Due to the incontrovertible linkage between Malik Obama (you know whose half bro’ he is…) and the Muslim Brotherhood, Omar al-Bashir, Sudan’s Islamist dictator, its butcher, is more than a “person of interest”. Consequently, it is a strategic imperative to link the following policy paper, as it serves as the first underpinning for today’s commentary thesis and a geo-strategic clarion call. The Sudan is hardly given the attention it deserves, either by the media or western leadership, and its negligence is a grave act of malfeasance.

Flesh out the facts from within, in so doing, acquaint yourselves with the Sudan’s importance, delineating the central role it plays in the Islamic thrust towards a global caliphate: the fungible definition of “who is a terrorist”. It invariably leads to the support of Islamists in Syria, Sudan & elsewhere: when politics/ideology trump all. 

Mind you, this paper was written at the behest of Dr. Martin Sherman’s strategic policy center (Israel’s foremost strategic policy expert) due to the geo-political importance the Sudan holds for Islamic hegemony within the entire region. It’s a holding station for the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood

As a result, the war raging in the Sudan between the Islamists in the north and the Black Christians in the south dare not be underestimated. It must be understood – its entire strategic scope – for what it is. Rest assured, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is in the thick of Omar al-Bashir’s end game, and Malik Obama is his/their major point man.     

As to the Islamist-in-Chief’s direct fingerprints, here too he is exposed via a list of MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MAFIA OPERATIVES INSIDE AMERICANot only that, his BFF in the Mid East, Turkey’s Islamist leader, Erdogan, is part of the Brotherhood’s international committee, just as Sudan’s dictator is! Never mind that Erdogan is on the ropes within his own country for many reasons (beyond the scope of this analysis), if necessary, he will find safe haven elsewhere to continue his Brotherhood’s global ambitions. The above are all fellow travelers and their ultimate plans will eventually come full circle.

Yes, Brotherhood links are found in so many places they can fill a book. Really. Yet, who has the time to tackle such an endeavor, even though requests have been made in this direction for such a project. Significantly, their tentacles lead straight back to the Islamist-in-Chief and his half bro’. What a treacherous duo.

Most ominously, internalize what his reaction, re Egypt’s General el-Sisi’s designation of the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, reveals. It tells us all we need to know: Obama Rejects Muslim Brotherhood’s “Terrorist” Designation !

More spilling of the (Brotherhood) beans…

Brotherhood Insider bolsters case against Malik Obama

by  on January 7, 2014
By Walid Shoebat and Ben BarrackHis name is Tharwat El-Kherbawy and there was a time when he was on the inside of Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership in Egypt. After being expelled from the Brotherhood in 2002, he has been very open about what goes on inside the group. In a lengthy 2012 interview that, in hindsight has shown to be very prescient, El-Kherbawy explained how the ideology of the group had transformed since he joined in 1985.Tharwat El-Kherbawy: Brotherhood Insider.Tharwat El-Kherbawy: Brotherhood Insider.Via Egypt Daily News:

The syllabus in my time used to be rather moderate, which was at odds with the Salafi way of thinking. Then Salafi educational ideas were introduced to the Brotherhood. The Wahhabi way of thinking has become very prominent inside the group.

Nearly one year later, Al-Rakoba printed El-Kherbawy’s analysis of the relationship between the (wahhabist) Muslim Brotherhood and the government of Sudan (translated):

“Kherbawi said that the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan, led by the ruling al-Bashir ofSudan has turned to the Brotherhood’s interest and not the interest of Sudanese.He also revealed that Omar al-Bashir is member of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Before continuing with El-Kherbawy’s shocking insights, let’s take a look at the Obama family in Kenya. Malik Obama, half-brother to U.S. President Barack Obama, works as a prominent figure within the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), headquartered in Sudan. There are photos of him at the same 2010 leadership conference led by al-Bashir, which can be found here. Barack Obama’s cousin Musa Ismail Obama and uncle Sayyid Obama are tied directly to the most virulent wahhabist schools in Saudi Arabia. During an interview with al-Jazeera, Musa admitted to sending Kenyan students to those schools. There are also several photos of Musa and Sayyid at one of those schools (Umm Al Qura University).

These linkages would seemingly confirm that at least three members of the Obama family are themselves wahhabists who share the ideals of the Muslim Brotherhood. We also know that Barack and Malik are quite close; Malik’s foundation was granted expeditious, retroactive, and illegal tax-exempt status from none other than Lois Lerner in 2011, which would make her an accessory to terror funding.

Now, back to Kherbawi… In July of last year, he stated on video that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood intends to use its connections with Sudan to pass through and create a government in exile.

These disclosures could help to explain why the claims in complaint 1761, filed by Dr. Sadek Ebeidwith Egypt’s Attorney General, Hisham Barakat, were backed up by the former head of Egypt’s Constitutional Court Tahani al-Jebali. This complaint hasn’t only caught the attention of Barakat, it is being taken far more seriously than initially thought.

