Military Arrests Andrew Cuomo …. And It’s NOT For Touchy-Feely Complaints From “Me-Too” Criers! Adina Kutnicki

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By Adina Kutnicki

WHEREAS there is unlikely a self-respecting, non-power hungry woman who would choose to spend one-on-one time with the likes of former Guv Cuomo — hell, no — let it be stated for the record: were it just for Cuomo’s ballsy, wildly uncouth, touch-feely, and down and dirty handsy tactics, trust, he would not have been booted from the Executive Mansion! Sheesh.

FOR heavens sake. Indeed, he is part and parcel of a laundry list of political gropers — many of whom are actually pedos, and some have already met their fates at GITMO for child trafficking! Besides, no one accused him of showering with a daughter, or two, or three, unlike Pedo Joe! Ashley Biden, anyone? And, what about the reported nipple pinching, hair-sniffing, and countless other too close for comfort engagements with children?

AGREED, Cuomo’s boorish, frat-style behavior is hardly befitting any man of substance, let alone the Guv of the heretofore most prominent city in America. We get that. But that’s not the why or wherefore as per his being given the boot. Rather, he is a MASS murderer, and JAG has been keeping “close tabs” on him for some time! GITMO-bound.

INCONTESTABLY, Cuomo is much more than a groper and reprobate — all the hues and cries from the perpetually aggrieved “Me-Too” banshees, beside the point.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | August 17, 2021

Disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo is in military custody and will face a military tribunal for his role in coercing NY State health officials to artificially inflate Covid-19 fatality numbers during the initial wave of the Plandemic.

On Sunday, August 15, U.S. Navy Seals under JAG authority arrested Cuomo at property he leases in East Hampton, NY. A JAG spokesperson told RRN that the SEALS suffered no casualties but had to subdue two of Cuomo’s bodyguards, both of whom the SEALs incapacitated using non-lethal force.

The pre-dawn raid caught Cuomo, who was asleep in bed, by surprise; reportedly, he muttered “oh, fuck” when he opened his eyes and saw 6 heavily armed SEALs leering down at him. The SEALS restrained Cuomo in zip cuffs, escorted him outdoors and pushed him into an unmarked van, our source said.

“He’s been taken to a military holding facility until he’s transported to GITMO,” our source added.

He told RRN that the military had started an investigation into Cuomo’s misdeeds two years ago, after reports began to surface suggesting that the former governor had instructed nursing homes and hospices to put relatively healthy senior citizens into mobile, refrigerated morgues—eighteen-wheelers that, prior to the plandemic, had been used to transport frozen goods and vegetables across the nation.  It turned out that Cuomo held substantial stock in BZS Transportation, a Brooklyn-based refrigerated transport service.

“Many of these people did not have Covid-19. No PCR tests were ever done. A lot of these people were old and elderly and had other illnesses that had nothing to do with Covid, but Cuomo wanted to enforce lockdowns—and the more Covid cases, the better the lockdowns. He indirectly put living people in frozen food trucks to freeze to death,” our source said.

Moreover, JAG has obtained irrefutable proof that Cuomo threatened to withhold state funding from nursing homes and hospitals unless they attributed non-Covid deaths to Covid-19. As a result, thousands of death certificates were falsified on Cuomo’s orders. Heart attacks, gun shot victims, drownings, people struck by lightning, car accident fatalities, drug overdoses—all blamed on Covid-19.

The military, our source said, has long sought Cuomo’s arrest, but until recently the groping former governor had ample Deep State protection.

“He was insulated and had too much prominence to simply nab and grab,” our source said.

But Cuomo’s security quickly dissolved after 16 women accused him of sexual harassment, forcing his resignation. People who had been his intimate allies suddenly abandoned him, and whatever Deep State protection he had eroded beneath his feet. Even the actor, Arthur Roberts, who portrays Joe Biden in press conferences and on television, called for Cuomo’s resignation. In short, he was thrown to the wolves.

“We realized we had the perfect opportunity to make the arrest,” our source said.

Cuomo will probably be interrogated and offered a chance to confess, before being flown to GITMO. But if he’s anything like other Deep State operatives arrested by the military, he’s more likely to just claim “I was following orders” and will wind up facing a firing squad or the gallows.

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