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NATO Runs A KILL LIST Naming Tucker Carlson, Scott Ritter, Col. Douglas McGregor And Others As Targets

By Adina Kutnicki

LITTLE illustrates the dangerous, Orwellian times that Americans, westerners in toto, are living through than “KILL LISTS.” Yes, you read that right! Most tellingly, it has become commonplace for rational folks to describe an “Alice-in-Wonderland“, “through-the-looking glass“, “down-the-rabbit-hole” state of being; one which permeates American society. Beyond the pale.

ALAS, it makes (evil) sense that any clear thinking individual who is on target —— in possession of a huge megaphone, who reveals what is really going on within the power centers of the nation, a/k/a whistleblowers, well, they will be crushed. Eliminated.

NO doubt, this IS war!!

Conservative Firing Line | By Ethan Huff | May 18, 2023


(Natural News) Volodymyr Zelensky, an actor-slash-president of Ukraine, has been quietly compiling a kill list of targets whom he says are promoting “narratives consonant with Russian propaganda.” On it are names like journalists Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald; former military and intelligence figures like Scott Ritter and Col. Douglas McGregor; Roger Waters of Pink Floyd; and even actor Steven Seagal.

Why does Zelensky find these people and many others to be so much of a threat that he wants to kill them? The answer is simple: They refuse to tow the globalist narrative that Zelensky is the good guy in his skirmish with Russia and its “special operation” in Ukraine.

Zelensky formed what is known as the Ukraine Center for Countering Disinformation, a supposedly “independent” watchdog group that has been collecting the names of prominent figures who are accused of spreading a “pro-Russian narrative.”

Mint Press News writer David Miller says his name was added to Zelensky’s kill list because of how he framed the war in Ukraine, calling it “NATO’s proxy war with Russia (that) is taking place in Ukraine.” This is, of course, the truth, but Zelensky does not seem to be all that interested in things like facts.

(Related: In case you missed it, CBS released a documentary showing that only 30 percent of the NATO weapons supposedly being sent to Ukraine are actually making it there.)

Ukraine is run by Nazi collaborators who hate to be exposed for who they really are

In Zelensky’s mind, everyone with a voice should be parroting the lie that Ukraine is an innocent victim of Vladimir Putin’s aggression. Those who refuse to do so, acknowledging instead that Ukrainian leadership is among the most corrupt in the entire world, could find themselves in Zelensky’s crosshairs.

“Anyone who mentions any particular truth is derided for echoing Putin’s ‘talking points,’” Miller wrote in a piece for Mayadeen English called “How disinformation works: Western intelligence agencies’ global war on the left.”

“… I was actually denounced as an ‘information terrorist’ who might be guilty of ‘war crimes,’” Miller explained about the article in question, which you can read here.

Miller says the addition of his name to Zelensky’s kill list “concentrates the mind wonderfully on the forces ranged against the possibility of truth and justice in the crime-ridden West.”

More than a decade ago, Miller was also accused by the same Western powers of being “antisemitic” simply because of the “long catalog of work on the Zionist movement” he produced exposing “Western propaganda activities.”

“Of course, the defamatory attacks encourage an atmosphere where social media threats can be made,” Miller wrote about how he has been a target of criminal Western leaders and regimes for many years.

“But the issue of Nazism in Ukraine will be seen in retrospect as a defining issue of our era and it is important to remember that the reason I and many others are threatened by the Ukraine government and their NATO backers is because we in turn threaten to expose them for what they are: Nazi collaborators.”

Like much of the rest of the Censorship-Industrial Complex, Zelensky’s Center for Countering Disinformation was formed at the height of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic,” around March of 2021. He also formed the Center for Strategic Communication around the same time.

“As it turns out, the covert ‘kill list’ website is a product of the Ukraine regime, effectively funded by the CIA (amongst others) and is hosted by NATO,” Miller warns.

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