GENERAL FLYNN JUST ISSUED A DIRE WARNING TO EVERYONE THAT…Key Dominion exec admitted company products ‘riddled with bugs’ days before 2020 vote: Fox lawyers…THE NEXUS

By Adina Kutnicki

THE NEXUS: first things first though.

BUT for the fact that the electoral steal decimated America’s domestic and foreign interests, General Flynn’s dire warning would not be issued.

AS such, pay strict heed via ThreePercenter Nation:

Few people on the social and political fronts today are as measured and calm as the former general, which makes his dire warning all the more important.

Flynn recently delivered a stern warning to a crowd in Florida. …

He warned of the ‘final power grab’ that American communists are now advocating—a power grab that is both imminent and must not be ignored.

He goes on to detail the subtle yet powerful shifts and power games currently coming from the American ‘progressive left’, a perspective eerily reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s ‘final revolution’.

You can read the full article here:

continue reading re the unfolding catastrophe here….

THEREFORE, the so-called admission from a key Dominion exec, that is, re the biggest heist in American history, is a day late and a dollar short. This is so, for all intents and purposes, because their planned wrecking balls exceeded the Deep State Mafia’s wildest expectations. Wet dreams. No doubt, Obama 3.0, China/Dementia/Crooked Joe’s hench-men are reveling in the off-the-charts destruction. Picture the high-fives, happy dances, and the wicked smiles!

BESIDES, consider the following admission in Feb. 2021:

THEN, couple it with the most recent one:


THE dire warning from General Flynn must be shouted from the rooftops!!

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