Trump Drops Truth Bomb On ‘Fort Pelosi’! Interview Answer Tells Real Truth Of The Capitol Fence….The Dangerous Escalation of Rhetoric/Incitement Against Patriots/Conservatives [VIDEO]


FASCISTS, regardless of historical time and place, seek ultimate power and control. That is that. Incontestably.

AS such, let there be zero doubt: the powers that be in D.C. (with the aid of domestic and foreign counterparts) are the true definition of fascists. Terrorists.


Former Clinton Adviser: America Becoming ‘Totalitarian State’ Under Biden – A FLYING PIG MOMENT! [VIDEO]

IF anything, ‘Trump’s Ode’ is more than edifying. Clarifying.


ONTO the ‘Truth Bomb’…..

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DAILY HEADLINES | March 2, 2021

The Capitol wall represents more that just a security fence; so significantly much more. You see, Fort Pelosi is the Democrats brandishing their power to show us exactly who they want us to believe is boss. But then out comes Trump to drop a Truth Bomb on Fort Pelosi; something the mainstream media dare not cover. Did you catch it? You will here along with all the other portions of the twisted agenda to remove each and every person who does not blindly agree to follow their agenda.

INEXORABLY, more proof of the same….

Trump Blows The Whistle On Pelosi & Democrats For Capitol Hill Set Up

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IN light of the above (and so much more), how much clearer does it have to be to expose what the fascists in charge of ‘Fort Pelosi‘ are really up to? Indeed, optics are everything — in-your-face visual aids of who’s really in charge. Hint: it’s not the people, freedom and truth be damned!

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