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Smith County Affidavit: FBI Agent Exposed Himself to Juveniles in Texas, Louisiana, Florida … A GROWING (PEDO) DEEP STATE, SWAMP TREND! WHAT’S GOING ON? Adina Kutnicki

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cumulative volume of evidence is pointing towards a highly disturbing and dangerous trend, that is, liberties taken by those in trusted positions of authority, thus, manifesting in the criminal abuse of kiddies; the most innocent of all! What the hell is going on?

NOW, while readers recognize that the so-called POTUS is a long-standing pedo, similarly, a cadre of deep state operatives are/were (blessedly, some are no longer among the living…read on) more than pre-disposed. So, just consider the following as a partial listing of exhibits, a down payment, sorta, re proofs of the same.


ALAS, is it any wonder that most of the vile, treacherous, and traitorous defendants on trial by JAG (at GITMO, and other locations, alike) are/were  jacked-up, satanist-driven pedos, the likes of which would make a stadium full of whores blush?? Rhetorical.

AS such, let the following (partial) listing of those convicted of crimes against children serve for the public record. If your heart can withstand it, view herehereherehere, and here.

ALL of which brings us straight back to the latest hooked-in pedo, yes, one among a slew of FBI agents who have been caught with their pants down — literally and figuratively!!

STILL yet, it begs the question: whereas garden variety diddlers are, tragically, a dime a dozen, why in heaven’s name would those in positions of authority, seemingly, with a lot to lose, commit such a heinous crime?

YOU decide.

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KLTV | By Gary Bass | August 3, 2021

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – An FBI supervisory special agent based in Louisiana allegedly exposed himself to multiple children and molested one child in a period from 2018 to 2019, and the alleged crimes took place in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas, according to a Smith County affidavit.

The suspect in the case is David Lee Harris, 51. Of Prairieville, Louisiana. A previous story by WAFB said the allegations involve underage girls.

During a previous court hearing, prosecutors said Harris threatened at least one of the victims if she said anything.

In Smith County, Harris, an FBI special supervisory agent, has been charged with third-degree felony indecent exposure.

The Smith County affidavit was obtained by a Texas Ranger. The Ranger on the case was contacted by a senior special agent with the United States Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General after the OIG’s office requested help on an alleged indecency with a child case that was reported on February 9.

The senior special agent with the OIG’s office told the Texas Range that the report had been received concurrently by the DOJOIG and the United States Army Department of the Army because Harris was employed by both the FBI and the U.S. Army at the time of the alleged offenses.

The recent WAFB story stated Harris is assigned to the FBI field office in New Orleans. The story also said he had recently been appointed to head up a regional division of the FBI that investigates online crimes against children, including child pornography.

According to the Army report, one of the alleged incidents occurred at a rental home in St. George Island, Florida in 2019 when Harris’ family and another family were vacationing. Harris allegedly took off all of his clothes at a pool party and started swimming in full view of two juveniles.

When Harris was confronted about it, he allegedly apologized and blamed his actions on being drunk.

The man who reported the “skinny dipping” incident told authorities he found a letter from his wife that was addressed to someone he believes is Harris that talked about the sexual relationship they had while they were married to other people.

In the letter, the man’s wife stated that Harris exposed himself in of two juveniles, the affidavit stated.

Based on the above information, a detective with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Florida interviewed the woman who had allegedly had an affair with Harris. She told the detective that she believed Harris exposed himself to her juvenile daughter on multiple occasions, both at her home in Tyler and at Harris’ home in Louisiana.

According to the affidavit, the woman described another “skinny dipping” incident that occurred at her pool in Tyler in July 2018 when her daughter was 13.

During the interview, the woman explained that the actual victim in Florida was one of her daughter’s friends who had been vacationing with them.

On February 26, the Texas Ranger and the DOJOIG senior special agent observed a forensic interview with the woman’s juvenile daughter at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County.

During the interview, the girl confirmed that Harris had exposed himself to her in Florida, the affidavit stated. She also allegedly said Harris had exposed himself to her on past occasions and had touched her inappropriately.

The victim also said Harris disrobed and swam in their pool in Tyler in full view of her. In addition, the girl described an incident when she wasn’t feeling well and went to lie down. While she was lying under a blanket, Harris allegedly undressed from the waist down, exposed himself to her, and laid down on top of her.

According to the affidavit, the girl yelled out for Harris’ wife, who was in the kitchen at the time of the incident. Harris allegedly got off of her and put his clothes back on.

The girl told the forensic interviewer that Harris was “drunk most of the time” and that she believes he was intoxicated at the time of the incident outlined above.

The affidavit also included a sampling of text messages to and from Harris’ FBI-issued cell phone that confirmed many of the allegations about his indecent exposure incidents and described his attraction to teenage girls.

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