hydra. To be sure, a special focus has been on its infiltration and penetration into Washington’s power centers, and this was not for nothing. In a nutshell, the leadership of the free world can ill afford to be compromised – green or red-wise!

NEVERTHELESS, this is precisely what is taking place, both in plain view and stealth-wise. Consider ALL the incontrovertible evidence:

Evidence One:

Let’s commence at the tippy top, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the People’s House:IF It Looks Like A “Cozy” Relationship It Is One:Barack HUSSEIN Obama & His Fealty To The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia! Has the leadership of the free world been hijacked, or what?

Evidence Two:

Besides, what are the chances of America surviving intact, as counter-terror heads are compromised tooWashington’s Counter-Terror Officials (Past & Present) Align With Muslim Brotherhood Mafia Fronts!

Evidence Three:

And, how distressing is it to find out that the following is known: A LIST OF MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MAFIA OPERATIVES INSIDE AMERICA & Their Linkage To Obama Inc.! 

Evidence Four:

So, where exactly are the Brotherhood Mafia within the scheme of their infiltration and penetration:REVEALED: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MAFIA COMPLETES “PHASE 3” FROM “THE PLAN”, INFILTRATES AMERICA’S FAMILY COURT SYSTEM. 2 MORE ‘PHASES’ TO GO!

Onto the Congressional reps and their “in bed” relationships with the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia:

Do readers recall the traitorous backing of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s mobbed up Muslim Sisterhood operative, by Rep Ellison? Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison, Taunts Congresswoman Michele Bachmann – NOT A Smart Move.

Folks, let’s not forget Senator McCain’s jumping to her aid:Senator John McCain Digs Himself Into A Hole Via His Indefensible/Inexplicable Support of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s Deeply Connected Muslim Brotherhood “Sister”.

Enter: another ! “in bed” Rep….

U.S. Congressman Compromised by Muslim Brotherhood

by  on March 11, 2014  – VIDEOS!
Had the Muslim Brotherhood been identified as a terrorist organization (even Saudi Arabia has done this) and enemy of the U.S. after the 9/11 attacks, any Congressman caught aiding or accepting money from said group would be guilty of treason. Last October, Rep. Gerald Connolly(D-VA) defended Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing. Now it’s been learned that in a little less than two weeks, Mr. Connolly will be accepting campaign contributions at a Muslim Brotherhood fundraiser.Connolly: Taking money from America’s enemies.Via Washington Free Beacon:

U.S.-based Muslim Brotherhood allies Akram Elzend and Sameh Elhennawy will co-host a fundraiser for Connolly later this month at the Fairfax residence of Mohamed Mohamed, according to a copy of the invitation obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Attendees of the March 22 fundraiser are asked to donate between $150 and $400 in order to attend the event, where supporters will have a chance to “express appreciation and have direct conversation with” Connolly, according to the invitation.

A form attached to the invitation asks donors to include their personal information and contains a message that the materials were “paid for and authorized by Connolly for Congress.”

With that as a backdrop, check out Connolly’s exchange with Elizabeth (Beth) Jones, then Acting Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Near East Affairs, below. Connolly clearly has a problem with the removal of Mohammed Mursi as President of Egypt and in his argument, compares the Mursi regime to that of Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon during the Vietnam war. His point, ostensibly, is that protests should not lead to the removal of a democratically-elected government and that Mursi was removed via coup.

As an aside, Jones is the State Department employee who identified Ansar Al-Sharia, which comes under the Muslim Brotherhood umbrella, as the “group that conducted the (Benghazi) attacks” shortly after they happened, via email.

Lost on Connolly – no doubt, intentionally – is that the Muslim Brotherhood used democracy to put a tyrannical government in power. Connolly’s upcoming attendance at the Brotherhood-friendly fundraiser speaks volumes.

As the Free Beacon points out, Elzend is a Mursi supporter and founder of a group that was caught in an unflattering video last month in New York City:

Elzend is a co-founder and chair of the pro-Morsi group Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights (EADHR), which held a rally last month outside of the Saudi Arabian consulate in New York.

Demonstrators at the rally were caught accusing the Saudis of trying to “sell Egypt to the Jews” and of being “dirtier than Jews,” according to video of the event published by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT).

Here is that IPT video, which we posted at the time:

This is not the only instance of Connolly siding with the Brotherhood. Last year, Connolly ran interference for the IRS at a House Oversight Committee hearing. In one exchange with Chairman Darrell Issa, Connolly asserted that progressive groups had been targeted in the scandal as well; that is a lie. If, in his capacity as Executive Director for the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), Malik Obama both works with the Muslim Brotherhood and received expeditious / illegal tax-exempt status from then IRS official Lois Lerner, Connolly’s claims at this hearing would be consistent with aiding and abetting the Brotherhood:

Democrats Jim McDermott and Elijah Cummings have similarly gone out of their way to defend the IRS.

IN a nutshell, you know the world has flipped upside its head when the Saudis – master sponsors of worldwide terror and anti-semitism – also brand the Muslim Brotherhood (and attendant arms) as a terror org, not unlike their counterpart, Egypt.

Saudi Arabia demands that neighboring Qatar cut its ties with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, close its Al Jazeera global television channel and expel local branches of the US Brookings Institution and Rand Corporation think tans. If Qatar fails to comply with this demand, Saudi Arabia threatens to blockade the emirate by air, land and sea. The threat was issued before Riyadh withdrew its ambassador to Doha and branded as terrorist organizations the Brotherhood, Lebanon’s Hizballah, Syrian al Qaeda-linked Jabhat al Nusra and al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS).

YET, Washington is linked to the Brothers like pigs to their shit. What’s wrong with this (global) picture? Could it be that the POTUS’s (Obama Inc’s) fealty to his Brothers is designed to be the nail in America’s coffin?

Rhetorical question. Indeed, the fish stinks from the head up!