TEXAS Strikes Back At Islamic Incursion: One Pig ‘Dousing’ At A Time, Taking Back America! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Inventor tried to patent controversial anti-terror device which sprays Muslims with pigs blood

FOREWARNING: those who possess ‘delicate’ sensibilities should opt out of this commentary. 

MIND you, this word of caution has nothing to do with gory depictions, for heaven’s sake, said pictorial types are business as usual at this site. On the other hand, too many consider fighting back, in and of itself, against ‘the other’ a (deadly) sin. Therein lies the (bloody) warning. 

REGARDLESS, this ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ (mental) aversion and avoidance tactic is tantamount to a death wish, even if not recognized as such.

NOW, said sentiments are often (mistakenly) viewed as ‘taking the high road’, even though countless Islamists would just as soon slit an infidel’s throat, decapitate, crucify, burn and otherwise murder without flinching. Does that sound like folks you would want as neighbors, even if it entails allowing them to visit their loved ones in a cemetery? Get over it.

YET, to introduce why Texans rocks – at least those living away from loosey goosey Austin and Dallas – one must first internalize what it means to think and act like a follower of Islam, and the way in which take charge Texans deal with them. But before doing so, don’t get into the mind-trap of comparing the way westerners think – be they Christians, Jews, etc. – to how Muslims view any given situation. In fact, the hardest hurdle for westerners to cross is altering their belief-sets, as they steadfastly insist that Muslims are just like everyone else, even if they appear at odds due to cultural/religious differences. Pish posh.

IN reality, to enter the head space of those who identify as Muslims, the first area of study is Islam’s relationship to blood. Once accomplished, a basic understanding of how Islam’s followers view the west, especially when living within it, is mandatory. Get busy.

Islam is today the fastest-growing faith in the Western world. Nearly 20 million inhabitants of the European Union are Muslims. If present trends continue, by the year 2020 Muslims will account for 10 percent of the overall population of Europe, and their numbers in America will exceed 10 million. These Islamic populations are expanding by way of immigration and a birth rate that far exceeds that of indigenous Westerners. 

With these swelling numbers and the creation of distinctly Muslim neighborhoods in Western, primarily European cities, the bold notion of conquest by demographic rather than military means has become a primary objective of Islamic activists. The blueprint for this plan was spelled out in 1981, when the Third Islamic Summit Conference of Kaaba (in Mecca) adopted the Mecca Declaration which stated:

“We have resolved to conduct Jihad with all the means at our disposal so as to free our territory from occupation….We are convinced of the need to propagate the precepts of Islam and its cultural influence in Muslim societies and throughout the world.”

In the ensuing two decades, a new mosque was opened somewhere in the Western world every week. During that same period, the number of Muslims living in the United States grew threefold, overwhelmingly through immigration rather than conversion.

Prior to the first World Trade Center (WTC) attack in 1993, the U.S. government was extremely lax in allowing entry not only to hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants — many of them from countries considered risky or openly unfriendly to U.S. interests — but also to supporters and propagators of radical Islam, or to agents of terrorist regimes and organizations. Many such people entered the United States with fraudulently obtained student visas that camouflaged their true purpose. Others, including clerics and leaders of radical Islamic groups, came for brief periods, ostensibly to attend conferences organized by militant groups in the U.S.  Their real purpose, however, was to recruit new members, raise funds, coordinate strategies with other militant leaders, indoctrinate new “foot soldiers,” and participate in training sessions.

Even after the 1993 WTC attack, America’s safeguards against an influx of jihadists were inadequate. By early 2000, the United States and Canada had become a base of operations for a wide spectrum of international (and indigenous) Islamic terrorist organizations. Among these were Hamas, Hezbollah, the Algerian Armed Islamic Group, the Egyptian Group (a.k.a. Al Gamat Al Islamiya), the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Islamic Liberation Party, the Marxist Kurdish PKK, and al Qaeda. These terror outfits set up fundraising operations, political headquarters, military-recruitment apparatuses, and sometimes even command-and-control centers in the United States.

According to a witness at a U.S. House of Representatives hearing on terrorism and immigration in January 2000:

“As water seeking its own level, terrorists will gravitate to those areas that give them the greatest freedom to maneuver. Unless choked off and stopped along the different points of entry — ranging from the visa granting process overseas to the hundreds of unmanned border crossing points between Canada and the United States — terrorists will continue to come to the United States.”

