Israel’s Ship of Fools Led By Delusional Leadership: Caroline Glick Skewers Them….Barack Hussein Obama Too…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Whenever one thinks that Israel’s leaders have reached their apex for mendacious behavior, one can turn around and get smacked upside the head. But take a breath (otherwise your head will explode) and a pause, wondering which parallel universe you landed in – once again! Personally, after all this time in the trenches, don’t even ask why this blogger is still surprised. And the hits keep coming.

Which leads to last week’s “mendacity of the week”, brilliantly reported by someone who requires little introduction to most of the readers. But for those who are unfamiliar with Caroline Glick’s multi-faceted credentials, here is her incredible/unbelievable background – . She is as close to a “warrior princess” as one can define. See for yourselves.

But before we delve into the heart of the matter – regarding our PM’s latest mendacity, mentally filed under “what I see from here, you don’t see from there” – forgive this writer for pointing out some delicious ironies in Caroline’s latest wood chopping of Barack Hussein Obama.They are found in this week’s Jerusalem Post column, where she also relates PM Netanyahu’s (latest) doozy of an “offer”. Be still…a bleeding/aching heart.

Caroline Glick hails from the same stomping grounds as the POTUS – literally. Although somewhat younger, she graduated from Columbia University-aka Bir Zeit-on-the-Hudson – and she also graduated from Harvard University. No kidding. Not only that, but she was born in Chicago and raised in Hyde Park, the same chi chi ‘burb as the “illustrious” POTUS ! Now, bear in mind, the oh so “smart set” religiously harps on the academic bonafides of the (wayward) Commander-in-Chief. Not only can Glick run intellectual circles around him – and many of his advisers – but she served in the military, unlike someone who plays at being Commander-in-Chief ! Therefore, it is verily impossible for those who would like nothing more than to ignore/vanquish her, to do so. After all, she hails from their (incestuous) confines. Don’t know about the readers, but this is kismet – the mother of all smack downs…. the irony of all ironies. Magically delicious.

Back to the main crux of this discussion. Here’s a partial rendering of her reportage at the Jerusalem Post – “this week it was reported that in an attempt to satisfy the Palestinians’ insatiable desire to celebrate terrorists, PM Netanyahu offered to release 124 Palestinian terrorist murderers from Israeli prisons in exchange for a meeting with PA Chairman & Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas”.  The whole sordid saga is presented here – Whatever his “what I see from here, you don’t see from there” reasoning entails, this much is clear – a proud, rational, normal leadership does not lead a nation under these delusional constructs. Period.

This blogger’s op-eds and commentaries often delve into the meat of a volatile issue, pointing out its irrational and highly dangerous crap shoot.They demonstrate how our leaders gamble with our very lives, as well as our nation’s existence. How dare they !

See here –,

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and here – . If interested, please see the addendum to this commentary, as you scroll down the  blog.

Sach ha’kol – at the end of it all – if this Zionist has her druthers, Caroline Glick will be stationed at the helm. Hardly a feminist, yet a practical, realistic, no-nonsense kind of gal. As such, many would rest easier, at least knowing that steady hands are steering/guiding our ship of state.

Our genocidal foes ( including Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen) will always aim to kill us. We can count on it. However, what sense does it make for our leadership -albeit unintentionally – to whet their (unquenchable) appetites via more concessions/gestures/offers?

It is a matter of statesmanship. Simple as that. And a woman can dream.