CIA’S ISLAMIST Director, John Brennan, Expunges Islam From ISIS. “War On Terror” DOA…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

WHEN any old jerk-off expounds on matters beyond the individual’s “pay grade”, common sense should prevail that it isn’t necessary to give them the time of day, let alone take them seriously. But when the Director of the CIA – for heavens sake – bastardizes the truth on its most essential basis, well, the entire west is significantly imperiled. Compromised.

NOT only that, in no uncertain terms, the gravest threat against western civilization is political Islam. As a starting point, dealing with this MAJOR threat level mandates NAMING the enemy. This is non-negotiable. You think? If this point is not designated a top priority, America may as well roll over and submit. In fact, one needn’t be a master at warfare to understand as much – Sun Tzu-like. 

ON the other hand, since the head of the nation’s spy agency is himself a qualified ISLAMIST and his boss is the Islamist-in-Chief, there is every expectation that the truth will NEVER be revealed.

IN the main, HUSSEIN Obama is Islam’s best friend. All the evidence leads to this conclusion.



TO wit, it goes without saying that his surrogates are of like mind. Enter, John Brennan.

THE CIA Director is incapable of stating the truth about ISIS and here is why:



ISIS is precisely following Muhammad’s war-like jihadi dictates and Brennan knows it too. HUSSEIN Obama alike.


NOW that that is out in the open, the question becomes: what’s Brennan up to, and where do America’s open sesame borders factor in? In a nutshell, a former CIA agent, Josh Plumlee, spills the beans. 

Tosh Plumlee, former CIA Agent, reveals startling information about our nation, and our government!  This is jaw-dropping information that we are definitely not supposed to know about!  He discusses covert operations, including what’s really going on at the ‘border’ and why we are being distracted! He also reveals information about drug cartels and government involvement, (coming martial law), and the fact that Muslim terrorists are walking straight into our country, and a lot of them!


BUT as required, a due diligence “background check” was conducted on the CIA Chief at this site, and with several “helping hands.” Its findings boiled down to: John Brennan is a Muslim convert! Go figure…


AND in light of the above, Brennan’s fingerprints were deeply embedded in Benghazigate and investigative findings queried: was the Benghazi video linked to the CIA? Affirmative.


IF your heart can withstand the betrayals, it gets worse: the head spook pushed forward with the release of TOP Taliban terrorists!


MORE specifically, why did HUSSEIN Obama and his CIA chief gift a “torture” report to the ISLAMIST ummah? Rhetorical.

SO in coming full circle, one can now gauge the “reasoning” behind why the head spook insists: ISIS aren’t Muslims, they are “psychopathic” thugs! 







“They are terrorists, they’re criminals,” Brennan asserted during the audience Q&A portion of an interview at the Council on Foreign Relations. “Most–many–of them are psychopathic thugs, murderers who use a religious concept and masquerade and mask themselves in that religious construct.”

“Let’s make it very clear that the people who carry out acts of terrorism – whether it be al-Qaeda or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – are doing it because they believe it is consistent with what their view of Islam is,” the intelligence agency director continued. “It is totally inconsistent with what the overwhelming majority of Muslims throughout the world.”

Brennan, who gave a speech earlier at the event on the structural changes facing the CIA, also slammed a popular conservative talking point about the White House’s reluctance to describe ISIS as Islamists.

“Quite frankly, I’m amused about the debate that goes on about, you know, unless you call it by what it is, you don’t know what you’re fighting,” Brennan said. “I think we have to be very careful also in the characterization because the words that we use can have resonance.”

President Obama has spoken extensively about the administration’s decision to deny ISIS a religious name.

The notion that the West is at war with Islam is an ugly lie,” the president said last month at a White House summit on countering terrorism. “And all of us, regardless of our faith, have a responsibility to reject it.”

Like the president, Brennan cautioned against the unilateral lumping of terrorists with a religion that has over a billion followers worldwide.

OKEY dokey….

BUT never mind all the bloody evidence and footprints…they (and all the inter-connecting ISLAMIST hydras, many of whom have pledged allegiance to ISIS, most notably Al Qaeda/Al-Nusra et al. and Boko Haram) are just “thugs”!

ISIS has declared its intention to “blow up your White House, Big Ben, and the Eiffel Tower,” its official spokesman said in a new audio message.

An ISIS spokesman said Thursday that the organization had accepted a pledge of allegiance from the Nigerian terror group Boko Haram, Canada’s National Post newspaper reported.

ISIS has declared its intention to “blow up your White House, Big Ben, and the Eiffel Tower,” its official spokesman said in a new audio message.

An ISIS spokesman said Thursday that the organization had accepted a pledge of allegiance from the Nigerian terror group Boko Haram, Canada’s National Post newspaper reported.

In a 28-minute Arabic-language audio, translated by the SITE Intelligence Group, ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani declared that Boko Haram’s move was “a new door opened by Allah” and said jihadists should go to West Africa.

Adnani said ISIS wanted control of numerous cities across the globe, including Jerusalem, Kabul, Rome, and Paris.

The ISIS spokesman warned Jews and Christians that they could either “convert to Islam or pay the ultimate price when your armies are expelled from Muhammad’s peninsula, from Jerusalem, and all Muslim lands,” Ynet News reported.

He said that if Jews and Christians continued on their current path, they would soon regret having done so and be incapable of preventing the surge to the caliphate. “The Jews and the Crusaders are scared and weak,” said Adnani.

“We — with Allah’s help — want Paris, before Rome and Islamic Iberia and after we blow up the White House, Big Ben, and the Eiffel Tower before Paris, and Rome,” he warned. “The Muslims will return to power, to be the vanguard and lead in every place.”

NOTHING ISLAMIST about them at all…moving right along….

AS long as Americans understand that they are being led by those who are in deep sympathy with the enemy, the rest of the seemingly inexplicable components fall into place.

SIGNIFICANTLY, patriots may inquire: what can we do to protect our families and the national interest, in light of the above treachery? In reality, the answers are really quite obvious: assume that whenever Obama Inc.’s lips are moving they are lying. Whatever “advice” they give, ignore it. Whatever your gut tells you to do, do it.

 IN a nutshell: trust them like you would lethal enemies – that little!

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