Jihadists dominate Islamic life in the United States, to the point that moderates hardly have a voice. Radicals control every major Muslim organization, including the Islamic Association for Palestine, the Islamic Circle of North America, the Islamic Committee for Palestine, the Islamic Society for North America, the Muslim Arab Youth Association, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and the Muslim Students Association. They also control a growing majority of Muslim newspapers, communal organizations, and mosques.

Islamic jihadists in the West are funded by the Iranians, Libyans, and Saudis, who have for years supported the most extreme organizations. These jihadists have found that they can easily manipulate the American public and politicians by hiding behind the politically correct buzzwords “human rights,” and behind the veneer of non-profit “religious charities” — many of which are clandestine supporters of Islamic terrorism.

Some jihadists (such as Asan Akbar and Nidal Malik Hasan) have even managed to join the armed forces of the United States, carrying out their subversive activities not only from within America but from within its defense establishment.

THE above represents barely the tip of their leadership’s plans to infiltrate and penetrate, to turn western life upside down into compliance with Shariah Law!

During the course of the HLF trial, many incriminating documents were entered into evidence. Perhaps the most significant of these was “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America,” by the Muslim Brotherhood operative Mohamed Akram. Federal investigators found Akram’s memo in the home of Ismael Elbarasse, a founder of the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, during a 2004 search. Elbarasse was a member of the Palestine Committee, which the Muslim Brotherhood had created to support Hamas in the United States.

Written sometime in 1987 but not formally published until May 22, 1991, Akram’s 18-page document listed the Brotherhood’s 29 like-minded “organizations of our friends” that shared the common goal of dismantling American institutions and turning the U.S. into a Muslim nation. These “friends” were identified by Akram and the Brotherhood as groups that could help convince Muslims “that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.”

STILL, before we get to the meat of the matter, let’s give a thumbs up to inventor Franklin R Lacy, a real out-of-the-box thinker from Florida. Woo hoo! Gotta love this guy…not only will his device keep Islam’s barbarians at arm’s length, but it (even before the system is on the market) is driving the ‘Islamophobia’ industry insane! 

He has applied for a patent on a “system for protecting against terrorist and illegal invasion” which cruelly exploits the Islamic ban on eating or even handling pork.

The inventor’s previous work includes a beverage heater, fudge warmer and a windshield for a boat.

He learned of the strict Islamic laws on pig blood during “extensive travels” in the Middle East.

His invention involves placing containers of clearly labelled pig blood in sensitive areas, in the hope suicide attackers would avoid detonating a bomb nearby for fear of getting covered in it.

These vials of blood could be attached to trip wires and spray Muslims with the forbidden substance if they enter a certain area.

AND along these lines, this is where kick-ass, conservative, take-no-prisoner Texans come in, in their decision-making re how to deal with Muslims – who want to gain a foothold into their community, as they do everywhere else – in a way which will stop them cold: pig’s blood! 

Texas Muslim Cemetery 1

Muslims say they’re looking for a place to bury their dead but locals in Farmersville say it’s a plot to gain a foothold in their small Texas town and are threatening to stop the plan by using pig parts.

A proposal to bring a Muslim cemetery to the rural town has stoked fears among residents who are vehemently trying to convince community leaders to block the project.

The sentiment reflects an anti-Muslim distrust that has been brewing over the last year in parts of Texas, most notably 25 miles away in Garland – the scene of a deadly May shooting outside a cartoon contest lampooning the Prophet Muhammad.


  • Farmersville locals say cemetery is way for Muslims to get foothold in town
  • Considering 35-acre request from the Islamic Association of Collin County
  • Residents are trying to convince community leaders to block the project
  • Some of town’s 3,000 residents spoke at City Council meeting this month
  • Woman said cemetery idea was ‘appalling’ and man threatened to ‘dump pigs’ blood and put pig heads on a post’ so Muslims ‘won’t buy the land’
  • Anti-Muslim distrust brewing in parts of Texas since deadly May shooting in Garland outside a cartoon contest lampooning the Prophet Muhammad
  • Some have said project presents health risks because Muslims don’t traditionally bury their dead in caskets which burial experts call nonsense


‘The concern for us is the radical element of Islam,’ David Meeks, the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, told The Dallas Morning News.

