“Moderate” Adherents To Islam:Shielding Brothers-in-Arms.Guilty Too. How So?…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Jihadi warriors on the (westward) march…and the damnable silence of their co-religionists…the so-called “moderates”!

ASSUMPTION ONE: even if one believes that  “moderate” Muslims can be a force for “temperance” upon Islamists – their counterweights – by extrapolation, a version of “moderate” Islam would have to exist. Essentially, it would have to be its counterpart. Indubitably. RESOLVED: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Misdiagnoses.

BACK to reality…have we learned nothing – particularly since 9/11/01 – about what Islamic doctrine mandates, especially through witnessing their bloody path, time and again? Historically, said barbarism has not ceased from time immemorial. Never will.

WHAT does come to mind when trying to understand how fictions are conjured up out of whole cloth – only to be spun into “truths” – is the intro work of Baruch Spinoza. This American-Israeli prefers to coin him the Philosophical “father of (im)moral relativism”. His construct, “nothing is inherently good or evil”, even though dated from 1632-1677, is wrecking havoc till this day. Much of the “enlightened” set consider him to be the great rationalist of all times. Perhaps, but his rationalism morphed into what we are witnessing today, “(im)moral relativism. This is a fact – with bloody results world over – philosophical meanderings aside. “Normless” democracy has overtaken “normative” democracy as an outgrowth of his (and others) “rationalist”, wholly assumed, postulations. Whoa.

Bugaboos and ignorance tend to go hand in hand, as such, the appellation democracy is bandied about by many who haven’t a clue, as well as by those who abuse it for mendacious ends.

Such is the case whenever its essence is heralded as the sine qua non, held aloft for whatever political/ideological ends requires its halo. Its burnishing.

But just because its meaning has been bastardized doesn’t excuse sane folks from understanding the damage accrued. And for a clearer portrait, as to how this weaponized term imperils western civilization – let alone Israel – the following should suffice:

For if the above is not obvious enough, examine how dangerous the catch-all of“democracy” is – without its requisite understanding – to the west: yes, leftism is lethal to Jews & their overall health: others too, and most are loath to admit that “normless” democracy sets the stage.

Specifically, per Israel, the only antidote is its “Intellectual Warriors”- via Israel Institute For Strategic Studies. They must URGENTLY go forth to do “battle”.The requisite reading below explains this missive in lurid detail.

 “Yair Lapid and Normless Democracy by Prof. Paul Eidelberg

YET, just for accuracy sake, some consider David Hume (1711-1776) the “father of modern emotivism and moral relativism”. One may rightfully inquire: what does this have to with “moderate” Muslims/Islam, or has this investigative journalist lost her (rational) mind from immersing in all of the Islamic muck? Faculties are all intact, thankfully….just a little tired!

NOW, pussyfooting around the amorphous term “moderate” Muslim/Islam may cause some to feel oh so tolerant, yet, at what cost? Beheading for sure…at the very “least”, blood and gore galore. 

ASSUREDLY, this investigative journalist has a network of experts to confab with and they are called upon to dig even deeper, if required. Basically, they are more than willing to step up. But as previously stated, some are “out of the closet”….

Paul “Dave” Gaubatz, today’s “Ask the Expert” guest, specializes in counter-terrorism. We probably won’t have another expert with his superior level of boots-on-the-ground experience, knowledge, and qualifications in our current topic: “Islamic-Based Terrorist Cells in the U.S. and Israel and the Prevention of More Islamic-Based Terrorist Attacks.”

Dave Gaubatz was introduced to us by Adina Kutnicki, Islam Exposed’s Israeli administrator and resident Muslim Brotherhood expert. He is one of her foremost connections and sources, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank her for making this interview possible with someone of his caliber and knowledge.

ON the other hand, there are those who prefer to remain “in the closet”, yet their information is no less imperative. Never mind. One way or another their expertise reaches these pages. That’s all the readers need to know.

IN this regard, re the discussion at hand, the following is a MUST read:

No More Sympathy For So Called Moderate Muslims – Paul “Dave” Gaubatz

Christians and Jews the world over are being slaughtered in the name of Islam.  Do the so-called “moderate” Muslims denounce Hamas, ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc…?  No.  Instead they call for Israel and America to stop the oppression of Muslims and for them to stop the violence against Muslims.  These “moderates” believe Israel and America are the problems (terrorists) and not Islamic terrorist groups.

Right now a Caliphate is building in Iraq. The “moderate” Muslims in America are not denouncing the building of a Caliphate.  Why?  Because this is a basic tenet of Islam.  Any Muslim who has even a mild to firm belief in Islam, believes in Islam taking over the world.  Christians in Iraq are being told to leave, revert to Islam, pay taxes, or face death.  Remember this is the tolerant and peaceful Islamic ideology dictating this.

