By Adina Kutnicki


ONE of the signature hallmarks of the Deep State is the deployment of so-called “mysterious” deaths. Their hit list is endless.

AS a foretaste, just peer within.

NOW that that is out of the way, wouldn’t the mother of his three golden children be a perfect target, that is, to seek revenge on the nemesis of all nemeses?? Moreover, as a senior citizen, the public would find it easy to swallow that she just reached the end of her natural lifespan — even those who held her in high esteem would never suspect a thing. Indeed, an easier mark than the rest of the clan, too. After all, the intended target of their message is not the public, rather, The Donald!

AS such, by examining the below through the eyes of a well-honed investigative journalist, well, it seems more plausible than not that this was a hit! In other words, a classic, giveaway emerges when the so-called reporting begins with the authoritative voice of the ME, the Medical Examiner — and without even examining the body!! Officialdom, reported as if derived as the truth delivered from atop the Sermon Mount! Yes, in endless politically sensitive “mysterious” deaths, this is precisely the same song and dance.  

JUDGE for yourselves.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | July 17, 2022

President Donald J. Trump has avoided public mention of foul play regarding the death of his ex-wife, Ivanna, but Mar-a-Lago sources told Real Raw News on Saturday that he called the circumstances surrounding Ivanna’s untimely demise “highly suspicious,” “peculiar,” and “not right.”

On Wednesday Ivanna was found unresponsive at the bottom of a staircase in her New York City condominium. According to NYC police reports, maintenance entered Ivanna’s home after cleaning staff rang her doorbell but received no response. Ivanna had apparently fallen, or was pushed, down the stairs, which, having lived in the townhouse for nearly 30 years, she had successfully navigated thousands if not millions of times.

Oddly, Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Jason Graham of the NYC Medical Examiner’s Office first labeled Ivana’s death a “coronary event,” even as her lifeless corpse lie in a “puddle of spilled coffee” at the foot of the stairs. In other words, the ME’s office had apparently decided on a cause of death without examining the body, let alone perform an autopsy.

A day later, however, the ME amended her death certificate, now attributing her demise to blunt force trauma to the torso. Her torso was covered in deep contusions, the result of an “accidental fall,” Dr. Graham wrote, and emphasized for no apparent reason that he found no signs of foul play.

The Trump family, however, isn’t buying either explanation—the fall or the heart attack, sources told RRN.

Upon hearing of the tragedy, Ivanka Trump, Ivanna and Donald’s daughter, who also lives in NYC near her mother’s townhouse, dashed to the New York City mortuary and positively identified the body.

“She later told her father [Donald Trump] something wasn’t right. Ivanna was black and blue from waist to neck, but had no injuries, no sign of bruising, on her head or legs. Something seemed amiss. If you tumble down a steep staircase, your head’s gonna strike somewhere, right? The steps or the landing,” a Mar-a-Lago source said.

President Trump, he added, disbelieved the ME’s report, and told his inner circle that the Deep State might have had Ivanna murdered and arranged for it to look like an accident.

“Maybe they got her!” Trump reportedly said.

Asked why, if true, the Deep State targeted Ivanna instead of Trump’s more immediate family—Melania, Eric, Don Jr., Barron, or Ivanka—our source said, “because they have extensive White Hat protection. Ivanna did not. Trump and Ivanna don’t really speak, and what Trump knows of Ivanna comes by way of his kids. That’s how he knew the heart attack explanation was bullshit. Ivanna had a physical a week earlier, including an EKG, and there was nothing wrong with her heart.”

Trump, he said in closing, has opened a private inquest to learn the truth.

“The Deep State could be sending a message—if we can’t get you, we’ll get who we can. As you know, they’re spending a lot of time and money trying to rattle Trump to keep him from entering [the 2024 presidential race],” he said.

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