He said he thinks the cemetery would be the first step toward a broader Muslim expansion in town.

‘How can we stop a mosque or madrassa training center from going in there?’ he asked, referring to a type of Islamic school.

The issue is flaring up as Farmersville leaders consider a 35-acre development request from the Islamic Association of Collin County, which faces a shortage of space to bury members of its faith.

During a City Council meeting earlier this month, some of the town’s 3,000 or so residents spoke out against establishing the Muslim cemetery in Farmersville’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, the Farmersville Times reported.

A woman who lives adjacent to where the proposed project would break ground called the idea of bringing the cemetery into the community ‘appalling’.

Another attendee, Gwen Kakaska, also told her concerns to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

She said: ‘I do not want my child indoctrinated toward their religion.

‘I do not want to be constantly in view of a mosque.

‘We do not want this to be a Muslim dumping ground.’

In addition to speaking out at meetings, other town residents have organized and are making threats about what will happen if the plan goes any farther, according to CBS Dallas-Forth Worth.

One man told the station that if they ‘dump pigs’ blood and put pig heads on a post’ then the Muslims ‘won’t buy the land’.

Muslim Cemetery Texas

Although the area already has a Buddhist center and Mormon church, residents showed up in force at a recent town meeting to oppose allowing a Muslim cemetery, which would include an open-air pavilion and small retail component that would run along a busy highway through town.

‘There’s just a basic concern or distrust about the cemetery coming into town,’ said Mayor Joe Helmberger, who calls the townspeople’s worries unwarranted.

He said the cemetery would be approved as long as the town’s development standards are met, pointing out that the US was founded on religious freedom and that the association is simply trying to secure a burial site.

Concerns over Muslim cemeteries gained national attention in 2010 when the town of Sidney Center in New York voted to investigate how Muslims were burying their dead.

The issue was quickly dropped after local leaders received widespread criticism.

Many residents of Farmersville, a predominantly white community of approximately 3,500 residents about 35 miles northeast of Dallas, are pushing their leaders to take a similar stand.

Some oppose the project because it would attract Muslims, while others expressed concern that Muslim burial practices – Muslims traditionally don’t bury their dead in caskets – would present health risks for residents.

‘When somebody dies, they bury them at that time,’ Farmersville resident Troy Gosnell told KTVT-TV. ‘You don’t know whether they were shot, diseased or anything else. All they do is wrap them in a sheet, throw them in the grave and bury them.’

Burial experts dismiss such concerns and comments as nonsense.

Muslim Cemetery Texas

Khalil Abdur-Rashid, a spokesman for the Islamic association, said misinformation and confusion are fueling critics.

He said shrouded bodies would be placed in caskets and entombed in vaults underground, and that the plans for the cemetery have more to do with ‘human dignity’ than religion.

‘Some thought it was a mosque going to be built, others thought it was a training ground,’ Abdur-Rashid told WFAA-TV. ‘We want to be very clear that this is a cemetery.’

There are about five Muslim cemeteries in North Texas and they have little remaining space, so the association needs more land for burial, said Alia Salem, executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Salem told The Associated Press that state rules limit the places where a new cemetery can be placed, and Farmersville was one of the few options open to the association.

The purchase of the land was completed this week, she said.

‘We do want to take this opportunity to address misconceptions,’ she said, explaining that in many cases residents are simply seeking answers.

‘The questions about what this means for them, that’s legitimate.’

WELL, before bleeding heart liberals go nuts over a non-lethal (this investigative journalist would be far less generous, so keep that in mind) method to hold dangerous Muslim encroachment at bay, the question to them is: what’s more insidious, Texans who spill pig’s blood to save their community from the most retrograde force known to man, or allowing followers of Islam, whose allegiance is to Shariah Law and all that it entails, to implant themselves? 

BOTTOM LINE: whatever it takes to keep Islamic influence from expanding is nation-saving. If that means denying the building of a cemetery, so be it. Besides, since when is it a given that Muslim leaders, whose ideology is totalitarian-based, have a right to ask others to commit national suicide on their behalf? 

INDEED, this is what happens when Americans (westerners) tolerate the intolerable!

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