When viewed through the lens of Kherbawi’s claims, such concerns are more easily understood. There are also curious instances of anecdotal evidence that would seem to support Kherbawi’s charge that Sudan would be a safe haven for Brotherhood figures. Egypt’s former Prime Minister under Mursi was arrested attempting to flee there.

Via the BBC:

Egyptian police have arrested the former prime minister who served under ousted President Mohammed Morsi.

The interior ministry said Hisham Qandil was caught in a mountainous area with smugglers trying to flee to Sudan.

It’s worth noting that Kherbawi made his claims about Sudan being home to a Muslim Brotherhood government “in exile” several months before Qandil was caught trying to go there.

Just last month, in a report filed an Arabic newspaper, Kherbawi emphasized that while “Sudan is a holding station for the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt and Tunisia…”, the Brotherhood is not managing its forces in Egypt from Sudan.

Via Mobtrada, Kherbawi is quoted as saying (translated):

“This is a fact, International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood is managing the situation in Egypt, and I do not think it manages Egypt from Sudan, because a state that has Brotherhood also has a desk for international regulations, and the Muslim Brotherhood when they fall in crises, they formed a committee to manage the crisis through Mahmoud Ezzat. The committee includes Rashid Ghannouchi and bin Hammam Saeed and others, and there are persons who have advisory roles, such as Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan. Therefore, Sudan is a (holding) station that supports the international organization from which the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt operated.”

The Prime Minister of Turkey is an adviser to the Muslim Brotherhood’s International Organization?

Oh, so?

This is corroborated, at least in part, by events in November of last year, when Turkey’s ambassador to Egypt – Huseyin Avni Botsali – was expelled from Cairo and sent back to Turkey. Al-Watan reported, via Hurriyet, that the reason for Botsali’s expulsion had to do with his using diplomatic immunity to funnel Brotherhood assets out of Egypt.

This too, could help explain why Egypt’s current government recently froze the assets of hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood figures, allegedly including those of former Clinton Foundation employee,Gehad El-Haddad. Concerns that Brotherhood money could leave Egypt for the sole purpose of strengthening the Brotherhood outside of Egypt seem to be well-founded.

As an aside, our readers are quite familiar with our assertion that the Brotherhood’s resurgence will one day manifest itself with the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire, which was based in Turkey. In fact, doing so was an inherent goal of the Brotherhood’s founders. Erdogan was dealt a significant blow when Mursi was overthrown, so much so that he shed tears over it on national television; he is not about to accept defeat; he can be expected to double his efforts.

While claims and accusations in the Middle East are very often exaggerated, the much less dramatic source of those exaggerations can be quite legitimate. For example, the Obama administration’s policy with respect to the Muslim Brotherhood generally – in Egypt specifically – has obviously been supportive of the group. That the Obama administration supports the Brotherhood is an idea that long ago embedded itself into Egypt’s public consciousness. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why the most clandestine arm of any U.S. Administration – the CIA – would be identified as the entity that helped to make it happen.

Evidence suggests these Egyptian protesters are right.

Evidence suggests these Egyptian protesters are right.

There has been significant speculative buzz on the streets in Egypt that Mursi is an agent of the CIA.Mursi’s English is not very good and comes across as not being very intelligent. Some point to this fact while raising questions about his ability to earn a Ph.D. in Engineering from U.S.C. In an article at the Canada Free Press, Egyptian journalist Ali Al Sharnoby wrote:

Morsi sent a message through his prison visitors to the CIA saying: How could America and its security institutes abandon me, while I served them sincerely and cooperated with them during the last period to prevent conflicts in the Middle East?

Robert Stacy McCain went in the other direction shortly after Mursi’s ouster, making the argument that the CIA played an active role in facilitating the collapse of the Mursi regime.

Let’s consider two Executive Branch entities that were at the center of the controversy over the Benghazi attacks – the CIA and the State Department. When the talking points – and the demonstrably false video narrative – began to harm the administration, it was the CIA – not State – that had to take the fall. Even CIA Director David Petraeus was forced to resign one day after Obama’s re-election when details of an extra-marital affair were made public. Evidence is overwhelming that the Justice Department had known about the affair for months in advance (Exhibit X of our “Ironclad” report).

Then CIA Director not comfortable with Benghazi talking points.

Then CIA Director not comfortable with Benghazi talking points.

The irony was that it was Petraeus who seemed the most uncomfortable with those talking points (Exhibit W of our “Ironclad” report), not his State Department counterpart, Hillary Clinton; she was protected aggressively by the administration. She even was able to appoint the leaders of a board tasked with investigating the very State Department she headed, with very predictable results.

One thing can be said with relative confidence; the CIA provided cover for and was blamed by the administration for providing faulty intelligence due to the ‘fog of war’ in order to protect the State Department after claims about the role of an anti-Muhammad video proved bogus.

However, if anything, recently uncovered evidence suggests that if Mursi was an agent for anyone,the Clintons themselves would be quite high on the list.

