A Double Crime:Picking The Public’s Pocket And Enriching/Validating Illegal Aliens…Courtesy of The Thief-in-Chief…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Is there anyone tuned into US politics who is unfamiliar with Barack Hussein Obama’s affinity for all matters inimical to American interests?


And, aside from his fealty to Brotherhood related triumphs, isn’t it a fact that giving a leg up/hand out to illegal aliens is atop his ‘transformation/change’ list?

Of course.

‘REVEALED : The Second Term Plans Of An Obama Presidency…Nothing Short Of A National Nightmare’…gave me goosebumps twofold – once when I was researching its underpinnings, and the second time when I was writing it. Its fact-based contents are enough to disturb ones mental and physical equilibrium –http://www.theblaze.com/stories/high-ranking-mexican-drug-cartel-member-makes-explosive-allegation-fast-and-furious-is-not-what-you-think-it-is/ .

There is literally no rest for the weary…. we are plunging from one disturbing disaster to another. Little let up appears on the horizon.

Nevertheless, despair is not  an option.

Back to Barack Hussein Obama’s illegal alien fixation.

His designs are manifestly ideological (he hearts with third world sentiments), but at the same time cynically, politically motivated. Few can argue – at least with a straight face – where the newly minted ‘citizens’ (plucked from their law breaker status) alliances will fall, other than straight onto the rolls of the Dems. Millions more instantly counted on the Dem score card.


So, here we see political chicanery reaching the very close limits of voter fraud. Simply put, one can’t create a ‘legal’ (voting) citizen out of a lawbreaking illegal ! Can one?

According to Barack & gangsters – YES, WE CAN ! 

The Washington Guardian reported in ‘IRS Discouraged Fraud Detection in ID Program’ another level of mendacity from this regime, atop all the rest of their treachery.

“Once ID numbers are obtained fraudulently, they can be used for other deceptions. When first introduced in 1996, the ID numbers were supposed to be used only for taxes. But investigators found they’re now being used in several states to get driver’s licenses.”

“Almost 3 million tax returns seeking $6.8 billion were filed last year using IRS ID numbers rather than Social Security numbers. Investigators said they couldn’t put a number on how many of those returns may have been fraudulent.”

“At issue are the documentation requirements for verifying the identity of those who apply for an ID number. Unlike applications for a passport or a Social Security number, applicants for the ID number weren’t required to submit certified copies of their birth certificate or other identification.”

“IRS managers had been aware of the problem since at least 2002, but failed to take sufficient action, investigators said. Tax examiners at the agency also complained to investigators they had little to no training in how to root out fraudulent applications.”

“IRS officials responding to the report said they already had taken action to address the problem. In June, the agency started requiring original or certified documents until new rules can be developed for 2013.” “Our leadership moved quickly and aggressively to address issues that were identified,” IRS spokeswoman Michelle Eldridge said.

“Treasury investigators said the IRS has agreed to adopt seven of their nine recommendations for correcting the problem and is still considering the other two.”

“In a letter to Shulman calling for his resignation, Rep. Sam Johnson, R-Texas, cited investigators’ findings that people sought $4.2 billion in refundable child tax credits last year using IRS ID numbers.”

“The commissioner and certain IRS officials are essentially aiding and abetting illegal immigrants and others in fraudulently receiving tax refunds courtesy of the American taxpayer,” Johnson said in a statement.

“IRS officials declined to comment on Johnson’s letter.” –http://www.washingtonguardian.com/immigrant-tax-fraud .

Their stench seeps through their Washington cesspool, straight into the recesses of the entire nation, as it flows through the western world.

A tragedy of western proportions.

Outlaws of yesteryear at least had a ‘code of honor’ by operating in the open, thereby, shoving a gun in the victim’s face – be it in a saloon, covered wagon, or elsewhere. The victims knew they were being robbed blind!

NOT this crew. They steal here, there and everywhere. Who can keep up ?

And, not only from the public trough, but from the people’s hearts and minds.

That is unforgivable. Impeachable too.

Brazen. Breathtaking.

Lends new meaning to ‘more than one way to skin a cat’, as Barack Hussein Obama tasks his underlings to a new level of thievery via the public coffers . Hence, the moniker Thief-in-Chief is more than appropriate.

It is decidedly on target.

Bulls eye.