Islamist-In-Chief Gives Safe Harbor To Jihadists In America:Kenya’s Leaders & Putin Pummel Them.Lessons Learned…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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FIRST and foremost, there is an absolute moral line between evil and good. Those who refuse to demarcate said paths are in for a whirlwind of trouble, so much so that they will rue the day. Besides, they have zero right to drag the rest of us down into the depths of their hellish vortex. 

SIMILARLY, when a person (or group) takes a defensive (or offensive) posture against those who are attempting to murder them, well, there is little more righteous than such a pre-emptive kill. Not only that, but international law is very clear on this legal issue, though it addresses the matter on a macro scale:

The imminent threat is a standard criterion in international law, developed by Daniel Webster as he litigated the Caroline affair, described as being “instant, overwhelming, and leaving no choice of means, and no moment for deliberation.” The criteria are used in the international law justification of preemptive self-defense: self-defense without being physically attacked first (see Caroline test). This concept was introduced to compensate the strict, classical and inefficient[how?] definition of self-defense used by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, which states that sovereign nations may fend off an armed attack until the Security Council has adopted measures under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter.

The Caroline affair has been used to establish the principle of “anticipatory self-defense” and is also now invoked frequently in the course of the dispute around preemptive strike (or preemption doctrine).

Along these same lines, this is why self defense is considered a non-criminal act, and victims vs. criminals/terrorists are judged accordingly. Yes, this should be the case in a civilized society, unless abiding by the laws of the jungle. Besides, it is the height of immoral equivalence, a byproduct of blurred (im)morality, not to understand the distinction between Islamic barbarians, who are Allah-bent on killing all those who refuse to submit to their pagan, as opposed to those who fight back against them.

RESULTANT, when a leadership fails to take direct aim at the dangers encircling their citizens they must be removed from office, as a very first recourse. You think?

AND for more reasons than this investigative journalist has time to enumerate, isn’t the fact that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is Islam’s best friend, as opposed to America’s, indicative that his bony behind must be booted from the People’s House and hauled into a jail cell? Concomitantly, his consiglieres too.  

BUT what does the above charge sheet have to do with Kenya’s leaders and Putin? Everything.

FIRST things first. Not unlike all over the globe, Kenya’s Christians are in the crosshairs of Islamic jihadists, regardless of the hydra’s name they hail under. 

Among the dead were six children of church pastors in Mpeketoni, mostly boys, said one source.

[Muslims] selecting out Christian males as they killed more than 57 people

…. chanting “Allahu Akbar [God is Greater]” and killing whoever could not recite verses from the Koran.

If you recall, during the Westgate mall massacre all the Muslims were released and the non-Muslims were tortured and murdered in cold blood.

Obama has said nothing of Muslims mass murdering Christians in his patriarchal homeland.

Christians Targeted in Massacre by Al Shabaab in Kenya Killings in coastal town of Mpeketoni could top those of Westgate mall attack.

, June 16, 2014 (Morning Star News) – Somalia’s Islamic extremist Al Shabaab rebels attacked a predominantly Christian town on Kenya’s coast Sunday night (June 15), selecting out Christian males as they killed more than 57 people, area sources said.

The estimated 50 Al Shabaab militants attacked two hotels, a police station and other buildings in Mpeketoni, in Lamu County, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) from the Somali border, in a five-hour assault with guns and grenades that began after 8 p.m. Al Shabaab reportedly took responsibility for the attack, saying it was to avenge Kenya’s military involvement in Somalia and the killing of Muslims.

Sources told Morning Star News the assailants were chanting “Allahu Akbar [God is Greater]” and killing whoever could not recite verses from the Koran.



THEREFORE, Kenya’s leaders executed their sworn duty to protect their citizens, when they sent in their forces to strike down Islamic jihadists before they slaughtered again.

Kenya’s vice-president, William Ruto, said:

Following the Mandera bus attack, our security forces swiftly initiated a response. They identified, followed and struck the perpetrators of these heinous crimes

The vice president said that the troops caused “more than 100 fatalities”, that is, they killed 100 terrorists. According to another report:

Kenya’s army said it killed more than 100 fighters of the Islamist group al-Shabaab in assaults on its camps in neighboring Somalia after the militants claimed responsibility for a bus attack in northeastern Kenya that left 28 people dead.

Fighter jets targeted two camps near Godondowe in Somalia, killing 95 militants, Kenya’s Defence Ministry said late yesterday in an e-mailed statement. Ground troops and helicopter gunships killed another 20 members of the al-Qaeda-linked group as they fled to the Arabia Hills along the Kenya-Somali border, it said.

NOW let’s be inordinately clear: all of the above in no way, shape or form supports Kenya’s leaders, as they vacillate from quasi-democratic (outer) trappings to outright dictatorship. A very motley crew, to say the least.

SIMILARLY, this investigative journalist is as far removed from strong-arm communist Putin and his KGB tactics/roots as one can be. Not only that, but his actions in the Mid East and beyond (read: Iran) are anti-western to the max. However, let’s not mix apples and oranges.

THE point being, there is no doubt that Islamic terrorists have massacred many Russian citizens. This is a fact. Beslan, anyone? 

Russia, in stepped-up efforts to quell Muslim violence, plans to pass a law, by 2015, that will prohibit certain Islamic literature deemed as extremist and dangerous to society. As of now, Russian police are already searching Muslim schools (madrassas) and stopping veiled Muslim women and bearded Muslim men to interrogate them in Crimea.

Shoebat   It is the Russian Inquisition, and I can already hear the empty leftist and modern minded Christians complaining about it. Eider Ismailov, the assistant mufti of Crimea, said:

“This shows that Russian police do not trust headbagged women and see them as a separate group in the general public … This is nothing but an insult against our beliefs as Muslims.”


One report informs us:

Recently, Muslim women in the capital Simferopol and Bakhchysarai have accused Russian police of pulling women with Islamic hijab over for passport checks.

Women added that they were being treated as if they were ‘enemies’ on their Facebook profiles.

Security check did not target women only.

Over the past few days, Crimea religious schools, or madrassahs, have been searched for banned Islamic literature.

Three madrasas were searched during August 13, ahead of a law that will come into force in 2015 that bans a number of popular Islamic books, another assistant mufti, Esadullah Bairov, said.

“The books are removed as a warning, as the law is not in force in Crimea yet. Still no extremist literature was found in Crimean madrasas that were searched,” Bairov said.


WSJ Crimea’s chief prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya said members of the Crimean Tatars’ self-governing council, known as the Mejlis, were suspected of “extremist activity.” She didn’t announce any charges but warned that the council could be dissolved and banned across Russia. The threat comes after the breakaway region’s new authorities last month barred a prominent leader of the Muslim group from returning to Crimea for five years after he left for meetings in Kiev.

Prosecutors have warned Crimean Tatars that their main self-government body will be liquidated if it engages in “extremist” activities, a move that comes amid protests by local Tatars over the authorities’ refusal to allow their leader, Mustafa Dzhemilev, into the region. imagesizer


IN this regard, let’s give credit where credit is due. Putin is placing his citizens first, unlike Barack HUSSEIN Obama, who is making sure that Islamic jihadists have free rein throughout America!

LESSON LEARNED: Exodus, the second book of the Torah and the Old Testament, is very clear on this life-saving subject, and its implications are as profound today as when they were first written: “If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him (first).” If there is homicidal intent, self-defense is more than permitted; it is required. This is a common principle of all legal systems, America’s included.

RIGHTEOUS. Good triumphing over evil.

Tzedek, tzedek, tirdof…Justice, justice, you shall pursue…צדק צדק תרדוף

SIMPLE as that.