Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison, Taunts Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann: NOT A Smart Move. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

As reported on July 7, 2012 via a previous commentary – – in addition to a commentary on June 25, 2012 – – there is a smoldering, toxic brew wafting through Washington compromising US national security. The nexus between Clinton and her very close assistant/deputy Huma Abedin is too dangerous to ignore.

Enter Bachmann. As a true American patriot she takes no prisoners – Muslim supremacists be damned. Currently, she is gunning for all those who dare to stop her from revealing grave national security risks, posed through Abedin’s extensive familial connections to the Muslim Brotherhood/Sisterhood. Oh what a tangled web they weave, when first they practiced to deceive.

To catch readers up to speed, this American-Israeli is referencing Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison ! Here’s an intrinsic link –

No matter. The ever contemptuous, finger-in-the-American-eye Ellison haughtily thumbs his nose at patriotic Americans, as if to put them in their (subjugating) place. Not a good move. Overreach.

Ellison double dared Bachmann, to put up or shut up. And put up she did. Charging that Bachmann had only one source – regarding Huma Abedin’s ties to the Brotherhood/Sisterhood, thus, dismissing her out of hand, and waving her away like a pesky fly – Bachmann charged back with double barrels blazing, “firing off a a 16 page bombshell that is strewn with 59 separate footnotes, proving unequivocally that Frank Gaffney is hardly her only source”. 

Ellison’s utter disdain towards Frank Gaffney (there he goes again, attempting to ram over another stalwart patriot), a man of impeccable credentials – – and previous Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Forces & Arms Control Policy, as well as the current founder and president of the American Center for Security Policy –  (among many other accomplishments) – reveals how sure Ellison is of himself. NOT so fast.

Memo to Keithy : keep talking boychik….you are giving more than enough rope to the American public, thus revealing how compromised you really are. It is via your Brotherhood affiliated infiltration of the US Congress that your underbelly is exposed. But we already knew that !

And another thing – Huma Abedin, your “sister-in-arms” will be outed too, all credit due to a woman (with the help of many others) who truly belongs in the halls of Congress, as opposed to traitors roaming its halls!