Leftist Treachery? Good. Nationalist Patriotism? Bad. Thus, ‘Justice’ In The Holy Land Is Both Predictable & Ideological…..Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Just as one can predict that the sun will invariably rise and set, so too can Jewish nationalists count on Israel’s leadership to continually harass them. Their actions are Pavlovian.

It matters not a whit whether a heretofore right wing leadership (Likud) holds the reins of power, or its evil leftist twin (Labor, Kadima, Meretz) holds sway, the results are one and the same. I offer more than ample proof of this thesis, in my thoroughly researched op-ed ‘The Paradox Of Israeli Politics:Vote Right, Get Left’ , you can read it here-http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/06/the_paradox_of_israeli_politics_vote_right_get_left.html.

As I often demonstrate (mainly through my op-eds), the perpetual harassment and incitement evinces many forms; it continues unencumbered; it is relentless, and it also requires many (creative) avenues to execute. Nevertheless, one tactic stands out above all others, primarily due to its pernicious effect. Administrative Detention, a useful tool when utilized against genocidal foes, becomes an anti-democratic and wholly persecuting tactic when used against ones loyal citizens! My deeply sourced op-ed ‘Administrative Detention Against Jewish Nationalists’ is irrefutable in its content and conclusions-http://www.freeman.org/serendipity/index.php?/archives/475-ADMINISTRATIVE-DETENTION-ORDERS-AGAINS-JEWISH-NATIONALISTS.html#extended.

If the rendering from the above op-ed requires a companion piece, here is another one I wrote to add to the running indictment against our leadership, it is aptly titled ‘Hunting Down Rabbis Under The Guise Of Law & Order’ http://honenu.org/articles/hunting-down-rabbis-under-the-guise-of-law-order/. I suspect my readers may be feeling nauseous after reading the above op-eds, and some might even be reeling. I apologize. But there is no better cure than a spotlight shined on said (ideologically driven political) ills.

Back to this week’s news-predictable, as always. I hereby further present two supportive/substantive reports, named Exhibit Number One & Exhibit Number Two. Exhibit Number One is the plea bargain arranged for Uri Blau, a reporter for the ultra leftist, pro Arabist Haaretz, a newspaper which many deem as reliable as Al Jazeera, often used as the ‘paper of record’ to indict Israel in the court of public opinion…… but I digress. In any case, the ‘punishment’ he received, less than a slap on the wrist, for crimes which western democracies treat as treason, makes a mockery of Israel’s system of justice, as well as the much ballyhooed concept of ‘rule of law’. Not only that, no one should be surprised if Uri Blau is nominated for the Israel Prize, a prize often given to those whose work undermines our Jewish homeland. See the report on his ‘sentence’-http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/157533. You be the judge and jury.You decide.

Forgive me for pointing out Exhibit Number Two, thus further ruining your day, but this is the reality of Israel’s two tiered justice system. Note, I did not say three tiered. This is because Israel’s Arabs are treated as delicately as our resident leftists (in Israel we call it etrog-like), sometimes even more so. After all, PC mandates require a kid gloved approach, regardless of the treachery. Yesterday’s news, of the unabated harassment of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s, z”l (of blessed memory) family, tragically supports all of the above. As you will see, through the following report at Israel National News, the above topic of Administrative Detention (though not directly mentioned) is part and parcel of the torture inflicted upon Jewish nationalists. Read it, and it will all become clear-http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/157558.

May G-d save us from our errant leadership!