There will still be many Americans who say the actions of Al Qaeda and ISIS are not what is being taught in mosques around the world.  I have now visited over 275 mosques in America, and dozens around the world.  The very same mosques the alleged moderate Muslims attend have the very materials that ISIS uses.  Murdering and forcing Christians to accept Islam is not a new tactic.  This idea came directly from the pseudo Prophet Mohammed.

To save America, Israel, and all peace loving and innocent people around the world, we must now demand the so-called “moderate” Muslims to choose.  They can either support Islam and it’s violence, or they can convert to Christianity or Judaism.  To not convert means they prefer Hamas and other terrorists instead of Israel and America’s right to exist.

It seems harsh, but we are living in a time that requires allegiance to the non-Muslim countries of the world.  So many times I go to lectures and am told there are many Muslims who work side by side with non Muslims, and are “moderate” Muslims. There is no definition for a “moderate” Muslim in the Islamic dictionary. The closest definition for a “moderate” is an Apostate of Islam.

When you meet Muslims who say they do not like what ISIS and Hamas are doing to Christians, then tell them to put up or shut up.  In other words tell them to leave Islam if they feel it is evil, or stay with Islam and stop the deceit about Islam being peaceful.  We no longer want to hear their lies.

The Christians and Jews do not have an obligation to show any support of Muslims at any level who believe in an ideology that calls for the destruction of Israel and America.  

THUS, if one is still ! inclined to replace tangible (patriotic) action plans with flights from fancy, preferring to attach oneself to the appellation “moderate” Muslims/Islam, one may as well be honest about it – both the so-called “moderate” Muslims and their non-Muslim cheerleaders.

IN effect, feel free to whistle past the west’s graveyard, but have the integrity to at least admit where your proclivities lie. Besides, it is not as if this blogger leaves readers hanging, guessing, which side this site is on.

AS is said, and it is not for nothing, to be silent IS to agree! WAY past time for the fence-sitters to take responsibility!



In 2007, the U.S. government labeled ISNA a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism-financing trial involving the Holy Land Foundation funneling money to Hamas. The label was upheld in 2009 because of “ample” evidence linking ISNA to Hamas. Last year, ISNA’s Canadian affiliate lost its status as a charity because of its accounting discrepancies and links to Pakistani terrorists.


{linked here – http://dcwatchdog.org/islamic-invasion-of-america-nearing-completion-evidenced-at-muslim-brotherhoods-isna-nait-may-2014-conference-in-detroit-mi/}

This blogger has much experience with seeing from there to here – re Islamic jihad – and the genesis started before 9/11/01. However, it got ratcheted up soon afterwards. The journey is duly described within.

But it is also understood that many are deceived by the Orwellian, indoctrinating mantra, Islam is a “religion of peace”, propagated by Muslim apologists through their Muslim Brotherhood Mafia perches. They are duly backed up by their leftist henchmen. The proofs are manifest, as well as deeply sourced. It couldn’t be any clearer.

As such, it is always instructive to hear “straight from the horse’s mouth”. Nevertheless, it becomes a herculean effort to convince the deaf, dumb and blind – this readership excluded! But never mind, get a load of this, as one example out of infinitesimal: This is directly from Muslim Advocates: “We are experts with deep experience in the courtroom and powerful connections in Congress and the White House”…and this is not smack-talk. “It be” deadly accurate. See the report below for evidence. It comes from the premier counter intelligence expert, bar none – Dave Gaubatz.