Last month, another complaint (No. 18337) was filed with the office of Egypt’s Attorney General, alleging that Mursi’s wife – Naglaa Mahmoud – claimed that her and her husband were recruited by the Clintons in the 1980′s, when they were in the U.S. Claims attributed to Mahmoud included charges that her and Hillary are extremely close. This claim is bolstered by the fact that Saleha Abedin – one of Mahmoud’s colleagues inside the Muslim Sisterhood – is the mother of Hillary’s longtime and very close adviser, Huma Abedin.

Arabic newspaper Al-Bawabh reports that while in the U.S., Mursi worked as a translator for the Islamic Center in California (ICC), which was co-founded by Maher Hathout, who also served asPresident of the ICC.

Mursi and Mahmoud around the time they were 'recruited' by the Clintons?

Mursi and Mahmoud around the time they were ‘recruited’ by the Clintons?

During Clinton’s presidency, the Clintons were very active in reaching out to Muslim Brotherhood groups in the U.S. In fact, Hathout also founded the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). Hathout is identified as a supporter of Wahhabism, the same strain of Islam Kherbawi says the Muslim Brotherhood has adopted. In 1996, Hillary became the first wife of a sitting president to address U.S. Islamic groups outside of the White House. Where did she choose to break such ground?

At the Islamic Center of Southern California, a group for which Hathout was an official spokesman. He also spoke and praised Hillary at this meeting.

Via the L.A. Times (h/t Ryan Mauro):

The importance U.S. Muslims attached to Clinton’s appearance was apparent in the effusive introduction given her by Maher Hathout, spokesman for the Islamic Center of Southern California and one of the nation’s preeminent Islamic leaders.

“When our country becomes what we dream and when our society becomes warmer and more inclusive . . . it will be written in history in letters of light that the first first lady who took a major step to greet, include and to communicate with Muslims is First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton,” Hathout declared, drawing loud applause.

When did a younger Bill and Hillary befriend the younger Mursi and Mahmoud?

When did a younger Bill and Hillary befriend the younger Mursi and Mahmoud?

Let’s get back to Kherbawy’s interview from November of 2012…

El-Kherbawy explained that despite losing the spot as the Muslim Brotherhood’s presidential candidate (to Mohammed Mursi), Khairat el-Shater viewed himself as the real power broker.

Via Egypt Daily News, El-Kherbawy said:

El-Shater harped on about his economic potential and how with Al-Nahda project he can help revive the Egyptian economy as if saying “I will be the real president.” Before the election he said to the FJP paper that “from the first day Morsy wins, I will be the sole person responsible for the economic projects in Egypt.” He was promoting himself as the person behind Morsy’s success.

This squares with information we have published independently in the past. After the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted from power last summer, the Obama administration – State Department in particular – seemed to take specific interest in El-Shater’s release. Remember, it is former Clinton Foundation employee Gehad El-Haddad who was El-Shater’s Deputy Chief of Staff. He helpedbroker a meeting between Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns and the jailed El-Shater last August.

El-Haddad himself was arrested in September.

Regardless of the veracity of claims by Kherbawi – that Mursi is an agent of the CIA – there may be more evidence that he is an agent of Bill and Hillary Clinton, if not a close collaborator as Mahmoud seems to suggest.

According to a trusted Arabic source of ours, Kherbawi appeared on Egyptian television this past January 5th and gave his firsthand account about Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir (translated):

“In 1992, after al-Bashir became president of Sudan, he visited Egypt. I was asked to bring him in person to meet with Mr. Hamid Abou elNasr, the Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme leader in Egypt.

Hamed Abou elNasr told al-Bashir:

‘Ya Bashir elkhair’ The man who is the first to bring the good tidings, through you the Muslim Brother has become the rulers in Sudan.

El Bashir answered:

“God willing we will rule the world in your life time & mine.”

In summation, the brother of the U.S. Commander-in-chief works with and for a man in al-Bashir, who seeks to internationalize the Muslim Brotherhood. That Barack Obama does not know this is absurd. That he has not disclosed it publicly is indicting; that his IRS has aided and abetted Malik is damning.

So is the cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s culpability.

As to the part played by Hill (Bill too) and her co-conspirator (“gal pal”) Huma Abedin, and their absolute nexus to Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, well, the following prima facie evidence should (as a starter) serve to set the record straight:

Exhibit Number One: BENGHAZIGATE’s updates link them even further to Morsi’s Brotherhood Mafia, regardless that Morsi (and associates) is currently in the dock. Indeed, their trails to MALIK OBAMA render them up to their necks. Their eyeballs too. The trials in Egypt will drag them in even further. Can’t wait.

Exhibit Number Two: HILLARY CLINTON & her mobbed up Muslim Brotherhood terror associates are inexorably tied, politically and business-wise. Treasonous. 

Malik Obama, Barack HUSSEIN, Hill/Huma and all their assorted associates – deeply implicated!