Introducing: Tomer D. Tamarkin ….with PM Netanyahu

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Full disclosure: this American-Israeli stakes no claim to scientific or technological prowess. Laughable. In this regard, since this site is steeped in geo-politics and not in the scientific domain, a due diligence inquiry was conducted at its inception. Relevant experts were contacted.

Specifically, this particular inquiry revolved around the swirling kerfuffle over “global warming”. Indeed, it became increasingly clear that the continuous hysterics, intoning that the “science was settled”, appeared mired in too much double talk. In other words, what was it about the subject matter that caused so many to become unglued, even those who appeared otherwise rational and professionally endowed? And, it began to dawn, perhaps this hot button subject was more than tangentially related to the geo-political sphere? Thus, it became manifestly clear that veering away from this particular area of science could be fatal. What an understatement.

As a matter of record, the inquiry’s end result led straight back to the left’s insistence on sticking to the “green” bandwagon , despite its hooey and phooey “scientific” basis. Concomitantly, hitching the free world’s future to the “green” energy mantra revealed a deadly outcome for the west. Unconscionable.

Lo and behold, the aforementioned junk science merged into this site’s main expertise – the Muslim Brotherhood; the top hydra for global jihad, from which Al Qaeda spawned.

And, it is said nexus – via a concerted stranglehold from green” energy hucksters, spanning from politicians and related industry honchos – which must be thoroughly understood by the western public, particularly in Israel and the U.S. For if any real progress is to be made on the energy front – thus, releasing the vise-grip from the Arab/Muslim world – it is imperative for all freedom loving individuals to become well-informed and involved. To wit, a cascading clamor for legitimate, sustainable alternative energy solutions will become the wave of the future.

Alas, it never dawned upon this fully committed Conservative and Zionist blogger (a double “sin” in PC power centers) that a main thrust within this site – reporting on the dangers related to Islam, specifically, Shariah Law mandated Islamic jihad – would intersect with the scientific domain. Go figure. 

Most intrinsically, the Mid East’s most potent weapon is oil. Yes, the west is helping to fund the Arab/Muslim world’s enormous war chests via its petrol dollars. Paradoxically, as a result, Islamic jihad continues unabated. Talk about feeding the crocodile…Therefore, freeing the west – especially Israel, with the U.S. jumping on board – from its death grip is a western imperative. Nevertheless, the salient question becomes:what’s the REAL alternative? Read on…

Enter: fusion energy …..and USCL corporation – EnergyCite

Mind you, most folks cannot wrap their brains around high level science, this blogger included. Said acumen involves a solid grounding in high level physics and mathematics. No matter. This is precisely where real (not bought and paid for hired guns) experts come into play. Regardless, bear uppermost in mind the geo-political linkage cited above. Once internalized, you are halfway to understanding the dangers at play, in relation to the attendant global ramifications.

In any case, it is always best to leave scientific principles to those who are duly trained, as well as trustworthy in their intent. Know this:this site would not present, nor vouch for, any expert without first conducting requisite due diligence.That being said, the following is offered as a foretaste, to an ensuing series of updates related to the above life and death stranglehold. 

Foretaste One: Presenting, a short video clip (2004) with Tomer D. Tamarkin, in tandem with U.S. and Israeli notables (relating to fusion energy), demonstrating that his work in this arena is hardly new to the scene. –

Foretaste Two: Tom Tamarkin & Fusion Energy; In the Beginning, May 3, 2012, Rev 2 Dec. 23, 2013 –

Foretaste Four: Amalia Tom Tel Aviv Outdoor Interview –

As an added treat, below is a little nugget for this site’s readers; a keepsake for the more scientifically/mathematically inclined. Enjoy!

March 14 is Pi day and the birthday of Albert Einstein. And that explains why the pie becomes imaginary when it hits the speed of light. Rather similar to a government that keeps putting more and more money and energy into its systems…and whose numbers turn into imaginary numbers…

Tomer D. Tamarkin's photo.
Tomer D. Tamarkin's photo.