BHO & the Muslim Brotherhood - 7

Dave G. Infiltrates ISNA & NAIT Conference in Detroit 9 – 11 May 2014
14 May 2014
I use the word infiltrate because the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) likes to use this word when a non Muslim attends a MB conference.  Actually I spent four days with MB leaders from all across the country.  There were representatives from every known MB group and some that were recently developed.  The usual MB acronyms were there, but the most vocal were ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), NAIT (North American Islamic Trust), MSA (Muslim Student Association), and Muslim Advocates.
A fantastic group of American Patriots invited me to their city to obtain first-hand evidence pertaining to Islamic groups and mosques allegedly supporting the agenda of Islamic based terrorism.  This report will be general in nature until I analyze all of the intelligence I was able to obtain.
I stayed at the same hotel as the conference attendees.  The Double Tree (Hilton) on the Southfield Freeway, Dearborn, MI.  This Masjid Forum was specifically for Imams, Board members, and senior personnel for the dozen and a half MB acronym supporters.
The first MB supporters I encountered was at the Mosque Advocates (www.muslimadvocates.org) booth.  The MB supporter manning the booth talked with me several minutes.  He was passing out material to ‘end hate’ on the internet.  I asked him to describe some examples of hate.  He said anyone critical of Islam and Sharia Law are haters.  He used the example of ACT For America.  He went on to say anyone who opposes the building of a mosque or mosque expansion in America is a hater.  Little did he know he was talking with someone who was very critical of the Islamic ideology and Sharia law.
The conference should have been titled, “The U.S. Constitution and the 1st Amendment are for MB terrorists and not for American Patriots.  The Muslim Advocates group advised they were working closely with internet social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  They are asking these groups to close the accounts of anyone who is critical of Islam.  This is considered serious hate speech and should not be allowed on the internet.  I was provided materials of their strategies and goals.
This is directly from Muslim Advocates: “We are experts with deep experience in the courtroom and powerful connections in Congress and the White House”.  I agree with them on this statement.  Their supporters go all the way up to the highest level of the White House.  This should be of no surprise to anyone.
I met ISNA and NAIT Executives.  The main emphasis of the conference was for Muslims to continue building and expanding in America.  ISNA promised to help with their projects and NAIT encouraged Muslim leaders to allow NAIT to hold the mosque and other property titles, so they can be better protected.  I was informed that NAIT owned several hundred million dollars of property in America, and has the funding from 400 plus Islamic Centers in America.
While in Detroit/Dearborn, I went to some suggested mosques and Islamic bookstores in Detroit to conduct research.  When I was driving around Detroit and Dearborn I thought I was back in Saudi Arabia. Islamic related: Mosques, Islamic businesses, Islamic stores, etc…  It only took a few minutes to realize the Detroit area is under invasion from the MB.  The area of Detroit has been reduced to destruction.  By far it is one of the most dangerous and ugliest cities in our country.
While at the conference I was able to obtain a taped lecture by none other than America’s number one MB terrorist leader (CAIR/Nihad Awad).  Nihad Awad had a lecture being distributed titled “How American Muslims Can Affect  Change in Politics and Media”.
Per the norm I obtained material from Detroit mosques, the conference, and Islamic bookstores, both Sunni and Shia.  The material advocates treason, sedition, and abusing innocent Muslim women and girls.  One such piece of evidence advocates marrying off Muslim girls at any age, and consummating the marriage of these girls at the age of nine.
There were books on establishing Sharia throughout the world and using physical Jihad to achieve these goals.  I found the law enforcement from the Dearborn area supported the violent Islamic ideology and Sharia law more so than they support innocent American Patriots living in this area.
For decades there has been many people like Steve Emerson, ACT leaders, and I who have provided direct evidence about the Islamic ideology, and recently there have been actors and actresses from Fox News who are now using the data we collected for decades at great financial losses and threats to us.  
The Boko Haram  Islamic terrorist group in Nigeria are helping to raise the awareness of the violence within Islam.  Boko Haram essentially means “Western Education is Unlawful”.  Just last night I was listening to Sean Hannity attempt to explain Shariah law to his followers.  It was very clear from the start that Hannity has maybe a 3rd grade level education on Islamic matters.  He has good intent, but hurts America more than he helps.
Hannity made a comment such as Boko Haram has a distorted vision of the true Islam.  He was suggesting there is an Islamic ideology formed by Mohammed that is peaceful.  Then he went on to say Sharia law is dangerous and evil.  I am sorry but only a politician can have things both ways.  There is no separation of Islam and Shariah law.  You can’t have one without the other.  If one considers Shariah law dangerous, then you must acknowledge Islam as a whole is dangerous.
The brutality of Boko Haram is not radical Islam.  Their actions are being administered exactly as Islam dictates.  Murder, hatred, violence, sexual abuse of young girls, forced conversions to Islam, and slavery are all true aspects of Islam.
Until world leaders stop making excuses for Islam and blaming it on so called radicals, ‘Pure Islam’ and it’s dangers will spread throughout the world.  America will soon see the type brutality  being committed by Boko Haram in the name of Islam, being carried out at American schools and neighborhoods.  Only you can stop Islamic based terrorism.  Do not count on our political leaders, media, or senior law enforcement to counter Islamic terrorism. {blogger link – https://adinakutnicki.com/2014/05/17/obamas-kinfolk-boko-haramjihadi-brothers-in-armstargeting-christians-and-jews-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/}
In closing, a point to ponder:  If American Patriots are indeed haters because they do not want more mosques and their expansions in America, what are the billions of Muslims to be called who would kill in the name of Islam anyone who began building churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia?   
This site has fully documented their plans to take over America. But if one stands head and shoulders above the rest, again, in their own words: